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Chapter One

Old Haunts

Happy needed to get away. He was a Son through and through but he needed time away from all of the shit. Clay asked him to stay in Charming and he agreed. He didn't need long, just to be on his own for a few hours.

On the back of his Dyna, he sped off. Taking the streets at whatever speed he wanted. Near the outskirts of the town, he found the liquor store he normally went to when he wasn't at the clubhouse. Lorst Liquor was a small building with nothing but a gas station across the street, run down homes around the area and a motel two blocks down. Not a lot of people went to that store, which was why Happy preferred it.

There were only two cars in the parking lot, a dark blue, older Infiniti, still in good condition and old man Lorst's truck. Happy parked his bike next to the door of the shop, left his helmet on his seat and strode in.

Happy hadn't been to the store in weeks. Normally when he went to the store Henry had some random person working the shift, sometimes he was there too. It was only five in the evening, he was sure Henry would be there, if his truck was any indication.

Inside the store it didn't look any different, but there was someone behind the counter, reading the New York Times, with their Converse clad feet propped on the counter. Happy didn't linger on the new employee and looked at the scotch and whiskey section. He had a thick wad of cash in his back pocket to fuel his craving for a good bottle of scotch.

There were a few bottles on the shelves that would have set him back a pretty penny and then some, but he wanted something more. Everything really valuable was locked up behind the raised counter, with two of Henry Lorst's best shot guns guarding them. Happy turned around and walked back to the counter, not surprised to see who ever the new person was, still reading the paper.

"Yes?" A bored, female voice asked from behind the paper.

"Scotch," He growled with his raspy voice, his patience wearing thin from being ignored.

There was a short sigh and the paper dropped. Happy was eye to eye with a young woman who had shoulder length auburn hair, pale skin, and stern green eyes that glared at him from behind black rimmed glasses. She was pretty, in the non-conventional way, but Happy didn't much care.

"Any particular scotch?" She asked as she folded the paper neatly.

Happy raised his finger and pointed to the all black bottle, on the top shelf of the display.

The girl groaned. "Just had to be that one." She mumbled as she put her feet down and pushed the chair over to the display and stood on it.

With her back was to him, standing on the tips of her toes, he had a better view of the new girls body. She was a curvy girl, with a plump ass, no taller than five-foot-eight, wearing a long sleeved brown shirt and tight skinny jeans. There was better tail to be had at the clubhouse from a Crow Eater. She unlocked the glass doors and slid them open to grab the bottle, and closed and locked the doors. She jumped straight down from the chair with the bottle in her hands and put it on the counter.

"ID," She said flatly.

Happy had the strong urge to deck the girl. No one had ever had the balls to ask for something like that, even when he was younger. But the hundred and forty pound girl in front of him was practically demanding it. Not to mention it was down right insulting seeing as he was almost half-way through his forties.

From the back there was a little crash and old Henry Lorst came running out. "Clara!" He hissed under his breath. She looked unaffected. "Stock the vodka," He ordered , still whispering to her. She rolled her eyes, but did what she was told. "I apologize about her Happy, she's not quite read in on all the rules." Henry said apologetically.

Happy nodded at the man's concerns and took his wad of cash and pulled two, hundred dollar bills and handed them to Henry. He knew it would cover the bottle, plus tax, and just took the bottle before Henry tried to bag it.

Walking out of the store, he walked by Clara as she stocked the bottom shelves with cheap vodka, not looking at him at all. Happy was mildly curious about her, only because she had the stones to stand her ground but he wasn't going to do anything about it at the moment and walked straight out of the store.

However, waiting for him outside was two Mexican bikers. Their guns were drawn as soon as Happy stepped out of the shop. He didn't have the split second to get out his gun, so he stood where he was and waited for something to happen.

The skinniest of the Mayans grinned. "We got a message for you to deliver to your boss." He said with a thick Mexican accent.

"Don't have the balls to tell him yourself?" Happy growled.

Slipping through the door of the store, with a shotgun trained on the Mayans, Clara walked up to Happy's unarmed side. "How 'bout you all go tell him?" She asked with feign sweetness. They snorted and tried to take a step closer but Clara cocked the gun, making them stop in their step. "Alright boys, my gun is bigger than yours and has a bigger bang, and trust me, I can take off your heads with this sucker before either of you can even think to move." She promised.

Happy glanced at the woman from the corner of his eye. She had the stance of a Marine. She held the gun like a soldier would and from what he could tell from her, she would actually shoot them if they tempted her. He was almost turned on.

"Guns away." She said slowly.

The two Mayan's looked at each other for a moment and the skinner of the two still thought he had the upper hand and tried to say something while walking closer to Clara.

She blew off two rounds at their feet, making them both jump. "I swear I will kill you. Get on the bikes and get the fuck out of here." She ordered coldly.

They shared a worried look and shoved their guns in the back of their waist band and straddled their bikes and took off. Clara didn't put her gun down until they were gone from sight, and even held the shotgun with the same precision as a skilled soldier.

"Does trouble follow you everywhere?" She asked tiringly.

He ignored the question. "Thanks," He grumbled.

"Uh huh, just so you know, next time that happens, I'm shooting you too." She said casually as she walked back in the store with the shotgun. Happy could see Henry's head popping up over the counter just barely as Clara walked back in.

Happy was even more curious about Clara, but any questions he might ask her had to wait, he needed to call Clay and let him know what happened. He straddled his bike and called Clay on his cell phone.

"Clay," The older man answered gruffly.

"The Mayan's just showed their ugly faces in Charming." Happy rasped nonchalantly.

Clay cursed under his breath. "Do we need a clean up?" He asked quietly.

"No," Happy said coolly.

"You didn't kill 'em?" Clay asked confused, almost disappointed.

"Didn't have the chance." Happy answered casually.

"What?" Clay asked, still baffled by the thought of his go-to assassin not killing someone from a rival MC.

"New girl at Lorst's scared them off with one of his shotguns." Happy answered, his lips twitching into an almost smile as he remembered the look on the Mayan's face.

Clay chuckled. "Think she'll go to the cops?" He asked seriously.

Happy glanced over his shoulder into the store. All he could see was the New York Times and the soles of Converses. If the encounter affected her at all, she didn't let it show. "Nah," Happy said surely.

"Alright, head back in." Clay said calmly and then the line went dead. Happy snapped his phone shut and pocketed it.

Happy didn't want to go back to the club house when he had just left, but this was something not to be ignored. He took his bike off the stand and sped off, back to Teller-Morrow, with his scotch cradled carefully in the crook of one arm.

Back at the club Opie, Bobby and Chibs were waiting for him. "A girl, really?" Bobby asked amused.

Happy ignored him. "She held a shotgun better than you do." He countered as he strode past them.

Inside the clubhouse Jax and Clay were having a close and quiet conversation, Happy stopped and waited, knowing his place to not interrupt them. "Hap," Clay said, waving him over.

Happy walked over to them and stood with his hands stuffed in his pockets. "What did they want exactly?" Jax asked anxiously. He just got Abel back and he was on edge.

"They had a message, but they left before they delivered it." Happy answered.

"Do we need another lock down?" Clay asked before Jax could.

Happy shook his head. "They were two little shitheads, probably just sent to give a threat."

"I want you and Tig to go and send a threat of our own." Clay said patting his shoulder.

Happy grinned at the thought of what Clay was implying. He'd take leaving to kill Mayans over sulking in a dark corner of Charming with his bottle of scotch. Before he left, he made sure he hid the bottle in his dorm and him and Tig were gone as soon as they were fully armed.

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