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Chapter Twelve


Happy devoted some of his free time to helping Clara find a place. He liked having a say in the matter since he didn't want her living somewhere too far or too dangerous, even if she could hold her own. But the fact that he had an opinion at all made everything more awkward. It was easier when they were just fucking. There wasn't anything else that made him think what they were doing was anything close to a relationship, but going to listed houses with her, that was pretty much the equivalent of holding up a sign that says 'whipped'.

Clara had to get a different realtor because the girl almost had a panic attack when Happy showed up with her. They were on the third place of the day, a house near Jax, with Greg. The house was a small, but compared to the motel room it was a mansion.

There was a small front yard with a fenced backyard and two car garage and that's when Happy stopped listening. He stayed outside and smoked, like he did for the other houses, until he wanted to go into the house or Greg came out. The man annoyed him, and he generally tried to stab people he didn't like.

Jax's place with Tara and the boys was just a block away. He liked the location. It was far enough away from the club for Clara and still close enough for Happy. After inhaling his cigarette he went into the house, almost walking into Greg.

"Oh, m-my apologies." The younger man stammered as he passed Happy and escaped back to his car.

Happy shut the door behind him and looked for Clara. He found in her in one of the two bedrooms, inspecting the closet. Happy leaned against the wall and watched her as she spun inside the closet.

"There's too much carpet." She said because she always liked to lead with something bad about the place.

"Its close to Jax." He retorted.

Clara huffed. "Its better than being across the street from Gemma." She grumbled.

Happy smirked. She loved the house, the smaller lot with the big living room. She almost bought it on sight until she saw Gemma's car pull into the drive way on the other side of the road. Happy almost lost it at the look on her face. She punched him as soon as they were on their way to the next place.

"Seems big enough." Clara said as she walked out of the closet to stand in front of Happy.

She was wearing yet another baggy, long shirt, with skinny jeans, with her hair freshly dried and laying a middle part, it had grown a lot since she first arrived and was getting long. He liked the long hair on her. She was eying him while she twirled the hem of her shirt nervously with her fingers, she wanted to know his opinion too.

"Its good." He said simply.

Clara rolled her eyes and let her head fall back. "You've said that every time." She complained to the ceiling.

He dipped his head down to her neck and grazed his favorite spot, making her shiver and grab him by his belt, forcing him into the wall. He thought he was going to get lucky but she back away from him and stood with her arms crossed.

He groaned. "Its for you, not me." He said with his normal form of logic.

Clara deflated against the wall with a groan. "This house shit is too fucking difficult." She said as she dropped her head into her hands.

Happy was not a man for displays of affection that didn't involve his dick being whipped out but he knew what she needed so he did it. He pulled her into his chest and hugged her. She let out a huff but wrapped her arms around his lower waist, under his shirt, and tucked her head under his chin.

"Thanks." She mumbled.

"I need a drink." Happy said as he let her go and pulled her out of the house.

"I need two." Clara grumbled.

Clara spoke to Greg, in a more pleasant manner, letting him know she'd think about the options and get back to him. He was very excited at the thought of new business and even waved at Happy as he left.

Clara drove Happy back to the clubhouse where everything was in major disarray. There was a van that had bullet holes and blood in the very back and two Prospects were loading ammo.

"What happened?" She asked confused while they got out of the car.

Happy went from whatever mood he had been in to one of steely seriousness. He walked around the car to grab Clara and pull her into the clubhouse, looking every which way in case there were other shooters in the area. Inside the bar almost everyone and their families was there, looking angry or panicked. Happy clenched Clara's hand.

"Wait for me." Happy ground out as he released her.

"Okay," Clara said awkwardly, going to the empty corner and sitting.

She watched Happy go up to Clay then most of the guys disappeared, leaving their Old Lady's and kids. Clara didn't like being left alone with the women and children and even less when Gemma and Tara walked up to her.

"Where have you guys been?" Gemma demanded.

"Out, what happened?" Clara asked, trying to deflect the question.

"A protective detail got shot at on the way back to Charming, Mayan's are surrounding the city limits." Gemma answered, sounding as pissed as Happy had.

"Lovely." Clara groaned.

"We're locking down here for the night." Gemma said firmly.

"I'm going to Happy's room." She announced so they would guide Happy there if need be and because she needed a nap.

She had been exhausted for the past few days, on top of not being able to eat anything but Cheerios. She curled up on the bed and waited for Happy to return, or gun shots to ring through. She really didn't care which as long as she got to lay down.

She didn't know how long she managed to sleep but Clara was jostled awake by Happy, or mostly his lips. He was kissing her and holding her to the bed.

"Gonna head out to get the bastards." Happy growled once he stopped kissing her.

"Don't get shot." Was her parting advice.

He chuckled at went to the bedside table, taking out his favorite gun and two extra knives, and kissed Clara again before he left the room.

When she was alone she thought about sleeping again, but it was too hot, so she took off the shirt she was wearing and started searching for one of Happy's wifebeaters. She didn't hear the door open but she did hear Gemma whistle.

"Did you get a boob job when I wasn't looking?" Gemma asked as she stared unabashed at Clara's overflowing bra.

"I gained weight." Clara said rolling her eyes as she put on Happy's cleanest wife-beater she could find.

"Honey, you don't gain weight in your boobs." Gemma said knowingly before her brow cocked. "Are you pregnant?" She asked, almost happily.

Clara nearly broke her neck spinning to look at her. "Are you fucking crazy?" She demanded.

"Just a simple question." Gemma asked holding her hands in defeat. "The guys left, dinner is gonna be ready soon." She said before she left the room.

Clara sat on the edge of the bed and counted through her last period. It had been two months ago. She paled quickly and ran into the bedroom and started rummaging through the cabinet. She managed to find a single pregnancy test and scrambled to rip it open. While she peed on the stick she tried to keep her calm. For all she knew, it was a false alarm and she had to cut back on the Cheetos. She put the cap on the stick, upside down and placed it on the counter and started washing her hands. She couldn't even look at the stick, even though the answer was hiding from her. She paced the room and the bedroom for a full three minutes, even though it only called for two, to try to calm her nerves.

As much as she didn't want to admit it, it made sense. Her boobs had gotten at least a cup size bigger, along with her ass. She couldn't eat certain foods and she slept like a narcoleptic. She thought about how her body would change, and move to accommodate a baby, Happy's baby. Her throat clenched. She hoped the universe wasn't so horrible as to give a poor innocent baby to the two people most unlike a parent. When the third minute finished out she rushed to grab the test before she lost her nerve.

As soon as her eyes hovered over the pink plus sign she dropped the stick and made her way out to the bar to drown herself in as much alcohol she could consume before she blacked out. The other women were surprised to see her but as soon as Gemma saw her bee-lining for the bourbon she dropped what she was doing and walked up to her.

"Honey, that isn't the best idea." Gemma said surely as she pushed Clara back to Happy's room.

Clara fought against Gemma as much as she could until she couldn't anymore and dropped onto the bed. Gemma had shut and locked the door and walking to the bathroom where she picked up the pregnancy test from the ground and say next to Clara on the bed.

"It aint the end of the world." Gemma said soothingly as she smoothed out Clara's strewn hair.

"I am in no shape or form a mother." Clara said angrily as she snapped up.

"And you think I was?" Gemma yelled, standing up to tower over Clara. "I drank a helluva 'lot more than you and I probably fucked around just as much, but when that stick tells you you're a mother, shit changes." She said as she dropped the stick in Clara's lap.

"I don't fucking want it." Clara hissed as she threw the stick across the room to smash against the wall.

"Yeah, you do. Or you would have climbed out the window and ran for the closest abortion center." Gemma said with a calming motherly tone that normally would have made Clara even angrier, but at the moment it helped.

She thought about badass Gemma being even more badass before kids. She maintained her identity well and was happy as a grandma even.

"I'll bring you some food, just sleep, you look like shit." Gemma said as she patted Clara's head and walked out of the room leaving Clara to go through all her thoughts and fight for more sleep, all while trying not to imagine Happy showing up with pieces misses or holes in him.

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