As the Weasleys were leaving the Quidditch store they heard a series of pops around the Alley. One of those pops was right beside Ginny. The death eater immediately grabbed the girl and popped away. Molly was beyond mad. She started throwing hexes at the nearest death eaters and managed to incapacitate three of them before the rest disappeared. Upon examination from the aurors they found one stunned, two hit with a waxing spell that made them so slick they couldn't hold their own wands nor stay on their very slick feet.

The auror arresting them was trying hard to hold in a laugh as he cleaned off the wax from their wrists. Arthur showed up a few moments later and held his wife as she cried into his shoulder. The auror's started the investigation and began the search for the girl.

Ron patted his mothers shoulder as they sat her in the shop and gave her tea, he whispered into her ear, "Don't worry Mum, Harry is probably already after them."

Molly gasped and whispered Ron's comment to Arthur. He stepped away and apparated. He arrived at the Potter estate to find two anxious adults.

"Ginny was captured by death eaters." Arthur said.

"Was it like ten minutes ago?" Lily asked.

"Yes, where's Harry?"

"He left, ten minutes ago." Remus said, "He was sitting in that chair studying. He jumped up yelling no, changed into his Phoenix and flashed away."

"I'm going back to the alley, if I see James or Sirius I'll let them know." Arthur said. Upon his arrival back at the quidditch store he found James and Sirius questioning his family and the store clerk, "James we need to talk."

James looked at the man and said, "He went after her." Arthur nodded so James continued, "Ok, I want all your family to go to my house. We'll be there as soon as we can."

Several hours later the two aurors finally were able to go home. James saw all the anxious faces looking at him with hope and he realized Harry wasn't back yet. He collapsed onto a chair nearby and tried to think. Sirius decided they needed a drink. He left the library and walked to James' study that held the alcohol. He grabbed a bottle of Ogdens and turned to levitate a stack of glasses when he saw a flashing light. He sat down the bottle as he realized what that flashing light meant.

"James!" He yelled, "Come here I know where they are."

There was a stampede from the library to the study, "Where are they?" Molly screamed.

Sirius said, "Look the other house has an intruder."

"But that can't be Harry," James said, "He's keyed to all the wards."

"But Ginny isn't." James looked doubtful so Sirius said, "Look I'll just go check. You all stay here in case they come back or you find out something else. It'll take me about a day round trip and I won't be followed."

"Let Albus know before you leave the country." James said.

At the moment of Ginny's capture Harry knew she was in trouble. He jumped from his seat, changed into his phoenix and flashed to her. He arrived in a room filled with death eaters and Voldemort. Ginny was standing right in front of the horrid man and his snake was unwrapping itself from its master and wrapping it's self around Ginny. Harry landed talons out right on top of the snake and thought "Burn you vile creature." He let go of the snake and grabbed Ginny, and thought, "Home far away." And he flashed.

When they landed he transformed back and collapsed on the floor, "Gin, you all right?"

"Yes." she thought back, "But I'm surprised our mothers haven't converged on us yet."

"Me too." Harry thought, "What room did we land in?"

"Don't know I haven't opened my eyes yet." She replied.

Harry cracked his eyes open and then quickly sat up.

"What's wrong?" Ginny thought, "Didn't we get away?"

"Yes we got away." Harry said, "And just like I thought we're far away."

Ginny opened her eyes and looked around, "Where are we?"

"Australia." He thought as he collapsed back to the ground.

"You did what?" she asked.

"I flashed us to Australia." he said tiredly, "I didn't know a Phoenix could flash that far. I'm going to have to sleep before I can flash us back."

Ginny stood up and looked around, the room was huge and there were trees and plants around it with natural light coming from above. She saw the quidditch pitch down at one end and the house near the other, "Well let's go to the house, I'm guessing there may still be beds there."

"Go ahead." Harry said, "I'll come along in an hour or two when I get the energy back."

"I'll levitate you, big baby." Ginny was teasing him because she was so nervous. He didn't look well at all. He was pale, sweating and slightly shaking.

When she got close to the house he said, "Don't try to touch the door. Let me open it." She floated him to the door and he reached out and opened it.

"What would have happened to me?" she asked.

"You would have been knocked unconscious for a few hours and woken with a terrible headache." He responded.

She floated him to the couch and asked, "Can I touch things now?"

"Just not the doors or windows or outer walls." Harry said, "The kitchen should be fine if you're hungry or thirsty. There's a stasis spell on the food we left just in case we needed to come back."

"Or if you decided to flash your girlfriend halfway round the world so you could have some private time with her for your birthday?" Ginny teased as she went to find what was available.

Harry chuckled leave it to Ginny to think of a bright spot in this, "I'm so grounded."

"Because you saved my life by flashing me to Australia?"

"No because I left the house without permission." Harry groaned, "Oh well can't change it now and I wouldn't if I could."

"Well my parents won't be mad that you saved me." Ginny said, "But the Australia thing may just cause a little problem."

Several minutes later Ginny sat down a tray with food and drinks. She woke Harry up and got him to eat and drink some. She sat by him on the couch and they ate holding hands.

"I'm glad you're ok." Harry said after they had finished.

Ginny leaned forward and kissed him. It wasn't like their other kisses of several short touches. This one was connection. It lasted several minutes without breaking. When it ended neither moved for several moments.

"Wow." They said at the same time then Harry yawned.

"Ok, no more kissing time for you to go back to sleep." Ginny said.

Harry grinned and touched the couch, it expanded to double size. He summoned a blanked and pillow from his bedroom. Ginny scooted out of his way as he set up the bed and then stretched out. He pulled up the blanket and patted the couch beside him and Ginny stretched out beside him and cuddled up.

"Nice." Ginny said and soon the two were asleep.

Sirius told Albus his suspicions no one knew where the other house was so Albus asked, "Where do you want to land first?"

"France will be fine." Sirius said, Albus made him a portkey.

"This second one will bring you home to the Potter Estate." Albus said, "Be no farther away than the south of France when you activate it."

Sirius nodded and started his journey. He had several landings before he ended up in Australia. He checked himself for magic and stowaways and apparated to the shack. He went through the door and down the stairs. None of the seals they had left had been opened so Sirius was sure it had to be Harry. His wand was already pulled so he stepped through the last door.

Ginny was awake and enjoying snuggling with Harry. The enjoyment ended abruptly when she heard a door shut out in the arena. She sat up carefully and slipped off the couch pulling her wand. She got between Harry and the door and waited. It wasn't long before it opened and Sirius stepped in.

"Ginny!" Sirius smiled stepping forward.

"Stop!" She said and Sirius' grin faded, "Who are Tigress, Teddy and Leo?"

"You, Neville and Ron." Sirius said, "Good job."

Ginny dropped her wand and turned back to Harry. She gently shook him and said, "Sirius is here."

"Don't care." Came the mumbled reply.

"He's really tired. It took a lot out of him to flash us here." Ginny said, "He thought home far away. His intention was to get us far away from Voldemort and take us home. But his Phoenix interpreted it as Australia. He's been asleep almost the whole time. I was able to get him to eat and drink a few hours ago."

Sirius went into the kitchen and came back with a couple potion bottles. He sat by Harry's head and helped him up. Harry groggily looked at the man as he said, "Harry I'm giving you some potions that will help you. Drink them up ok?"

Harry open his mouth and Sirius poured it in. Harry swallowed and then opened his mouth for the other. After the steam quit blowing out his ears he sat up on his own.

It only took them a few hours to reach home. When they landed in the library they were each wrapped in their mothers arms.

"This is more like it." Ginny said and Harry laughed

"Sirius what happened?" James asked.

"Don't know. I didn't ask for explanations I just brought them straight home after reviving Harry." He said.

"Reviving?" Remus asked.

"He's exhausted." Sirius said, "Evidentially flashing that far takes some serious energy. They both ate a little at the house and slept."

"Ginny what did you mean this is more like it?" George asked.

"When we landed at the other house we both expected to be grabbed into hugs by our mothers." Ginny said, "Harry realized he accidentally flashed us to the wrong home. By the way Mr. Potter, that place is so cool."

James was taking his turn at hugging Harry and said, "Thanks."

"You better get him to bed," Remus said, "He's almost asleep. He'll need some potions to get going again, what did you give him Sirius?"

"Pepper up and a nutrient that was probably three hours ago." Sirius said.

"If I might ask?" Albus said, "How far did he flash?"

James looked at Lily, Sirius and Remus who nodded, "Australia."

"My word," Albus was shocked.

The fire flared and Mad Eye popped through, "Great everyone in one stop. Albus, Sirius and James you need to come with me to the ministry. Tigress, glad you're back. I suppose it was the work of Flash?"

Ginny nodded and Albus asked, "Do we have time for the story before we leave?

"If it's not long." Mad Eye said.

"It's not." Ginny said as James put Harry on the couch, "I was apparated right in front of Voldemort and his snake. The snake had enough time to reach me, it was going to wrap itself around me and hold me for Voldemort. Harry flashed in landed on the snake and thought burn, then grabbed me and flashed away."

"Well that simplifies and complicates things." Mad Eye said, "When Harry set the snake on fire it spread and burned Voldemort too. He's dead. The death eaters were in such shock that Severus was able to stun them all and contact me. He hadn't seen what happened just that Voldemort was on fire. So we need to decide what to tell everyone."

"Fawkes did it." Harry mumbled from the couch, "Glad he's gone."

It took weeks but Harry did recover from his long distance flash. Fawkes refused to take credit for saving Ginny so it was decided to say she had befriended another Phoenix and it saved her. Fawkes liked this as it was, in a matter of speaking, true. Before the summer was over Albus was able to take time to talk with Harry.

"How are you feeling?" Albus asked.

"I'm fine," Harry said, "I didn't want to be the one to kill him but you were right years ago, if I was trying to stop him but not intentionally kill him it wouldn't be murder. I only intended to kill the snake. I thought burn you vile creature. So I guess the magic interpreted it as Voldemort was a vile creature too. Now what are we going to do about the Family?"

"I believe we should continue it." Albus said, "There will always be dark wizards out there to stop and we want to make sure people can protect themselves. Are you ready for your third year?"

"Yes," Harry said, "But no more dark lords please."

**Back at Hogwarts**

The twins declared, "All hail the great guardian of the realm, joker king, Death Eater catcher, book and snake slayer and defeater of evil."

"I'm glad we have the lead prankster title back," George said.

"I know." Fred said, "But we only have it for one more month before he'll start trying again.."

Harry smacked each on the head with his fuzzy scepter, "On with it Gred and Forge, we don't have all day."

Together the twins yelled, "Step forward Hermione, friend to all who are light. Step forward and receive your new name."

Hermione walked down the red carpet toward Harry and the twins. Harry was on his barstool throne with the jester crown on. The twins were dressed as Indian braves which they liked because they were just wearing loin cloths and headbands with a few feathers stuck in them. Harry had what the twins considered a breast plate of bones from who knows what and trousers that looked like they were tied on and moccasins. Hermione was in an Indian maidens dress and had a headband with feathers.

The rest of the family had lined up on each side of the carpet to cheer her as she walked. When she reached Harry he said, "Kneel Hermione, friend off all who are light. As my right as joker king to the Familia de Lumen I dub you Puma. Nickname and animal name the same will make it easy, but I really liked Princess Pranks a Lot, never the less it is your choice. Rise Puma and scratch the eyes out of all who think you are incapable or bookwormish."

She grinned mischievously and turned toward the twins, they looked at each other and then ran screaming like little girls as she chased them. The room was filled with laughter.