Notes: For norwie2010, to whom I promised some Spuffy. :)

They're standing outside of a filthy black car that looks several decades out of date, and she can't get away fast enough. He sighs. "You're really not gonna let me out of your sight until I'm out of your town, are you? How many people do you think I can eat in one day? I have a figure to maintain, you know," he grumbles.

She smirks. "It's just so hard to say goodbye," she says, wiping away a mock tear. "I just want to savor this moment forever."

He eyes her speculatively, and before she knows it, he's yanking her over to him, pressing his lips against hers with unexpected force, and to her own surprise, she doesn't pull away, instead molding her own lips to his and letting herself get swept away by the passion and energy, the overwhelming need that she's never felt before. And from Spike, of all people! She laughs at the thought, suddenly breathless with the idea of this vampire, and what they were doing together, and the possibilities of what could be so much more.

He pulls away suddenly, his eyes wild and naked before her own, and she stares at him expectantly, ready to demand answers and an explanation, and maybe more kisses, because he was pretty good with them, wasn't he?

"Right, then. Don't know what Dru was talking about," he mumbles, wiping off his mouth, and he yanks open the car door and ducks inside, not looking back as he guns the engine and slams the door behind him.

She watches him roar away, perplexed and annoyed all at once, and scowls frustratedly in his wake.

Idiot vampire, getting her caught up in his personal moment of temporary insanity. She hadn't asked for it, she didn't want it. Especially not with an asshole like Spike.

Okay, an asshole with really, really soft lips. Not that it matters.

She turns around and heads to Crawford Street, a hand still resting lightly on her slightly upturned lips.