Sentinels and Guides through History

By PaBurke

Summary: 5 Drabbles describing 5 Pairs from 5 Universe that could have easily been hiding a Sentinel-Guide relationship.

Disclaimer: Not mine in anyway shape or form

Rating: G - PG


Arthur and Merlin

Cross: Arthurian Legends

Arthur took care of everyone. He pushed himself to the very limits if his abilities and then beyond. He saw enemies coming and destroyed them. He had suspected the tainted food that would have sickened his people. A tiny taste had been enough to confirm his theory. He could hear the storms brewing off the ocean and order the residents to take cover. He could smell the smoke from forest fire and turn out his people to stop it before it destroyed the countryside.

Merlin? Merlin took care of Arthur.

Together they kept their tribe and territory of England safe.


Sherlock Holmes and John Watson

Cross: Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock had to investigate, investigate. He needed to know the origin of every scent, the reason behind every sight that no one else could see, and the source of every sound. He had to know the formula that created each new taste and the processes that produced tactile surfaces. He had determined that if he knew what it was, it wouldn't drive him crazy. The drugs were supposed to take the edge off his senses and while he craved the effect, he also hated it.

Then Watson walked into his life and the edge and desperation disappeared.

Sherlock could be.


Murdock and Hannibal

Cross: The A-Team

In the middle of the infirmary, in the middle of the jungle, Murdock had smelled Hannibal's cigar and broken free of the fugue state. He had tracked the commander down and attached himself to Hannibal's side. The colonel knew that having an expert pilot at his beck and call could only keep his people safer. Murdock didn't say what he could do or why he was so easily distracted. His eyes had always been his worst enemy; his nose, his best.

Hannibal never told Murdock that the crazy man had tracked him down during the first cigar of his life.


Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth

Cross: Batman

Bruce had assumed all traumatized little boys could hear better, smell more and have more sensitive taste buds. Alfred had sheltered him. He had been unflappable. Bruce had borrowed that same even keel behavior and made it his own. Alfred had grounded him and was his anchor to the rest of the world. When Bruce became Batman, Alfred was the calm voice in his ear so that he didn't get lost in the light reflecting from Two-Face's coin.

Then old age stole Alfred away.

Bruce forced his senses to shut down so that he could live.

Not that he lived.


River and Simon Tam

Cross: Firefly

Simon had always protected his sister. He made his mother's new perfumes disappear when River had trouble breathing. He had talks with the new cooks pertaining to the suitable portions of spices. Chefs tended to have a heavy hand with the expensive imports.

Then River left for the Academy.

No one protected her there. In fact, they actively harmed her. Luckily, the doctors had concentrated on her genius to the point of missing River's extraordinary abilities.

On Serenity, Simon could protect River without interference. He dictated every drug and morsel of food. He would get his sister back to her normal state.