"Everything was burning bright, everyone was frightened, you said 'Stay strong'. Everybody knows that what we had invited still remains when we're gone." –A.F.I.

Jerusalem's Lot was burning.

Fire swallowed the town, purifying it, washing its sins in light to purge the darkness. Smoke hung in the air, thick and oily, staining the sky black and gray. The screams of creatures in their filthy sanctuaries were silent ones, but the boy and the man standing amidst the holocaust fathomed they could hear the cries.

"This isn't the end of it, " Ben sighed, the flames dancing in his eyes, "Smoke the rats out of a hole, and they'll find another hole soon enough."

Mark nodded in silent agreement, enthralled by the fire –it was where he had lived before his parents had died, the town responsible for his life's corruption. Now he was destroying it, and 'Salem's Lot finally resembled the hell it had become.

A wave of heat affronted them, and he coughed, eyes watering in the acrid smoke. "One by one, we'll get them though." Mark glanced at Ben, his eyes determined. "Or they'll get us. But we won't go down without a fight."

The man nodded, and took Mark by the hand. He began to lead the boy away from the hellish inferno, and from the perturbed demons within. Their shadows cast long and thin against the blinding light, reaching away from the Lot, to safety. They had burnt the very sky, and the sinners now retreated to live another night, bracing themselves for the unthinkable perils to come.