Once upon a time, there was the universe. The universe was ruled by by one, and that one commanded all. 'God' was too small of a term to describe the one, for it more than ruled all, it was all.

For Eternity, that one was the final power, and eventually, it grew weary of its responcibility. That one prolaimed, "In sport, if I am to be defeated in martial combat, I bequeth ultimate might upon them."

Many challenged that one, but could not claim victory, for they were always part of that one. There was no way that a single part could conquer the whole.

An outsider took the challenge, and stated boldly, "I take your challenge, but do not underestimate me, for I yearn for true battle."

That one was not impressed by the boast, yet accepted the contest. They battled for an eternity and a twilight until a victor was decided.

"I yeild," the one stated proudly, "You have proven your superiority, and that you are capable of growing further than the whole."

"But I am not a part of you," the outsider stated, "and it was not your might I desired. It was the grand battle waged."

That one nodded, "It was a grand battle, but I tire of my existance."

The outsider nodded in understanding, "Then, rest, my rival."

That one's essence was broken into five that still rule the universe, and it is said, that if the five parts of the essence were brought back as whole, its assembler would wield the greatest might. This legend was lost generations ago.

"Akane's melting through the ice by herself!" Ranma exclaimed, while keeping his bearings as he was buffetted by the fierce hot winds surrounding him. The doll fell towards Saffron; her small body cutting through the torrential air between Ranma and the demi-god.

"Akane's punching a hole between us! I can see him now!" Ranma readied his devastating strike that would fell the godling.

Saffron's arrogance would allow a moment's time for Ranma to finish him; this time, it was a very small trait that Saffron displayed that would allow his defeat. Something Only because of surprise did he actually display.

His concern.

"What?" Saffron questioned, catching the Akane doll before he lost sight of it. He had nothing against the girl, really, and would at least allow her to be buried with her love.


"NO! YOU FOOL!!!!" The godling screamed, right before the razor sharp frozen air sliced into him.

"But... but... I'm immortal," Saffron thought to himself weakly, while still clutching the Akane doll.

"AKANE!!!" Ranma cried out, as the godling used the last ember of his lost might, to reform himself, to reshape the egg, around Akane's body.

More than three years later...

The Saotome home was a quiet and morose one. Genma no longer found the will to practice the art; his drive lost with his son. Nodoka looked over the crib with a sad smile at her only child, while ignoring the dead, frozen white that coated the yard outside, along with most of Japan. It was the coldest winter that could be recalled, which perfectly reflected the mood of the Saotome family, and would set the tone for the events that were about to begin.

::Knock knock::

Neither Genma nor Nodoka cared to answer the door; let whoever stood there freeze to death for all they could care. Unfortunatly, their visitor would not take being ignored as an answer. The front door opened, infuriating Genma, and causing Nodoka concern.

"WHO WOULD DARE?" Shouted Genma. He may have given up the art, but the ability to protect his family was still present.

"I'm sorry, Pops, but it's cold outside, and I didn't feel like waiting for someone to answer it."

"It... it cannot be..." Nodoka breathed, seeing one who had broken her heart so completely just three years ago.

"S-son, is that truly you?" Genma asked in awe.

The young man with a pigtail and slate gray eyes looked towards his parents with a wistful smile, "I'm sorry to worry the both of you like this."

"RANMA!" both parents cried out in unison, rushing towards their long lost son and embracing him as if the illusion could dissappear at any moment.

"Mom, Pop," Ranma whispered, returning the embrace. After a moments time, they finally broke apart, and Ranma saw the crib.

With a slight hesitation, he approached it, "Who?"

"Godai, your brother," Nodoka choked out through her sobs.

"He's beautiful," the pigtailed young man whispered, and then looked towards his parents for permission. They both nodded in unison, and Ranma returned a smile in appreciation. With utter care, he picked up his just barely born brother, cradling him as if to protect him from the ills of the world. The child seemed more at peace then he had ever been in his older brother's arms, warming Ranma's heart. With great regret, he set his younger sibling back into the crib, and then walked up to his parents to address them.

"Mother, father, I'm sorry for breaking your hearts again." Ranma bowed deeply to them in seiza; his forehead touching the floor.

"Oh Ranma..." Nodoka whispered in joyous tears, "We could never hold it against you."

Ranma sat up and sighed, "I'm sorry, mother." With that, he turned his palm towards the crib, and fired a ki blast towards it.

"RANMA!" The elder male Saotome cried out, watching the crib explode violently. The child inside never had a chance to cry. For Nodoka, reality took a surreal air to it, keeping her locked from motion, and detached from any motor abilities.

Genma did not suffer from inability, "DEMON! YOU DARE MASQUARADE AS MY SON?"

Ranma bowed his head as he sat up to meet his father's charge, "I am your son, father." Ranma leaned slightly to the left, then back to the right, and Genma realized in that instant, that it was indeed Ranma.

Nodoka watched her husband fall into cleanly sliced pieces from the vacuum blade attack used by Ranma. She knew the attack was a part of her husband's Yamasenken, and only two other people in the world were familiar with it. Her mind, though, would not allow her to believe it.

"You're not my son..." the woman said coldly, as she picked up the Saotome honor blade, and charged blindly at the young man...

Ranma walked from the house, leaving a trail of red speckled snow in his wake. After leaving the front gate, he turned to the house that would remain quiet from this point on.

"Forgive me, but I thought it would be best, if you were to see the face of your killer."