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Love Amidst the Darkness

The day was beautiful in the pleasant suburb that was Surrey. The sun was shining and the warm summer air seemed perfect. Yet despite this perfect atmosphere, a distraught young man stood at the edge of a small park staring into nothingness. His deep emerald green eyes were unmoving, showing nothing but complete anguish, pain, and worst of all, guilt. His name was Harry James Potter and he had just arrived back at his abusive relatives home a few days previously. His fifth year at Hogwarts had proved to be even more nightmarish than his fourth year when the dark lord known as Voldemort returned to a physical body. Leading his friends into the Department of Mysteries only to realize how stupid he was when they were ambushed by Death Eaters, Voldemorts faithful followers of the dark. But the pain stemmed from one person, his only remaining family that he had left. Sirius Black, Harry's loving godfather along with the other members from the Order charged in to save his beloved godson, only to be struck down by his own evil twisted cousin. The scene replayed itself in his head day after day as he watched his godfather fall through that veil, never to return. It only got worse afterwards in Dumbledore's office when he at last revealed the horrible prophecy to the young wizard. Harry will never forget the words as they were now burned into him, never to forget any of it. It didn't help that he was becoming increasingly isolated from his friends. Harry sighed deeply as he walked over to the single tall metal bar in the park. It was mid morning and Harry would come out here every morning. He jumped up and grabbed the bar and started doing his routine pull ups. There were many ways to deal with grief, and although Harry wanted to wallow in his deep depression which he did the first couple days after returning from school. He didn't leave his room the first two days after which his uncle burst in and began to scream at him for neglecting his chores. Harry sat there barely knowing his uncle was even in the room. Uncle Vernon, enraged by Harry's lack of response, grabbed him by the front of his shirt and hoisted the boy to his feet and punched his nephew with all his strength in the face. Harry stumbled backwards and hit the opposite wall but Vernon was on him again and punched him in the stomach.

"Can you hear me now freak!" Vernon raged.

Harry hunched over from the blow and sank to his knees as his angry uncle left him there on the floor clutching his stomach. He had showed no pain and was slowly losing himself the first few days. But now here he was working out as much as his body could take. Deciding that he would train in order to fight this horrible war, in honor of his parents and also in honor of Sirius. Harry started a healthy routine of jogging a mile every morning before going to the park to do his pull ups. Harry was already in good shape thanks to the grueling Quidditch practices but he wanted to keep that form and even improve on it. Harry spent a couple of hours at the park, it also kept him away from the Dursleys. He would get up really early and do his chores and then he would spend the rest of the morning and afternoon in the park working out after his mile jog. Harry decided to take a break when he saw the bushes near him move out of his peripheral vision. He knew he was being watched by an Order member, who it was he didn't know. But for now he would pretend he was not aware as he chuckled to himself and sat down with his back against a tree. He sighed as the shade from the tree kept him cool.

Nymphadora Tonks watched Harry quietly from under her invisibility cloak as he did his daily routine. She had almost too eagerly volunteered to watch him for Dumbledore. No one took notice of it however and she was thankful as she watched the overburdened wizard. As Tonks watched and observed him she became more impressed with him by the day. Dumbledore and the other Order members treated him like a child but Tonks could easily see Harry Potter was no longer a child but a young man, by far more mature than anyone else his age. She had seen him stand by Sirius as they fought beside each other and dueled Dolohov and Lucius and even more importantly, Harry held his own. She watched him as he sat down and leaned up against the tree and closed his eyes, resting. Sirius had mentioned before he died about Harry's habit to hide his emotions from people. Tonks had to admit the boy hid it well, always acting as though nothing was wrong. But now when he thought he was alone, not knowing that the beautiful twenty year old Auror was watching him she saw him let out a deep sigh. She could now see the pain on his face, and she had the sudden urge to go to him, to comfort him. To take him in her arms and let him know that it was going to be alright. She could see now that Harry was not okay at all yet he was working out and conditioning his body which she personally thought was a very nice body.

'Whoa girl easy, stay focused you're supposed to keep an eye on him not ogle him' Tonks chastised herself.

But she couldn't help but do just that as her eyes traced his lean body. He was skinny but she could see the firm muscle, Harry was definitely strong despite the lean build. Harry apparently didn't strive for bulk and instead toned and firmed his lean build, which was smart in Tonk's professional opinion as he would be faster and more agile. In her personal opinion she could not deny how attracted to him she was. She watched Harry as he half turned his head and she could see the dull emptiness in his eyes.

'Those eyes, that boy is in so much pain how does he hold it together? He certainly hasn't broken down,' Tonks thought as she continued to watch Harry.

She held her breath as he started to speak however and the tone in his voice made her want to cry.

"It was all my fault, how could I have been so stupid?" Harry asked.

"Talking to yourself Potter?" Dudley taunted as he approached Harry flanked by his gang.

"What do you want?" Harry asked annoyed but in a defeated tone.

"Mum and dad sent me to tell you that because it's Friday we will be going away for the weekend and will not be returning until the following Tuesday. Dad said that if you don't keep up with the work you will wish you were never born," Dudley replied as he and his gang walked away down the street.

"Good riddance," Harry sighed as he rested his head back against the tree again.

After a few minutes Harry got up and decided to jog home as it was now late in the afternoon and he would have to cook his relatives dinner before taking the scraps he was allowed to have before confining himself to his small room once again. As Harry jogged, Tonks followed silently and swiftly at a safe distance. Harry cursed as he neared the Dursley's home only to find his uncle Vernon standing at the door, his face purple.

"Freak! Where the hell have you been!" Vernon raged.

"I was at the park uncle," Harry replied.

"Don't use that tone with me you little freak! You're a worthless scum sucking boy!" Vernon yelled.

Vernon then grabbed Harry and forced him inside and there was a crash like something breaking and then there wasn't another sound. Tonks wanted to go in so badly, but she held back because of her orders, she seethed with anger at what that man had called Harry. But she remembered that other boy mentioning they were going out of town. She decided that she would wait, the Dursleys were leaving tomorrow and then she would reveal herself to Harry. She needed to let him know it was alright and that she cared for him, well it was more than just caring for him but she didn't want to let that slip out. But she could barely keep herself from storming in there right now. She decided that she would go in later tonight to check on her handsome wizard.

It was nearly nightfall as Harry stumbled into his room and fell to his knees in pain. The blood from his wound was still bleeding despite his best attempts to wrap it with what little he had. After his uncle shoved him inside he quickly cooked them their meal but decided to try and risk a little more than table scraps and learned how big of a mistake that was. His uncle became enraged and punched Harry across the face causing him to fall into a nearby table. The table wobbled and as Harry lost his footing the table over turned and fell on him. Vernon quickly pulled the table off Harry only to grab the injured boy and drag him across the floor into the hall leading to the front door and tossed him onto the stairs violently.

"Now see here you freak! You will keep up the chores while we are away and if I come back and even one of your jobs isn't done, You'll be wishing you were never born freak!" Vernon snarled.

Harry had crawled up the stairs, beaten and bruised with a gash in his side from the corner of the table he hit. He looked around for something to treat his wounds but found nothing. He struggled to his feet to turn on the light as it was getting dark and as he got up he wobbled from the pain. He managed to make it to the switch but cursed as his strength failed him and he slid down the wall and rested his back against it.

"Bugger, I'm weaker than I thought," Harry sighed.

The small gash was dripping blood again and Harry growled painfully as he ripped a decent sized piece of his over sized hand me down shirt off and did his best to wrap it around the bloody wound. He hissed as he tied it as tightly as he could. He thought about dragging himself into the bathroom across the hall but he was only allowed to use it in the morning and if he did breach that rule it would result in a beating from his uncle and in his current state he didn't think it was worth the risk. He heard the Dursleys go to bed and not long after that all was quiet. But Harry's head snapped to his bedroom door directly across from him and he squinted to see the small lock turning on its own.

"Oh hell," Harry cursed quietly as he quietly pulled his wand from his pocket and pointed it at the door.

He knew that if Death Eaters had somehow managed to get in he was finished, but he would take as many of them out as he could. The lock clicked announcing the door being unlocked and the door very slowly began to open. Harry found this odd considering it wasn't in a Death Eater's nature to do such a thing, he figured they would just blast the door down catching him by surprise. Finally the door opened and Harry was very surprised to see Tonks cautiously coming in.

'Wow, she is so beautiful, get a grip Potter there is no way she would like you that way' Harry thought.

"Tonks?" Harry asked weakly.

Tonks scanned the room before her eyes fell on Harry. She gasped in horror at the shape he was in. He was slumped on the floor resting against the wall with a couple bruises forming and she saw the scrap of his tattered shirt tied around his waist and saw the faint red blood stain on one side.

"Oh my god Harry!" Tonks cried as she rushed over to him.

She helped him to his feet and supported him before gently helping him sit on the bed. He had grown over the school year, when they came to get him that night before his fifth year he was about the same height as she was. But now he had gained an inch or two as he was visibly taller than she was. She began casting various healing charms on the bumps and bruises he had. Her eyes then traveled to the blood stained cloth around his waist. Harry got the hint and started to painfully unwrap the makeshift bandage. Once it was removed Tonks gasped at the deep gash in his side. Tonks gently reached for the rest of his shirt and felt Harry stiffen and her heart broke.

"Harry it's okay, I just need to take this off so I can see the wound better and heal it properly," Tonks explained softly.

Harry nodded hesitantly and she helped him remove his shirt to which he tensed in pain. Tonks took a moment to admire his well built chest and arms before quickly examining the gash. Tonks grimaced as she looked at the angry wound and quickly conjured a bowl of water and a very soft wash cloth. She then set to work as gently as she could, Harry gripped the bed hard as his knuckles turned white but he didn't move and held still for her which she was very impressed with. Then she cast a few healing charms to close the wound before using the cloth to gently scrub the remnants of blood off of him. The entire time she was glancing up at him as she worked only to see a pained but depressing expression on his normally handsome features. On Harry's end he felt embarrassed. Embarrassed because Tonks was seeing him in such a broken and pathetic state. But her ministrations were soft, gentle and caring. Finally after she had finished they made eye contact and Harry saw a deep genuine concern in her beautiful eyes. Tonks gazed into his striking deep emerald eyes and her heart broke even further, she caught him when he was vulnerable, and she could see terrible pain, guilt, and the haunted look of a tortured soul. Tonks couldn't help herself as she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him to her in a gentle hug. Harry stiffened at first which made her heart break even more for the handsome young man. Harry however was shocked, but her embrace was warm, comforting and soothing and he found himself returning her embrace.

"Shh, it's okay now Harry," Tonks cooed softly.

They finally broke apart and Harry stood up, testing his healed injuries to find that Tonks did a very good job. He turned back to face her and saw her sitting there studying him carefully.

"Thank you Tonks," Harry said after a minute.

"Of course Harry, but if you don't mind me asking, how come I come in here to find you half dead?" Tonks asked.

Harry looked away for a minute gazing out the window towards the black night sky before sighing and returning to look at the beautiful witch.

"My uncle," Harry replied.

Tonks gasped as her face turned to shock before twisting in anger and her hair changed to a deep red to accentuate this.

"Just wait until Dumbledore hears about this," Tonks snapped.

"He knows," Harry replied in the same quiet tone.

"Wait what?" Tonks asked confused.

"That's why Moody threatened the Dursleys, I pleaded my case to Dumbledore but he insisted that I stay here because of the blood protection, the threats didn't do any good either," Harry explained.

"Pack your things Harry, we're leaving," Tonks said in a strained voice trying to control her anger.

"What?" Harry asked.

"I am getting you out of here, you are not staying here any longer, and I will more than announce this to your relatives," Tonks replied as she turned and left Harry's room.

Harry saw how angry she was and decided to do as she told him as he packed the few things he did own.

Tonks boldly walked up to Vernon and Petunia's bedroom and banged on the door loudly.

"What the bloody hell?" She heard Vernon yell.

"Dursley! Get your arse up and down to your living room now!" Tonks snarled as she then moved to their living room to wait for them.

On her way she poked her head into Harry's room to see him finished and waved her wand, shrinking his belongings to which he put in his pockets. She motioned for him to follow her to which he did immediately. He could tell Tonks was royally pissed off and almost felt sorry for the Dursleys. They made their way into the living room and not long after a purple faced Vernon Dursley came stomping in followed by his wife.

"What the hell is..." Vernon was cut off when Tonks jammed her wand to his fat throat menacingly.

"Sit," She snarled.

"Don't you start telling me..." Vernon tried again.

"I said SIT!" Tonks snarled even more loudly.

Harry had never seen the beautiful Auror so angry, not even when someone called her by her first name. When Vernon didn't move she used a very weak spell and forced them both to sit on the couch in front of her. Tonks then towered over them menacingly and for once Vernon was afraid. He stared back at Tonks fearfully, clearly seeing her trying to contain her rage.

"Now give me one good reason why I shouldn't make you wish you were never born?" Tonks snarled at the cowering whale of a man.

"What..." Vernon uttered.

"I ought to make you writhe on the floor like the fat worm you are for what you did to him!" Tonks all but screamed.

Vernon was now truly afraid as was Petunia as they stared at the angry witch in fear.

"Well I am taking him away from here and he will not be returning," Tonks said as she then stepped back to stand next to Harry.

Harry then turned from his frightened relatives to Tonks who looked at him with a much softer expression.

"Take my arm Harry, we're leaving," Tonks instructed.

"Where are we going?" Harry asked.

"You'll see," Tonks said as Harry grabbed her arm and she apparated them both away.

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