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Chapter 9: Family

A week had passed since the attack on the base, and Deidara was finally walking around again. Stretching, he headed for the T.V. room, intent on actually wasting some of Kakuzu's money on a pay-per-view movie. Stepping inside, he saw the five chibis sitting on the floor in a circle. In the middle of the group was a ruby jewel in the shape of a wolf. As Deidara stepped closer, Jash jumped up in anger.

"FUCKING THING! WHY THE FUCK WON'T IT WORK JASHIN DAMNIT!" exclaimed the albino boy before he promptly smacked Kama in the back of his head. "OW! DAMNIT JASHY!" yelled Kama as he tackled the other boy to the ground and started beating his face in. Deidara sweat dropped as he went over to them, "What are you boys doing un?"

Scorpling sighed, "We're frustrated Deidei." He said making Deidara wonder what was bothering the adorable redhead. Kama, pulling himself away from Jash, dropped down next to his brother and said, "We can't figure out how to make my jewel work un." Deidara picked up the ruby stone and looked it over.

"Hmm…well, what did you say when it brought you back here un?" he asked as he handed the jewel to Scorpling. Yahiko sighed, "It would be cool to see our parents back when they were at the top of their game?" he said, remembering the statement he had said back home. Deidara thought about it, trying to figure it out.

"I assume you tried that then?" All heads turned to Sasori as he walked into the room. Scorpling nodded, "Uh-huh. We tried saying we'd like to see home again." Sasori stood next to Deidara, a pensive thought on his face. As much as he liked having the young ones around, he knew that his older self, as well as Deidara's older self and the others, were most likely freaking out about the boys' absence.

He also noticed that the boys seemed very tired. They really wanted to go to their time…where Sasori knew that he and the rest of the Akatsuki understood them better. "Hmm…well…are you sure that's the last thing you said?" he offered. Kama looked up at him, "I think the last thing was that we sure wish we could see them back then…" Sasori nodded, "Tried that?" Ita nodded, "Yep…"

Thinking deeply, Sasori glanced at Deidara. The blonde was also deep in thought, trying to figure out how to send the boys home. Hmm…what if it was like…

"Who said it?" asked the older redhead. The boys all looked up at him. "Huh?" asked Yahiko. Scorpling thought a moment before realization flashed through his sapphire eyes. "Kama hasn't tried…" The other boys looked at the youngest in confusion. "Think about it, every time Kama's attempted Ita or Yahiko snatched it away." Ita and Yahiko blinked in confusion, "Remember? Back home? When our parents tried to use our jewels, nothing happened. They only work depending on who uses them!" The older boys almost face palmed at their stupidity. Of course that was it! They knew that! Sasori chuckled. Scorpling was highly intelligent for a five year old. It actually made him proud.

He saw Deidara frown and pulled the blonde close, "Don't look so down love." He whispered into Deidara's ear, "It's not like we'll never see them again." He slipped his arms around the blonde's waist, "They're OUR children after all." After a few seconds, a smile spread across Deidara's face. "You're right Danna un." he whispered as he watched Scorpling hand Kama the jewel, "And I think that they are amazing un."

"Ok un! Let's give this a shot!" exclaimed Kama, seeming quite a bit more optimistic than a few moments earlier. Jash flicked his forehead and Kama punched him in the face, "Quit it un!" Deidara chuckled at the sight before him, a soft smile on his face. The future…sure looked bright in his eyes.

"Umm…I wish that we could go back to our time un! To see our parents again!" stated Kama, the ruby jewel clenched tightly in his hands. Deidara and Sasori watched as the jewel began to glow brightly, filling the room with a red glow. A strong gust of wind went through the room, startling the older Akatsuki and causing Sasori to hold Deidara tightly to him. Deidara watched in awe as a strong vortex surrounded the five boys, snatching them away…

And then it suddenly stopped, as quickly as it began.

Sasori waited a few seconds before releasing his grip on Deidara and the two looked around the room. The boys were gone.

"Well, I hope they get back safe." Stated the red head. Deidara nodded, "Un. But I'm sure they will. They're tough like us Akatsuki un!" Sasori laughed, "That's true." He said as he took Deidara's hand. "Come on. Pein said he's got a mission for us now that you're back to full health." Deidara nodded and let Sasori lead him out of the room, sparing one final glance at where the five boys had been…

~Meanwhile, in the future which is actually the present in this Fic~

Deidara buried his face in his hands. His nerves were shot, his mind shutting down on him, as he wondered where his sons could be. He had started shaking and not thinking straight when Sasori had placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. "Dei, go take a break. I'll keep looking." Said the redhead. Deidara shook his head, "I can't un…" "Dei…please? You need to calm down before you give yourself a heart attack love." Reasoned Sasori. Deidara thought it over before sighing. "F-fine un…"

And so, Deidara now sat in the T.V. room, trying to calm his nerves so that he could go back to looking for the boys.

He just couldn't stand it! Where were they? There were only three things that were truly important to Deidara, and those things were; Sasori, Kama, and Kenji. (Scorpling for those of you that forgot. Remember, Scorpling is a nickname. XD.) Without them…life seemed so….pointless. Thinking that someone had taken his boys…

He started shaking again. What if it had been Orochimaru? If that snake bastard so much as harmed a hair on one of the boys' heads…he was going to rip him to pieces. He hated that pedophile…

A strong gust of wind filled the room and Deidara looked up.

The boys were suddenly thrown into the middle of the room.

"Ow…" groaned Scorpling as he sat up. "Uh, Patsukun? Can you please get off un?" Scorpling looked down and smiled apologetically, "Sorry nii-san. Sorry Jash." Jash glared. "Can all three of you get off of US?" they heard Yahiko say. Looking down, they saw Yahiko and Ita at the bottom of the pile. The three younger boys got up, helping the older ones up.

"Did it work un?" asked Kama.

Deidara, finally getting over the initial shock, lunged at them. "KAMA! KENJI! THANK GOODNESS UN!" he exclaimed as he hugged the boys. Kama and Scorpling looked at each other and grinned. Yep. It had worked all right.

Pulling away, Deidara looked at both of them seriously, tears still in his eyes, "Where have you been un? It's been four hours!" he demanded. Scorpling looked at him thoughtfully, "So…it's only been four hours here? For us it was like a week." Kama nodded, "Un! I'm so glad we're back Daddy!" he said as he hugged Deidara again. Deidara, confused, asked, "A week? What are you talking about un?" Scorpling sighed as Konan cried, "YAHIKO! MY BABY BOY!" and ran over to the auburn haired boy. Deidara sighed and went to the door, "THERE HERE UN!" he called out before turning back to his sons…


Pein looked at each of the boys in turn. "I see…so the jewels actually work?" he asked. Jash teleported in front of his face before going back to his seat in between Kama and Yahiko. "Damn straight." He said. Pein hummed a bit, "So you have been in the past for the past four hours…only…it was a week for the five of you…" he sighed and rubbed his temples. He really didn't wanna be thinking right now. He was completely worn out from the stress of thinking his child had been kidnapped.

"Never mind. We'll talk about it tomorrow." He said in a tired voice. The boys, quite exhausted themselves, nodded…

~In Sasori and Deidara's room~

Scorpling looked up at Sasori, "Are we in trouble Daddy?" he asked innocently. Sasori couldn't help but chuckle, "Well, you gave us all quite the scare little one…but we now know that this was all just an accident. So no. None of you are in trouble." He picked up a puppet that had been laying on the bed and looked at it. Scorpling usually never slept without it.

Sasori had given Scorpling the puppet when he turned one, wanting the boy to have something to make him think of him. Nothing too difficult, it was merely a miniature version of himself really…but Scorpling loved it all the same. Smiling, he admired at how well taken care of it was now. Scorpling didn't let anything bad happen to it. Placing it in Scorpling's hand, he leaned down and kissed the boy's forehead, "Scorpling...I love you."

The blue eyed boy smiled up at his father, "I love you too Daddy." He said as he hugged the puppet close to him. He'd missed it so much while he had been away, this little piece of his father that he had grown so attached to. Sasori ran a hand through his son's crimson locks. "Good night." He said as he stepped down from the top bunk and looked down at Deidara with Kama…

Deidara laughed quietly, "I see. So Kuzu was pretty mad about the wall huh?" he asked. Kama nodded, "Un. He's such a grump." Replied Kama as he snuggled into the covers. Deidara smiled gently, "Yeah…but he does care for you boys too you know un." Kama nodded, "I know…but why can't he be less mean un?" Kissing Kama's cheek, Deidara said, "That's how he's always been. He's just paranoid un. Sweet dreams Kama." Kama smiled, "You too Daddy! Love you!" "I love you too un."

Deidara stood up and looked at Scorpling, "Love you Scorpling." The small red head's eyes were already half lidded as he said, "Love you Deidei…" Sasori down to Kama and ran a hand through his hair, "Night Kama…heh…as usual…you took very good care of Scorpling." He said. Kama smiled, "Of course un." He yawned, "I'd never let anything bad happen to Patsukun." Sasori chuckled, "I know." He said before he and Deidara exited the room.

Deidara turned off the light, glancing at the boys again. Relief just continued to spread through him as he quietly closed the door.

"I'm so glad that nightmare is over un." whispered Deidara as he and Sasori went over to the kitchen. Sasori nodded, "I know…it was hard on all of us…" he said as the duo entered the kitchen…

~In Hidan and Kakuzu's room~

Kakuzu watched Hidan leave the room and sighed. Today had been…well…horrible. He looked over at Jash, the small Jashinist looking at him as if he were expecting to get yelled at. He went over to Jash's bed, "Well…you sure freaked us out…"

Jash blinked, "Us? Like you actually freaked? You were probably glad I was fucking gone…" he muttered. Kakuzu noticed the sad look that flashed through the boy's eyes and rolled his own. So stubborn…just like his father. "As hard as it is to believe, I DO care about you Jash." Jash sent him a flat look, "Really?" he asked, "But you always call me a, and I quote, "fucking spoiled, ungrateful, pain of a brat"."

Kakuzu shook his head with a chuckle, "True. I call you that…but you know something kiddo?" he asked as he ruffled Jash's hair. "What?" asked the small albino. "You're MY fucking spoiled, ungrateful, pain of a brat. Anyone tries to cause you harm, they have to deal with me." Explained the stitched nin. Jash stared at him in shock. "I know I'm hard on you, but that's just because you're so much like your dad. I tend to forget that you're still a kid and argue with you like I do with him…but that doesn't mean I don't care about you."

Jash grinned, "So Kuzu DOES have a soft side?" he asked. Kakuzu chuckled, "Yeah, yeah, shocking I know." Jash sat up and hugged the brunette, "Its ok. I can keep a secret!" he exclaimed. Kakuzu rolled his eyes and hugged the boy back. "Night Jash." "Night Kuzu!"…

~Later one…since I'm not going through that with all of the boys…~

Pein glanced around at the other Akatsuki. They all seemed to be mentally drained…and he couldn't blame them. This whole ordeal had been exhausting. (Look for the instrumental version of the song So What by P!nk. It just sets the mood for this part. XD) "Well…now that the boys are back in bed…fuck it. Who here feels as if they have gone through hell today?" he asked, letting the Leader aura fall away. The other Akatsuki sighed and agreed.

Yeah…the boys were asleep. Let the cool act slip for a bit.

"Jashin damnit, I thought I was gonna have a fucking heart attack!" stated Hidan as he pulled on his hair. Kisame nodded, "You and me both zealot." "Fuck you sharky." "I thought my brain was gonna shut down un. I was ready to just snap!" explained Deidara. "Same here." Agreed Konan.

Sasori couldn't help but chuckle. Eleven years later and none of them had changed a single bit. Sure they had matured and everything, but when it came right down to it, they still acted like the family they had become so long ago. The only difference was that that family had grown to 14 instead of 9. (Counting Zetsu here. XD) "What's so fucking funny puppet boy?"

Hidan still provoked people when he was stressed.

"Don't make fun of Danna un!" "OW! DON'T FUCKING HIT ME BITCH!"

Deidara still hit Hidan when he was an idiot.

"Hn, why must you act so childish?"

Itachi was still the sole voice of reason.

"Aw, lighten up Itachi-san! We're all just really relieved eh?"

Kisame was still as carefree as ever.

"Kisame's right Itachi. Just relax a bit! Why don't I get some snacks?"

Konan was still the motherly figure.

"Don't waste anything Konan."

Kakuzu was still the money pinching prick.

"All right, all right! Enough with the noise!"

Pein was still the wannabe god.

"Sheesh Pein, don't get so uptight. If Hidan's being an ass, let Dei hit him. It's not like Hidan can die anyway right?" "FUCKING PUPPET DICK!"

And Sasori was still as lovable as ever.

Pein looked over all of them for a moment before the same thoughts that had just passed through Sasori's head ran through his. He started laughed and the others all looked at him oddly. "We haven't really changed have we?" asked the pierced man. The others all thought a moment before laughing too. "Nope." Said Konan, "Not a bit. But that's good. It just means that we're all still comfortable enough to be ourselves around each other. We're still family." Itachi nodded, "Yeah. And that's what makes us Akatsuki."

"True that un!" Deidara said with a grin…

~After the others had left~

Sasori sat with Pein after the others had gone to the rooms. "Well, any ideas on when exactly the boys ended up?" asked Pein. Sasori shrugged, "Not really. I don't actually remember seeing a miniature me or a miniature Deidara in my life before they were born…" replied the redhead. Pein nodded, "Same here with Yahiko…unless the jewel has some sort of memory wipe or something?"

Sasori hummed, "Its possible…I mean, the way they explained it, it was around the time that Deidara almost…" Pein nodded. He knew how much thinking of that time bothered Sasori. "Well, the important thing is that they got back safe. I'm going to bed."

And with that, the Akatsuki leader exited the kitchen.

Sasori sighed as he got up as well. Walking to the door, a memory flashed through his eyes. Scorpling, in his arms, crying something about Deidara being hurt and Kama being gone.

Another memory of Kama sitting over a wounded Deidara with a worried look on his face flashed by.

Sasori couldn't help but chuckle. So they HAD gone to the past huh? Those boys…

Best not to question it really…but they were going to make one hell of a team when they started training…New Akatsuki eh? A younger one…

"Wakai Akatsuki…" he muttered before shaking the thoughts from his head and walking down the hall…

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