Another A/N: Okay Guys, again sorry, I'm not going to make a Facebook page! boo - I know it's just that stupid timeline is really annoying.

So anyways, I had another version for this story because - im sorry it's kind of . . . childish in it's writing style, totally my fault. I'm going to publish another story called Look After You (by the way The Fray wrote a song by the same title - check it out and tell me what you think it's an awesome song trust me)

I've started the first Chapter and I'm also going to start editing Nurse Nessie (like i said before) pretty soon. I'll update as much as I can.

So yeah, I'm not going to delete this one because I know you guys still like it, so you know I'm not going to deprive you of that.

Please check out Look Out For You! the song and my fanfic lol I'll have it up by Sunday - or i guess today lol it's 2 am.


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