Title: Undeserved Truth

Author: borgmama1of5

Coda to 6.05

Disclaimer: If they were mine, season 6 would be very different

"I don't deserve you."

Dean was a wreck. Four days he'd been camped in Lisa's house, nearly all of that time drunk, unable to talk, unable to tell her what was wrong with him.

And she still hadn't kicked him out.

Instead she had sat beside him and pulled his head against her shoulder, and rubbing his back, murmured, "Shh, shh, you're safe here."


"I don't deserve you," Dean murmured into Lisa's neck as he nuzzled that delicate spot under her ear.

"Mmmm." Lisa pressed tighter against him and shortly Dean wasn't thinking about anything other than the feeling of being with her.


"I don't deserve you," Dean laughed as Lisa handed him the paper plate loaded with one of Sid's masterpiece hamburgers and potato salad and an ear of butter-loaded corn.

She flashed him an impish smile. "I'll think of something … maybe you'll have to cook all next week."

Dave from across the street shook his head. "Lisa is one helluva chick. Wish I had your charm…"

Swallowing the perfectly cooked bite of burger, Dean replied, "My charm had nothing to do with it."


"I don't deserve you."

Brilliant green eyes met chocolate brown ones and Dean knew that Lisa understood the unspoken 'but I'm glad you've ignored that' end to his words. For the first time in … well, maybe ever, Dean was being given the chance to not have to choose between what his heart wanted and what his mind demanded.

"I'll call every day … and," he said it before she could, "I'll be careful."


"You don't deserve me," Dean muttered as he snapped his cellphone shut, not leaving a message. "You deserve so much more than the shit that comes with me."