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Chapter One

It was a dark and frigid night, this night was like no other before it; it felt as if the shadows of evil had engulfed the world. Deep within the darkness there were faint lights but these lights were not lights of hope, the lights seen in the distance were fueled by the fires of war.

The village Hidden in the Leaves had at one time been the most powerful ninja village in the entire shinobi world. After 20 constant years of a brutal and savage war this once mighty village had finally fallen this night. Slowly, small droplets of rain fell. The entire village was now ablaze and no amount of rain could save it. The bodies of invaders and defenders alike littered the streets and the rain that washed down the streets flowed red like rivers of blood.

In the middle of this battlefield an injured and exhausted Sakura Namikaze was on her knees panting. The smells of smoke and blood filled her lungs; last surviving member of the Neo Sannin was in a very bad spot. Her left arm was gone; Sakura had to cut it off to save herself from being completely consumed by the black flames of Madara's Amaterasu. This was the end and she knew it, all she could hope for was that they bought the children enough time to get the people safely out of the village. When it became apparent that the village would fall she ordered her 15 year old daughter Kushina to lead her younger brother and the few surviving children of the Konoha 11(I'm not counting the Uchiha bastard) and other remaining bystanders away from the battle. They fought with everything they had; but even the last three members of the famous Konoha 11 were no match for Madara Uchiha.

Madara was getting closer, walking slowly towards her while savoring his victory. It had taken him a lot longer than he had hoped to get to this point and it was all because of that dammed Namikaze. Madara wished he could have been the one to kill him for ruining his moon's eye plan but the bastard had robbed him of the pleasure by killing himself. He was going to get some payback at him by killing his precious wife, then he would hunt down the Namikaze's wretched offspring and his revenge would be complete at last.

Sakura felt the rain drops as they fell on her face. She looked up at the night sky and to her it looked as if the heavens themselves were weeping. The Hidden Leaf Village had been the last haven from Madara's control, the last place people could at look for hope. Over the last 20 years, one by one, all of the ninja villages, great and small, had fallen to the endless hordes of the former Akatsuki leader. Now with the Hidden Leaf gone he truly had conquered the entire world. Soon the people's spirit would be broken. Without someone to inspire hope, all was lost.

'If only you were still here my love' she thought. He wasn't here though; he had given his life to stop Madara from ever using the tailed beast for his moon's eye plan. For ten long years she and the others had fought to protect the village he gave his life for and now it was lost. She was alone and there was no one to help her now. She looked at her friends, the last two members of the Konoha 11 that survived the war with her up to now. Hinata was lying in a puddle of her own blood with a fist size hole through her chest. Hinata had become like a sister to Sakura, especially after Naruto's death. Hinata was the only that had understood how she felt and that had made them connect and become like family, now she was gone. She then looked at Shikamaru… or what was left of him. Shikamaru had pushed her out of the way but had taken the full blast of Madara's Amaterasu; now all that was left of him was a pile of charred bone covered in black flames.

Madara was right in front of her now, she knew this was it. She could not move, his next attack was going to finish her. She heard him scream "Amaterasu".

Black flames shot at her, Sakura closed her eyes and waited for the end to come, Sakura's only thought was "Naruto, I'm sorry".She waited for what seemed like an eternity for the pain to claim her but nothing happened. She opened her eyes and could not believe what she saw, the wall of black flames was frozen mere inches from her face. She looked around and saw that everything was frozen. She could even see the rain drops frozen in mid fall.

"What's going on?"she thought to herself. As if to answer her though,t a blinding light appeared and consumed everything around her. Everything else had disappeared from her sight, all she could see was endless light and she wondered if she had died and this was the afterlife. Then a warm voice spoke her name.

"Sakura Namikaze".

Sakura was surprisingly not afraid the voice was kind and gentle so she asked "who are you? And where in the world am I?"

The voice then spoke. "I am known by many names by many beings, in many different places. In your world I am known as Kami"

Sakura's eyes went wide in shock; she could not believe what she just heard. Before she could say anything Kami spoke again. "As to where you are, you are in my realm, a place between worlds. From this place I have watched your world since its creation. I have watched your people evolve in to what they are now and my heart weeps to see what you have become" Sakura's only answer was silence so Kami continued. "You had such potential to become great, yet you have engulfed your entire world in war. You have become a primitive and violent race that only knows how to hurt and kill each other; you bring nothing but pain and suffering to your world."

Sakura finally spoke "not all of us are like that. There are those of us that only want to live in peace. We only fight to protect what we love."

Kami spoke again in its warm voice"I know the difference between you and the ones you fight but your fight is hopeless. The darkness that has grasped your world is too strong, you cannot win"

Sakura knew that Kami spoke the truth but it still brought tears to her eyes. "If only he was still here things would be different" she thought as tears ran down her face. "If Naruto was still here he would have stopped him" she said.

"One person would not have made a difference". Kami's voice had warm and gentle tone but its words hurt Sakura all the same.

"He would have made a difference, I know it," she really did believe her words. Sakura knew that Naruto had a gift for making the impossible become possible.

"You truly believe that had he not perished things would be different?" asked Kami's voice.

"Yes I do, if he was here, he would have found a way to save everyone". There was a pause as if Kami was thinking about was she had said before kami's voice was heard again.

"I see; you truly believe what you say... Very well then, we shall see which one of us is correct. I will give you a gift, a chance to save your world. Remember you only get one chance, fail and your world shall fall into everlasting darkness". As Kami finished speaking Sakura felt the warm light close in around her and slowly take her in to a peaceful sleep.


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