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Chapter 18

Hinata sat quietly in her hospital room staring out the window. She was disappointed that she was not able to make it to the final round of the Chunin Exam. Neji had almost killed her in the process; however that wasn't the reason why she felt like someone had just stabbed her through her chest. The reason of her sadness was because of what she had learned happened after she left the arena.


Hinata was sitting in her hospital-room with Kiba, who had come to keep her company after he had his injuries treated, when Kurenai and Shino walked in the room. Hinata could immediately tell something was wrong by the look in her sensei's eyes. Kiba must have not noticed it.

"Hey, if you guys are here then the matches must be over, so who else passed Shino?" he asked as if it was obvious that Shino must have passed.

"Neji Hyuuga, Sasuke Uchiha, Temari, Kankuro and Gaara from the Sand Village, Rock Lee, Choji Akimichi, Shikamaru Nara… and Naruto Uzumaki all advanced to the third round of the Chunin Exam.

A smile blossomed on Hinata's face when she heard that Naruto had advanced to the next round. Hinata however could see something was bothering her sensei, she could see a look of anger that wasn't normal for Kurenai sensei. Hinata wanted to ask what was wrong but Kiba wasn't finished.

"What! Even Naruto passed? Oh man, now I feel even worse that I didn't pass. So who did Naruto fight? It had to be an easy opponent right?

Kurenai frowned at Kiba; it was this kind of attitude that gets him into trouble. "Kiba, Naruto fought Shino. Naruto BEAT Shino," said Kurenai.

Kiba was stunned, Hinata didn't know if she should still be happy for Naruto since she was disappointed for her teammate.

"B-but that's not possible! Shino is unbeatable! Akamaru and I can't even touch him when we spar. How did Naruto beat him?"

"I underestimated him. Naruto was more skilled and unpredictable than I originally gave him credit for. Perhaps I was blinded by my emotions and was unable to think logically during the match," said Shino in a monotone voice.

Neither Hinata nor Kiba were surprised to hear Shino describe Naruto as unpredictable. They both surprised to hear him say he was emotional; emotional was not how they would describe Shino Aburame; Before Kiba could comment on that Kurenai cut him off.

"Hinata… I'm afraid there is something I have to tell you…"


Kurenai had told her what happened in the arena. Hinata felt heartbroken and betrayed. Hinata was not really surprised to hear that Naruto loved Sakura; he had always had feelings for her. Even if it hurt, Hinata knew it could happen one day. What was truly painful for her was that Sakura had been lying to her. In the last few months Sakura had become her closest friend and confidant. Sakura had encouraged her to train harder and helped Hinata become sure of herself. Sakura had made Hinata believe in herself.

But it had all been a lie. Sakura had been lying to her the entire time. Sakura knew how Hinata felt about Naruto; everyone knew how she felt about Naruto… except Naruto. Knowing that Sakura had still told Hinata she could find her happiness if she didn't give up and Hinata had believed her… she was such a fool! Hinata was brought out of her thoughts when she heard the door to her room open. Her eyes widen slightly before they narrowed into a furious glare when she saw who walked in. It was Sakura.

"What are YOU doing here? Have you come to have your laugh? To tell me what a fool you have been making out of me? You can save it. Get out!"

Sakura flinched at Hinata's harsh words. The anger and pain in her friend's words filled Sakura with sorrow; she never wanted to hurt Hinata. "We have to talk Hinata, and I'm not leaving until we do."

"I have nothing to say to you," said Hinata as she continued to glare at Sakura.

"Well, I have plenty to say to you." Hinata turned away from her. It hurt Sakura to see her like this.

"Why?" Hinata said in a whisper, she was still looking away from Sakura. "Why did you lie to me?

"I'm sorry; I just wanted to help…"

"To help?" asked Hinata as she turned to glare at Sakura again. "That's why you've been lying? That's why you told me that Naruto and you were only friends and teammates?"

"Actually, I never said we were ONLY friends and teammates, I just said we were close," answered Sakura.

Hinata couldn't stop the tears were spilling from her lavender colored eyes. "You knew how I felt for him, you knew that I… that I love him."

"Yes… I know that you love Naruto."

"Then why? Why did you make me think I had a chance to be with him? Why?" asked Hinata as she started to quietly sob.

Sakura couldn't bear to see her best friend in such pain, a pain she caused. Sakura closed her eyes, and as a single tear fell from right eye she answered Hinata in a whisper so low, that Hinata almost missed it.

"Because I needed you to, I needed you to know you could be happy with him."

Hinata didn't know if she had heard Sakura correctly. "What?" Sakura took a deep breath and exhaled before she answered Hinata.

"There is a storm coming; one that if we're not prepared for will rip our world apart. I am prepared to do whatever it takes to assure the survival of our people… even if I must give my life to do it."

Hinata didn't know what Sakura was talking about, but she could see the fierce determination in her eyes. Sakura meant every word she said. "What do you mean?"

"I mean a war Hinata. A war so brutal and devastating that will destroy everything we hold dear. A war I'm not sure I will survive. I know you love Naruto, and I know if there is someone that can make him happy if something happens to me, it you Hinata. I was being selfish; but it was only because I wanted both of you to have a chance if I don't survive."

"What war? What are you talking about Sakura?"

Sakura sighed. "Are you familiar with the Memory Mirror Jutsu?"

"What? What doe…"

"Are you familiar with it Hinata?!"

"Yes, it is a jutsu that was developed during the second Great Ninja War. It was developed specially to be used for ninja who were on trial for treason, insubordination, negligence or other forms of crimes against the village. The way the jutsu works, is that it enables the users to project their memories, however the way the chakra is used to gather the projection from the users mind make it impossible to bring forth false memories which is why they were used during trials."

"Good, then you know what I'm about to show you is the truth."

"The truth about what?" asked Hinata.

"The truth about our future, a future that WILL happen! If I can't find a way to change it. First I'm going to show you the memories of my first C-rank mission." Hinata was about to ask something but Sakura cut her off. "I know I already told you about it, and Naruto did too. Just watch and tell me if you notice something different from what you were told." Sakura went through a series of hand-sings…

Memory Mirror Jutsu

Hinata watched as an oval shaped mirror materialized in front of them. She didn't have to wait long as soon images appeared in the mirror. At first it was just as Sakura and Naruto had described their mission, at least until they encountered the two enemy ninja. That's when things started to go different from what she had been told. It was not Sakura and Naruto but Sasuke and Kakashi that stopped the Demon Brothers. Sakura's memories then changed to the battle with Zabuza and that too was different. It was Naruto and Sasuke that teamed up the save Kakashi. The final set of memories showed Zabuza and his apprentice being killed and later buried in simple graves. Hinata had been told that both had survived the battle and had been a loud to leave in peace, it didn't make any sense! When Sakura finally ended the jutsu, Hinata spoke to her.

"That is different from what you and Naruto told me, why would…"

"I know Hinata. This is the mission that we told you about, Memory Mirror Jutsu…"

Sakura's memories appeared once again only this time they were exactly as Sakura and Naruto had told her it had been. Hinata was more confused than ever!

"That's impossible! How can you have two different sets of true memories from the same event? It doesn't make any sense," said a confused Hinata.

Sakura told Hinata, she told Hinata everything that happened in the future. More importantly Sakura showed Hinata what happened in the future. Hinata saw what happened during the finals of the Chunnin Exams. She saw as they buried the Third Hokage and how Tsunade became the Fifth Hokage. Sakura showed her team's battles against the Akatsuki and told Hinata about Naruto being the host of the Nine Tailed Fox. As Sakura had guessed, Hinata didn't care about that; Hinata's feelings for Naruto were as strong as her own. Later Sakura showed the first war against Akatsuki, the undead-shinobi and clone-army. Hinata saw as the alliance army won the battle thanks to Naruto and Killer-bee joining forces to turn the tide. Unfortunately Madara Uchiha and Sasuke Uchiha managed to escape. The memory that followed made Hinata heart swell with joy as she watched the village celebrate the naming of the Sixth Hokage; tears of happiness fell from Hinata's face as she saw Naruto accomplish his dream.

The next memory brought a pain to Hinata's heart. It was the memory of Sakura's wedding… her wedding to Naruto! Hinata watched as Sakura was happy with Naruto, and later gave birth to a beautiful baby girl; a girl with bright red hair and Sakura's emerald eyes. They named her after Naruto's mother. That was the last happy memory as the next one was of the Leaf Village preparing for war. Hinata watched as once again the Great Ninja Villages united to fight an army led by Madara Uchiha and Sasuke Uchiha. This time the battle seemed to be in favor of the alliance. The Uchiha's army was made up of rouge ninja and mercenaries that were no match for the Ninja Alliance. That was until Madara unleashed the captured Bijju. Without their containers and under the ancient Uchiha's control the tailed-beasts wreaked havoc on the Alliance army. Things went from bad to worse as Hinata watched the next memory play out.

An older Sakura walked into the alliance command tent to look for her husband. Naruto was standing with the leaders of the other villages trying to come up with a strategy to deal with the tailed-beast. Sakura was the bearer of bad news.


Everyone in e room turned to look at her. "What wrong Sakura?"

"I have some bad news; Killer-bee has been captured by Madara. The left flack had been severely weakened and we are not sure how long it will take before they have the 8-tails on their side."

This news sends worried whispers throughout the room. Naruto looked calm and determent. "It looks like we need a change of plans. We will order the retreat of the main army. Myself and100 other will remain as a rear guard to allow the rest of you time to retreat to the fall back position where we will have a better chance to defend against the Uchiha's forces."

"I'm staying with you…"

"NO! You will lead the Leaf forces in my stead."


"But nothing Sakura, you will do as I say even if I have order you to do it as your Hokage." Sakura knew from the look on his face that Naruto wasn't going to budge so she agreed to his plans. Once the meeting was over and everyone else had left to prepare only Naruto and Sakura remained in Naruto's tent. "You should go and prepare for tomorrow Sakura."

"If you think that I'm going to spend this night with anyone but my husband that I'm afraid you're mistaken Hokage-Sama."

"I'm sorry about that. But I need to make sure your safe Sakura."

Sakura wrapped her arms around her husband's shoulders and they held each other. "Promise me you will come home to your family."

"I promise that I will make sure all of you are safe," he answered.

"That's not what I asked."

"I know but that's the only promise I can make to you," he said. He then pressed his lips to hers, and Sakura spend one last night in her husband's arms.

The following day Sakura helped lead the alliance army. It was as the army marched that they all felt a massive release of chakra that was followed a great explosion the power of the explosion was so great that the very ground they walked on shook causing many of them to fall. Everyone turned to see a giant mushroom cloud rise from where the battlefield would be. Sakura felt her heart sink, something inside her told her that the Mushroom cloud meant something horrible had happened.

"Konohamaru, I'm putting you in charge of the Leaf ninja."

"What? Why?" he asked.

"I'm going back. I need to make sure Naruto is ok." Several people tried to stop her but Sakura didn't budge. She led an ANBU team back to the battle field and the sight that awaited them left them all in shock. The plain that had been their battlefield was completely destroyed. There was nothing left but a massive crater. The earth was scorched and the smell of burning flesh still filled the air. What worried Sakura was there was no sign of life anywhere, nothing! Sakura ordered the ANBU team to search the area while she made her way to the center of the crater. As Sakura grew near the center, she saw a lone figure lying on the ground; a figure wearing the tattered remains of Hokage robes.

'No! Dear Kami, please no!' thought Sakura as she raced to her husband's side. She dropped to her knees and immediately started using advanced medical Ninjutsu on Naruto. After only seconds she saw Naruto open his eyes.


"Don't talk Naruto, safe your strength. I'm going to make you good as new." Even as Sakura said this she could feel his life slipping away which only made her try even harder.

"We b-both know t-hat I don't have m-much time. The only r-reason I'm still a-alive right now is b-because of the F-Fox."

A sob escaped Sakura's lips as tears ran down her face. She couldn't help but think that this is what Tsunade must have felt when she lost Dan.

"I-I killed Sasuke. The Tailed B-Beasts are gone forever. I-I'm only sorry that I w-won't get to see Kushina grow up. T-Tell her that I l-love her very much, and t-that I'm so p-proud of her.

Sakura could see that his eyes were no longer focused, they where no longer the brilliant cerulean blue she loved. They were growing dim and it looked as if Naruto was staring off into the distance. Sakura hugged Naruto's body towards her as she could feel his heart was going agonizingly slow, it would be long now before it stopped.

"S-Sakura, I-I love y-you so m-much."

"I love to Naruto," she whispered to him.

Naruto smiled, even as his life was ending he was happy to at least be with the love of his life in the end. Naruto saw through his blurred vision that Sakura spoke to him. But he could no longer hear her, he could fell the darkness enclosing him. He only hoped that he had done enough to protect the ones he loved.

Moments later, Naruto Namikaze Sixth Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leafs, died in his wife's arms.

When Sakura finished the jutsu Hinata was sobbing and Sakura herself had tears running down her face. It was difficult having to remember one of the most painful events in your life. Her last night with Naruto would give Sakura her son Minato, which she named after Naruto's father.

"I need to stop this from happening Hinata. But it's not just so I can save the man I love. It's because if I can't save Naruto, our whole world is doomed.

"W-what do y-you mean?" asked Hinata between sobs.

"Naruto killed Sasuke in that final battle. And he even injured Madara greatly. But in the last moment Madara escaped. He returned a year later with an army from the southern continent where he had been amassing his power since we where children. He knew there was always a chance his Moon's Eye plan would fail. So he always had a contingency plan.

"What happened?"asked Hinata.

"His army attacked. The ninja villages had fought two major wars and had been weaken to a critical point. We were not prepared to defend against such a large force. We fought with everything we had. But with every land he conquered, his army grew while our allies became fewer and fewer. It took Madara nearly 10 years but in the end there was no way to stop him. I believe that the only way to save our future is to end him before he can weaken the villages like he did. We have to keep him from capturing the Tailed Beasts at all cost, I intent to do that, even if I have to take Naruto's place to get rid of them for good."

"What? But how can you do that?" asked Hinata.

"I spend much of my time going through Naruto's research. Believe me when I tell you that when it comes to seals, Naruto is a genius like none other you have ever heard of. He found a way to modify the seal used to seal the Nine Tails inside of him. This new version of the Reaper Death Seal allowed him to seal the other tailed beast inside of him. Only unlike what Madara wanted to do, this seal did not unite the tailed beast. No instead it used them as fuel for a powerful jutsu that Naruto used to wipe out the Uchiha's army. I don't intent to let it get that far this time. I plan on stopping Madara and Akatsuki before they can start the Fourth Great Ninja War. If I can't stop them, then I will use Naruto's seal to destroy the Tailed Beasts, I will give my own life instead.


"I want him to be happy, and I know you are the only other person that can love him like I do. I also want to help you, Hinata. I don't want you to be as cold and uncaring as you became in the future."

"What do you mean?"

"When Naruto died, it was like a part of you died too. I was too busy dealing with my own grief to notice. You also were very good at hiding your true feelings. My children and I were just about the only people that you showed any emotions to, aside from Neji before he died."

Hinata flinched when she heard her cousin's name and that he died sometime in the future.

"You became one of the strongest ninja the Hidden Leaf Village ever produced. Certainly the most powerful ninja that the Hyuuga Clan ever produced, but it came at a steep price. That price was your humanity. With anyone other than my family it was like you had died inside, you were cold, calculating, and merciless. You were so ruthless in battle that the enemy called you the Hyuuga's Goddess of Death."

Hinata stared at Sakura in disbelieve. She couldn't imagine herself as Sakura described her future self. Sakura could tell that Hinata had many confidence issues. She needed Hinata to see what would become of her if the future was not changed.

Memory Mirror Jutsu

Hinata watched as another memory played out. The setting was a clearing, the sings of battle where clear. An older Sakura was leading a medical team to teat injured Leaf ninja while a few other covered them from enemy attacks. As Sakura and her team worked to save the lives of the injured ninja her guards were ambushed and over whelmed by dozens of Madara's warriors. As Sakura prepared to act as guard to give her team time to escape with the injured a single figure stepped out of the woods behind her and walked towards the enemy.

Hinata gasped as she saw a woman dressed in traditional Hyuuga robed walked past Sakura with an eerie calm. The woman was absolutely beautiful. She had long flowing blue hair, flawless ivory skin, and a figure that would make any woman burn with envy. But even with all this, the woman frightened Hinata. The woman's beautiful face was devoid of all emotions, as if it was carved of stone; a true Hyuuga if Hinata had ever seen one.

The enemy was frightened too. Many hesitated, as if to consider if running was a viable option. In the end, they still attacked… and died.

Hinata was mesmerized as she watched this woman, a woman that would be her in the future completely decimated the enemy. They attacked her from all sides but it was useless. Hinata saw her future self move with speed and grace like nothing she thought possible. Her hands glowed with power, and moved like lightning. Every strike was on target, every strike was fatal. Hinata watched herself deal death to enemy without hesitation, without restraint. Her future self was brutal and she dodged, ducked, and weaved through the attacks. She moved like a dancer round her attackers, and she was dancing a dance of death.

The fight if you could call it a fight was over in minutes. Hinata watched as her future self stood in the middle of the clearing with the bodies of dozens littering the floor. Her future self simply stepped over the dead as if it was nothing and continued further into the battle field without a word or even a glimpse of emotions in her face.

As Sakura canceled her jutsu, Hinata couldn't help the shiver that ran down her spine. The power and skill that her future self displayed was truly incredible. But the ruthless and brutal personality frightened Hinata to her core. Was that her future? To become a cold-blooded killer with no emotions, no mercy, to become what her father had always desired in an heir.

Sakura could see the internal conflict in her friend's eyes. She knew Hinata would react strongly to the memory she had shown her. Sakura needed to calm her friend's fears of the future.

"Hinata, I know that what you saw concerns you."

"I became a killer Sakura!"

"We are ninja Hinata, we are ALL killers. I am a medic. It's my job to save lives, but I can tell you that I have killed hundreds if not thousands of men and women. And I would kill thousands more if it meant my loved ones will be safe. It's not our actions alone that determines who we are, it also our intentions Hinata."

"That's not who I want to become Sakura."

"Then don't. Become the person you want to be, it's your choice. The experiences that made you into that person have not happened. The biggest factors were Naruto's death and your clan's betrayal."

"My clan's betrayal? What are you talking about?"

"Shortly after Naruto's death your clan elders tried to take advantage of your grief to get rid of you. By then you had become extremely popular within your clan. Your father wanted to make sure that Hanabi became clan head. But you had become a powerful Jonin during the war while Hanabi had been kept in the home guard by your father's request. Hiashi knew that during a match, you would defeat your sister. So he and the elders tried to get rid of you another way."

"What happened?" asked Hinata.

"They tried to force you into an arranged marriage to a foreign noble. It backfired for them. I don't know the details because you never liked to talk about it. What I do know is that in the end of that meeting, you attacked and killed all five elders and forced your father to step down as head of the clan."

Hinata looked horrified at what Sakura told her, Hinata could never believe that she would be driven to harm members of her family let alone take their lives.

"The first thing you did was abolish the use of the Cage Bird Seal. Under your leader ship the Hyuuga Clan became a true family. Even if you isolated yourself from that family, you did what you had always dreamed about. You made Naruto's promise a reality, you changed the ways of the Hyuuga Clan."

Hinata's mind was again in turmoil. On one hand she had succeed in her lifelong dream of uniting her family. On the other hand, it caused her to lose took her killing members of her family. Hinata wanted more than anything to help her family come together, but she didn't know if she could do it knowing the cost.

"I will help you become the powerful ninja you can become Hinata. Together Naruto and you will change your clan, hopefully without the need to harm members of your family. But remember Hinata, sometimes blood must be spilled to gain freedom. Or the bonds of slavery can never be broken".

Hinata nodded. She would do her best to help her clan, she would do everything in her power to do so peacefully; but she would be ready to do what's necessary when the time came. She only hoped that she was never forced to make that choice.

Sakura and Hinata spend hours talking. It was a huge weight off Sakura's shoulders having someone to talk to. Now she had someone she trusted to tell her worries, and someone to have the information of the future should something happen to her. Only time would tell if she had made the right choice, but Sakura believed she had definitely made the right decision.


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