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When sunlight crept through the dirty, tiny windows above him and hit his skin, Nathan swam slowly back to consciousness feeling hungry. He blinked his eyes open, took a few deep breaths before daring to sit up. To his surprise, he felt no rush of sickness, no surging headache, barely anything in fact. The worst was a slight twinge in his chest which ran from front to back, and then died away. He chanced a peek under his shirt, but the light was too dim for him to make anything out. Either way, he could see no new blood... Feeling lighter, he scrambled up and circled his territory twice in search of food. Most of the snacks and wrappers that had been building up over the past couple of nights had mysteriously vanished. He found a cold paper bag of chips and tried one hopefully, only to spit it out again with a grimace. Apparently he was going to have to work for his breakfast.

He bounded down the metal steps to the hall of the community centre, pleasantly surprised at the complete lack of pain he felt. He tried running, skidding around the corners on the polished floor, whooping when he felt only the slightest sting. He stopped before the vending machine, squaring up to it, looking it up and down.

"C'mon now, baby," he smirked. "Let's not be difficult..."

He placed a hand on either side and began to shake it violently. The screaming bangs of the machine rocking from side to side echoed through the centre, bounced off the walls around him.

And, soon enough, Nathan found himself rewarded with two packets of crisps and a mars bar. He held them aloft in victory, span around, bowed extravagantly to the invisible crowd that would surely be cheering at this moment had he been graced with an audience. Chomping loudly on his breakfast, he sauntered off down the corridor, checking his reflection in every other window he passed. He looked good. Still pale, still tired, but good. Alive. He hesitated, mouth full of dry, salty crisps, and then abruptly changed direction and headed for the bathroom instead. He placed his feast by the sink, inspecting his appearance a little more carefully under the harsh, bright lights.

Moment of truth.

Slowly, dreading every second, he dragged his shirt over his head and faced his reflection once more in the dirty, clouded mirrors. The ugly wound that had once glared rawly from his chest had faded, shrunk, as if it had been blotted away. Instead of red it was now a dull purple, still flecked with dried blood, still tender to his probing fingers, but it had healed so much... Nathan turned and craned his neck back to see his back, noting the darker, cleaner wound between his shoulder blades. Perhaps a little worse, but still well healed considering that he had only recently had a metal post shoved through him. He turned again, running a hand over the ridge that marked the beginning of his scar. Maybe even that would fade with time. He flipped on the taps and filled his hands with hot water, splashing it over himself to remove those last, persistent clumps of blood. Practically invisible...

I really am immortal.

He grinned, suddenly hit with a wild urge to shoot himself in the head as an experiment. Or perhaps allow himself to be hit by a car, and then rise again before everyone amidst startled gasps, women throwing themselves at his feet in awe, eyes full of admiration and tears for his seemingly inescapable fate... Well, perhaps that was a little unlikely. But it was clear that he had been blessed with the best power by far. Who cared about rewinding time or turning invisible when you could live forever? He let out a bark of laughter, reached for his shirt again. Now, at least, he had no reason to hide himself from Kelly. Once his scar had faded, he would surely be as amazingly sexy and irresistible to her as he had always been...

He strode out of the bathroom again, crisps and mars bar juggled in his grasp, whistling loudly as he went. He almost skipped back up to his small 'camp' and wriggled into jeans, a new shirt and his ancient trainers. By this time he had finished both packets of crisps and was starting on the chocolate bar as he dropped downstairs again, taking them two at a time. He had barely left the hall when a sudden bang hit his ears - the sound of the glass doors slamming shut. He slowed to a halt, pausing mid-chew. Someone had arrived. He moved softly to the corner and glanced around it, holding his breath. Long hair, scraped back into a high pony tail. A mini skirt and pink hoodie. Heavily made up eyes. His heart leapt - Kelly. He pulled away, flattening himself against the wall, waiting. She walked straight past him, continuing on towards the changing rooms, to tired to notice him or his thoughts. He smirked, barely able to contain his sniggers until she had vanished into the changing rooms. He followed only when she was out of sight, walking slowly so as not to cause any noise. He reached the door, pressed his ear against it. He could hear the clang of a locker, the screech of metal. He waited a while longer, eager to give the impression that she was alone. Then he silently opened the door and slipped into the changing room. He crept through the lines of lockers and stuck his head around the row in which Kelly was fixing her hair, already dressed in her orange jumpsuit. He smothered a laugh and inched out, stepping towards her as quietly as he could. She didn't notice. She looked tired, he realised. He seemed to have a vague memory of her being there the night before, staying late, talking to him as he fell asleep.

She began to turn, and he threw himself forwards.


She let out a shriek, lashing out with her fist. He ducked the blow, cackling wildly.

"Hey, hey! Don't put me back in the ground yet!"

She froze, eyes wide in surprise, her mouth open. Then her gaze filled with fury and her hand whipped towards him again, this time catching him on the ear. "Wotcha think ya doing?" she demanded shrilly. "Ya nearly gave me a heart attack, you dick!"

He grinned, threw his arms around her in a crushing hug, effectively trapping her arms before she could try to hit him a third time. "Ah, Kelly!" he sighed, ignoring her struggles. "You lift my hopes and then throw me away, how am I to cope with this terrible heartache I feel at your cold, cold words..."

"Gerroff me!"

She stopped struggling, a smile finally emerging onto her face. She looked up at him, caught in his arms, and he felt her cool breath on his cheek. His heart skipped a beat. Her eyes flicked from his gaze to his lips and back again.

"Ya seem better."

"Yep," he said proudly. "Good as brand-spanking-new."

Relief rushed briefly across her face, and she looked away quickly. He felt his grin widen, and she glanced at him.

"Wot?" she demanded, wriggling free at last. He released her. "Stop gawking at me, will ya?"

He reached for her arm, slid his hand up to her cheek. Her eyes widened. He wet his lips. Get this one right, he told himself furiously. Don't screw this bit up. He inched a little closer to her, bending his head. She tilted her face upwards, her lips parting... and the door to the changing rooms bounced open. They both flinched, and Nathan let out a snarl of frustration. He whirled around, ready to pelt whoever had disturbed them with abuse fit for the lowest of the low, and found himself glaring at the stranger he had encountered all that time ago in the corridors. Their new probation worker, it had to be. He looked him up and down, curled his lip in a smirk. The man's eyebrow arched.

"Who're you?" he said flatly.

"Me? Me?" Nathan folded his arms, eyes wide in disbelief. "Nathan, remember? The handsome one? Jesus, you're even worse than the last sucker we had lurking around here."

"Nathan?" the man glanced at Kelly for confirmation. "They said you were dead?"

"Really?" Nathan asked, feigning surprise. He pressed his hands to his neck, looked up in mock amazement. "Apparently not. Besides, could a dead man do this?"

He span on one foot, sliding into a moonwalk, aware of both Kelly and the probation worker's stares on him as he twirled again, jerked his hips - and turned face-first into Kelly's locker door. He heard her smother a laugh, scowled as he turned face them again, rubbing his aching nose. He lifted his chin, meeting the probation worker's amused gaze with firm defiance. The man looked at Kelly, sniggered under his breath.

"Well, then, I'll put you back on the system then..."

As he turned to leave, Simon and Alisha appeared, closely followed by Curtis. Nathan felt a flash of annoyance at their whoops of disbelief and joyful greetings. Apparently fate was set against him having any kind of moment with Kelly at all. As he resigned himself to a day of company, Kelly's hand slipped briefly into his own. He didn't need the ability to read minds to know exactly what she was thinking. And that thought set his stomach clenching in excitement and a grin sliding back onto his face.


The End.

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