A day in the Life of me 3


Hi everyone and welcome back to a day in the life of me and today I bring to you me and my day.

In first period today I had p. e. and I had to run a cross country. It was pretty hard even though my time was 5:23. Amelia's time was around 4 minutes so she went faster and ahead of me.

In second period today I had another sub and I just watched the Nightmare before Christmas.

In third period there was an earthquake drill and I did not fit under my desk and the guy that sits behind me was trying to get out from under his desk and he hit his head on the desk.

In fourth period today I watched Bill Nye the science guy. Usually his videos are boring but the one my teacher showed today was pretty cool.

In fifth period today I worked just as a regular day.

In sixth period today I did some problems from the workbook and some for homework.

So now you know what happened during my day and please review especially you Amelia.