A scream echoes through out the study and Tifa jumps up.

"Was that Yuffie?"

"What has that brat got into now?" Cid sneers.

"Probably just a spider…" Leon's eyes never leave the screen.

It was a howling growl that drifted up from the basement next and this time Cloud's fingers twitch against his sword. Tifa meets his eyes and they both start running. Cid and Leon stay where they are, watching the computer and its data that Sora is coded into.

Yuffie, down below, with scrapped knees and palms and a weapon much too far away, had barely realized the sound had left her throat. She jumps to her feet and stumbles back. The beast's eyes are locked on her and suddenly she remembers how terrified of the dark she has become.

It all happens in seconds and he leaps at her, then Cloud is yelling and the lights are coming on.


The Beast stops. Yuffie gasps, her arms blocking her face and she can feel his breath on her face.

"Yuffie?" He's too human, too demon. With tattered wings and white skin and red and black and gold. He blinks past the light and Yuffie is frozen. His voice is different, darker, less human.

"Vincent." It's not a question.

Cloud and Tifa don't move.

He shakes his head and growls, taking another step towards her. "Not quite." It's husky and she shudders.

"Chaos," Tifa breathes.

The demon smirks and it's not a Vincent smirk but one Yuffie has seen on his face. She blushes and she curses and she doesn't know how to feel.

Chaos turns to Yuffie.

"I'm sorry I'm late."

"Late?" Yuffie whimpers, she can't seem to remember how to speak.

"I told you I would be there before dawn."

She falters, pauses, bites her lip and suddenly launches herself at him. He catches her and it was a lot like running face first into concrete. His claws grip her tightly and he growls possessively.

"Where's Vincent?" Cloud is stern. He doesn't trust a demon.

Chaos meets his eyes. "I…I am not sure." A pause. "He told me to find Yuffie since I am able to travel through the darkness. Although, I am not sure how he is fairing without me..."

"But you can help us find him!" Yuffie shouted and who was Vincent without Chaos and who was Chaos without Vincent?

"That's the plan. I mean, I'm digging my freedom, but it's pretty quiet in my head without Vampire Boy."

And oh yeah, Yuffie and Chaos were going to get along just well.