A day in the Life of me 4


Hi and welcome back to a day in the life of me. This is Juliet here and I am happy that it is the fourth day that you people get to go through of my life.

In first period today I played volley tennis. It's sort of like tennis and volleyball. You play with volleyball but you play on a tennis court.

In second period today I did not play my instrument because I watched a movie. I watched Pay it forward and it's actually a pretty good movie.

In third period today I took a test for the Harriet Tubman story that I was reading. It wasn't hard at all. I thought it was easy.

In fourth period today I did a lab with my friends and poured baking soda and water into lemon juice and it made carbon dioxide. It was pretty cool.

In fifth period today I just watched channel one news and gave some answers to my friend for a crossword puzzle.

In sixth period today I learned to do math and that's it.

I hope you guys review this and please make it a good review and especially you Amelia.