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There were many things about Teresa Lisbon that Patrick Jane found attractive. It had taken some time, but at one point Patrick Jane realized that Lisbon was more than just his insanely gorgeous friend. She was the insanely gorgeous friend that he was madly in love with.

No matter how many times he tried to fight his feelings, they always found their way back. Her smile, her eyes, her laugh...the little snarky comments she threw at him which caused his heart to do that weird flippy thing that he hasn't felt since his late wife. He doesn't really know when he fell in love with her, all he knows is that his life has no meaning without her. The only problem was he had no idea if she felt the same. Sure, he was a mentalist and could read people, but this was different. He has been wrong before, and there could be no room for error here. If he was wrong, then their friendship would never be the same.

He had no idea that the answer to his questions were right in his face.

"Jane, do me a favor and get away from me, or I swear to God I will shoot you."

He watched her walk away, seething in anger all directed towards him and couldn't help but chuckle. It was just one of the many things that he found so damn attractive.

He heard her go into her office and contemplated about going in apologize. He was just about to get off the couch when he heard her office door fling open.

"Jane, get in here."

Knowing that he had already pushed enough of her buttons for the day he got up and walked to her office. When he walked in he saw her sitting at her desk, eyes closed, pinching the bridge of her nose.


"Don't say your sorry or I will throw a stapler at your head." She looked up at him before she spoke again. "Jane, I don't know how many times I have to tell you that your actions do not affect you, they affect me."

Before he could open his mouth to apologize Lisbon held up her hand as a silent gesture to show that she wasn't done.

"I'm treading on thin ice Jane...this job is my life. Without it, I'm nothing. So I hope you understand why I'm doing what I'm about to do." She took a deep breath before she continued, "Jane, I'm suspending you...but only for today. Take the rest of the day off, go home and think about not your career, but my career...please."

With that she left her office before Jane could say anything. He looked out her office windows and watched as she gathered the team and headed out for a case.

He has no idea how long he stayed in her office. He thought about what she said, and knew she was right. He hated knowing that he career depended on him, but it didn't mean that he would change his ways. They close cases quicker, though with more paperwork, when they do things his way. That means that there are less bad guys on the street, all thanks to him.

He was lost in thought when he saw something shine off Lisbon's desk. As he got closer, he discovered it was her ipod touch. He couldn't help but take a look around to see what she listened too. After all, a person's MP3 player was an extension of who they are. You can learn a lot about a person by looking through their ipod.

He scanned through the artists pretty quick, and then moved to look at her playlists. He saw a few that were pretty common, but there was one in particular that caught his attention. It was a playlist named after him. For a moment he just stared at the ipod debating with himself if he wanted to look through it. If she made a playlist about him then it would have songs that reminded her of him. One part of him thought this was a blessing in disguise. Maybe it would have songs that say that she loves him too...but it could also have songs about how much he annoyed her.

Before he could convince himself to chicken out, he scrolled to the first song and clicked play.

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