a/n: I edited the first chapter! Just fixed up a few small things. I'm sorry for the short chapter! I actually have no idea what I'm doing with this fic. I just spontaneously write whatever comes to me.

summary: In which Kirihara uses grade school tactics to win Sakuno over, Eiji has a ramen eating contest with Sakuno, Atobe constantly harassing Sakuno with pickup lines and not much of anything is making sense anymore. — Sakuno-centric, crack

boys meet girl

Sakuno's face instantly turns scarlet as she turns her head to the direction where the voice came from. Standing by the entrance of the ramen restaurant are three Hyotei Regulars. There is one she recognized as the rich diva, Atobe Keigo.

D-Did they watch her as she ate in a disgustingly unladylike manner?

Oh when will this super embarrassing day end? Sakuno mentally cries and hoping the earth would open and swallow her up to escape from the embarrassment.

Atobe however, isn't appalled by Sakuno's 'healthy appetite'. He actually finds it intriguing for such a sweet looking girl as herself to have a bit of a gluttonous trait. It's a lot different from the usual girls that fawn over him and would hardly eat anything but air in his presence.

It certainly wasn't the first time Atobe has seen this girl with two braids, Atobe notices. He remembers her popping in sometime around their rival team, Seigaku. He doesn't recall her name however.

"Hmm…" Atobe rubs his chin, casting his gaze directly at Sakuno while Gakuto is busy bitching Kikumaru out for being weak and said something about his reputation being tarnished if people hear that his rival lost against a girl!

Shishido walks up to the girl that beat out Kikumaru in eating and smiles at her. His type is actually girls with big appetites. "Hey I—" Shishido gets pushed aside by Atobe. "—The hell?" Shishido furrow his brows in confusion.

Sakuno shrinks in Atobe's gaze. Oh god Atobe-san's presence is too strong and intimidating for little Ryuzaki Sakuno to handle. She wishes she can hide behind Ryoma-kun right now. "U-Um, Hello Atobe-san?" She manage to crack a tiny smile.

Atobe's leers are starting to terrify the poor girl. They're like jagged ice stabbing her from all over.

This is strange, Atobe thought wisely. She's not worshipping the ground from which he steps on; she's not in awe by him. "Heh…" The monkey king's lips curve upward into a smirk when he gathered the only logical explanation in his eyes. "Yes, ore-sama gets it now." Shishido gives Atobe a bored look.

"Get what? That you're scaring h—" Shishido's sentence gets cut short by Atobe's magnificent hand clamping over his mouth.

"Silence, Shishido."

Shishido's eye twitch in annoyance and he pry his captain's hand off his mouth.

A rose appear out of nowhere in Atobe's hand and he holds it out to the girl. "Playing hard to get, ahn? Ore-sama accepts your challenge, little miss." Atobe smiles charmingly towards Sakuno.

Heavy silence filled the air.

Is Atobe some kind of idiot?

"HOI HOI ATOBE, SAKUNO-CHAN'S TAKEN, NYA!" Kikumaru brushes Gakuto aside and quickly hugs Sakuno protectively. Atobe stiffens but quickly regain composure. "Heh, I see…It must be hard to remain faithful with ore-sama is already swooning you like this. Ore-sama deeply apologizes." Atobe places a hand on his chest.

"She taken…?" Shishido asks in mild disappointment.

Gakuto's eyes narrow. "By you?" The Hyotei acrobatic asks the Seigaku acrobatic. Kikumaru chokes from Gakuto's words as his face become as red as his hair and he shakes his head vigorously. "N-No! By Ochibi, nya!" The cat wannabe coughs, clearing his throat and squeezes Sakuno in the hug.

"N-Nng S-Senpai…too tight…" Sakuno winces.

"…Oi, oi, Kikumaru I think you're suffocating her…"


Kikumaru quickly loosens his hold on his young kouhai and she goes limp in his arms.

All of the tennis players become panicked, breaking out in cold sweat.

"Water! Get her water!" Gakuto flails.

"Ore-sama will call the paramedics!" Atobe fumbles with his phone, dropping it.

"I killed Ryuzaki-chan!" Kikumaru cries out dramatically.

"You idiots! Calm down!"

"Whoa there's a limo outside, Niou-senpai!"

Niou and Kirihara enter the scene of the restaurant. They stop at their tracks, freezing up when they see havoc unfolding. "Senpai… can we eat somewhere else?" Kirihara takes a step back. "Puri." The corner of Niou's lip curve upward. Oh shit. The trickster is intrigued. "No bratling. This is Jackal's family restaurant so we'll have a discount here," Niou explains and drags Kirihara inside.

"Yo." Niou greets the panicked tennis players and let go of his kouhai. "You should like, give that girl CPR. Ah, Akaya here has saved a few lives with mouth to mouth so he should do it! Puri." Niou lies his ass off, shoving Kirihara towards Sakuno.

Kirihara flushes deeply. "WH-WHAT SENPAI!"

Atobe calms down and ponders. "Niou might be right, but ore-sama should do it. Ore-sama has attended courses for subjects such as CPR."

The Rikkai junior ace glares at Atobe. "N-No I will! You might infect her with something, Atobe-san." Like hell he'd like this narcissist tarnish his precious Ryuzaki-san's lips. …N-Not that he likes Ryuzaki-san or anything!

"Ore-sama is insulted."

While Atobe and Kirihara argue, Kikumaru had already set Sakuno down on the floor. "Forgive me Ryuzaki-chan!" The redhead apologizes with tears threatening to leak from his eyes. "I'll take responsibility for claiming your innocence! " He leans in to give her mouth to mouth. As Kikumaru mouth hovering a single digit near his kouhai's, Sakuno's eyes snap open and she bolts upright, her forehead crashing right into her senpai's!

"ITAI!" Both of the Seigaku students cry out in pain, holding their foreheads.

Sakuno hold in her tears. She won't cry, not with terrifyingly strong tennis players present. "Ow…" Sakuno whimpers in pain. Her forehead stings and feels raw. "A-Ah, Kikumaru-senpai are you alright?" Her senior gave her a nod in response.


The sound of a picture being taken?

"NIOU-SENPAI/NIOU/YOU BASTARD!" The Hyotei regulars along with the Rikkai junior ace shout in unison. A murderous aura emulated from all of them.

Apparently when Sakuno sat upright, her legs where spread enough for the tennis regular to have a full view of her pink girly panties.

'Fortunately' for Sakuno, she was unaware of this.


Atobe-san offered to give her a ride back home after they 'murdered' Niou and erase the picture of Sakuno's panties from his phone but Sakuno politely declined. Kirihara gave her the cold shoulder and immediately left along with his senpai who was now sporting raw bruises.

"Thank you for walking me home, Kikumaru-senpai."

"Nya, I wouldn't want Ryuzaki-chan getting lost again and it's late! A girl shouldn't walk home alone at night."

"Ah… Thank you for protecting me too, senpai."

Thank goodness Sakuno is naïve enough to not know the meaning behind a significant blush, one which Kikumaru Eiji is currently carrying. "H-Hoi…"

"What the hell happened to you? You look like a train wreck Niou."

Niou grins crookedly, unaffected by his injuries. "Check out what I have Bunta." The trickster shows the gluttonous a picture on his phone. He took more than one.

"E-EHHHH? Don't show me that!"

"Why? Do you dislike it? Maybe I should print out multiple copies and plaster them all over your stuff."

Marui frowns at that. If Niou wanted to, the redhead knows he could damage his reputation forever. "I-I don't dislike it… Who is that anyways?"

"Ask Akaya."

Marui doesn't. He's not quite sure he wants to know.

Niou briskly walks away, whistling cheerfully while planning something despicable with his blackmail material. "Puri."