Bleeding Feathers






"Severus Snape get on the train"

Severus glared at his Sub, who glared back unmoving, behind them Lucius, Draco, and Hermione were trying and failing to hide their amusement.

"I'm not getting on the train" Severus growled.

"You are getting on that train, or there will be no more Professor and the Naughty Schoolgirl for you"

A student passing by blushed and scurried on the train.

Severus after hearing said threat grumbled before reluctantly getting on the train, glaring at his other snickering mates and Hermione, behind him Harry grinned before following. The four found an empty Compartment at the back of the train just as they were departing from the station.

"I can't believe I let you talk me into this" Severus grumbled as he sulked in his corner.

"It won't be that bad" Harry reassured, "okay maybe a little" he then amended when he got disbelieving looks from his mates.

"Besides" Hermione added, "you would have ended up having to deal with this eventual, best to get it over with now"

"But still, two weeks with Black"

If Hermione didn't know any better, she'd think that her Potion Professor was whining.

"If it makes you feel any better, I'm sure Black isn't too happy about you staying at his house for Christmas Break either" Lucius said.

Severus just grumbled.

When the train stopped no one moved, Severus who had pulled his Sub onto his lap and held him tightly the closer they got to their destination- nuzzled the young man's hair inhaling the calming scent, whining when he smelt nervousness underneath it all.

"It'll be alright Severus" Harry said, eyes turning to his Dom and Sub-Dom as he said it.

Severus grunted, and tightens his hold, Harry stayed still for a few minutes before unwrapping the arms from around him with another reassuring smile he grabbed his things and headed out, the others behind him.

The moment they got off the train, all five instantly spotted the familiar group of bright red-hair.

"Ready?" Harry asked.

"No" came his answer from all three of his mates.

Hermione gave a nervous look

"Me neither, come on"

All five pushed through the crowd –though not much seeing how the students parted for them, mostly Severus-, stopping only when they got to the small group.


Molly hugged the boy tightly, and Harry hugging back just as tight, when he was let go his hair was ruffled by Remus and he was pulled into a hug by Arthur. Once all the greetings (Ron staying as far as possible) were done all eyes turned to the three Slytherins

Awkward didn't even begin to describe the silence.

"Uh, hello" Arthur said politely.

"Hello" Lucius said, while Severus nodded, Draco following his Alpha's example.

Again more awkward silence.

"Well then" Arthur said clearing his throat nervously, "shall we go then?"



Remember that awkward silence from before? Yeah, it had nothing on the tense that was so thick not even a chainsaw could cut it.

From where he where he sat next to Draco and Hermione, Harry had a feeling there was going to be bloodshed, which was a shame because Mrs. Weasley worked really hard in making dinner (which consisted of the whole Weasley clan expect Percy, Remus, Sirius, Severus, Harry, Hermione, Draco and Lucius) .

"I see your appearance hasn't changed since our last meeting" Severus sneered from across the table, "still look like a mutt who rolled around in week old garbage"

"And I see you went from being big-nosed bat to a pedophile" Sirius said with a sneer of his own.

Severus growled, low and threatening, Harry decided now would be a good time to intervene.

"Alright, enough the both of you" the Savior said moving in-between the two.

"Harry" Sirius started.

"I already know what you're going to say, you're probably going to say that he, Lucius, and Draco are somehow manipulating me, how I shouldn't trust them, that they'll betray me to Voldemort, or I'm too young, which by the way is the worse argument considering that half of all wizard and witches end up with a mate a fifteen "

Harry paused to look over at everyone staring at him, he resisted the urge to squirm, he needed to be strong for this. When his mates agreed to come here, Harry knew there was going to be a lot of problems between his mates and everyone else, he had went to Hermione on advice on how to handle it. The brainy witch had merely said "Just tell them how you feel Harry, make them shut up and pay attention to you for once and not your scar, and if they don't like what you have to say them tell them to shove it up their arses"

Whoever married his friend had better not break her heart or he was going to kill them.

Underneath the table, Hermione grabbed hold of his twitchy hand and squeezed it.

Giving a small thankful smile Harry continued on speaking, "And I have to say I don't care, no listen. I'll be the first one to admit that I didn't like the idea of being the mate to them, wanted nothing to do with them, but….but now I can honestly say I'm happy with them. Unlike my relatives, they care about me, listen to my feelings when I actually talk about them. They take care of me, I trust them and they… make happy"

Harry paused licked his lips and gather his thoughts before speaking again, "And while I know it's probably a lot to ask, but because of that, because of how they make me feel, can that be enough?"

The young wizard looked around the table, Molly was looking down at her plate looking thoughtful, while Fred and George were giving him grins, Bill and Charlie (who he had met when he came into the house and instantly liked) seemed more surprised than anything which made Harry wonder why. Ron was staring wide-eyed at him as though he never seen him before and Harry was sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Ginny (who had stopped talking to him after his fight with Ron) was pushing her peas around.

All three of his mates on the other had looked at him with a mixer of pride, hunger and something else, the young wizard couldn't identify but looked familiar.

"Of course, it's enough" Remus finally said with a small smile.

"As long as they treat you right" Arthur said.

"And if they don't they have to deal with us!" Fred said, getting murmured agreements from his twin and older brothers

All three Katuys did not like the look in any of their eyes.

Harry gave a laugh, heart humming with relief, that relief along with a slightly better mood was soon shattered.

"It's not"

Harry's eyes locked onto his Godfather's.

"It's not" Sirius said again, before standing up and leaving.

Number Twelve Grimmauld Place had the feeling of death about it, which frankly made Harry very nervous.

"Filth! Scum! By-Products of dirt and vileness! Half-breeds, mutants, freaks, begone from this!"

And of course there was portrait of the lovely Mrs. Black, Sirius's mother.



In their room, Lucius sighed and mourned his winter cabin.

"Could be worse" Draco said from where he was looking for his night clothes.

"And how so?"

The Sub-Dom merely glanced over at their silent Sub on the other bed curled up with their Alpha.

"Right" Lucius said, then busied himself with redecorating the room to his taste, because really it has seen better days.

"He took it better than I expected" Severus finally said to Harry, voice soft.

"He hates me now" Harry said softly.

"No he doesn't" Severus quickly reassured, "despite his numerous faults, hating you is not one of them".

Severus wouldn't admit it, actually he rather hated himself a little for it, but the Alpha admired Black for loyalty and passion when it came to the people he cared about, even if that passion sometimes clouded his judgment, and made him do stupid things.

"Why does that sound familiar?" the Potion Master thought.

Harry thought over what his mate said, and decided there must some truth in his words, considering that it came from Severus of all people.

"I'll talk to him tomorrow" Harry finally said.

By then his Godfather would have cooled off.

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