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Bleeding Feathers

Talking to Sirius was easier said than done.

Every time Harry was able to corner the man, Sirius would mumble some kind of excuse and run off, and if his Godfather wasn't' doing that then he was locked up in his room, it was frustrating to the young wizard. To make matters worse there was tension between pretty much everyone and his mates, even more worse than that was animosity between his Alpha and Godfather (when Sirius would actually leave his room).

"I never thought I'd miss the Dursleys so much" Harry said, face stuffed in Hermione's pillow.

Behind her book Hermione gave a small smile.

"Could be worse" she said.

"How? How could this possibly be worse?" Harry moaned.

"The Dursleys could be here"

There was a pause then a shudder.

"Yeah, that's actually worse" Harry finally said removing his face from the pillow.

Hermione giggled as she sat down her book, looking down at her friend curled up next to her she took in the tired eyes, the Brainy-Witch decided that maybe she should push a little.

"Hermione, why are you smiling like that?"

Despite the tension, everyone seem to enjoy putting up decorations, even his mates. Harry even had caught Lucius humming a few Christmas tunes. He was decorating the library when Sirius came walking in. Both wizards stared at each other with wide-eyes, awkward silence fell between. Finally Sirius cleared his throat, he mumbled something under his breath before whirling around on his heels and heading for the door, only for the door to slam shut.

Sirius frowned and tried to open it, bewildered when it didn't, he tried again and again until he finally gave up grumbling about "old doors".

"It's stuck?"

The Animagus looked over at his Godson, and nodded.

"Oh," Harry then watched as the man then took out his wand, several failed spells later Sirius kicked the door in frustration before flopping down in one of the small cushioned sofas.

"I'm guessing we're stuck here then" Harry asked tentatively.

Sirius nodded with a scowl.

"Well" Harry then said cheerfully, trying to uplift his Godfather's mood, "you may as well get what you came in here for"

Sirius gave him a curious look, before understanding dawned on him, "I didn't come in here to get anything" he explained, "Hermione asked her to meet her here because she had some….questions….."

Harry held back a snicker at the look on the other wizard's face when he realized he had been tricked by a fifteen year old.

"Oh, she's good" Sirius finally said.

Harry nodded with a smile, Hermione was the best.

"She is, it's kind of scary" Harry said, "not only that but she throws a mean right hook, ask Draco"

At the mention of the young Slytherin, Sirius's eyes darkened, and his face harden. Harry studied the man he had grown to care about before moving over and sitting down next to him.

"You know" the Savior finally said, "I had practiced what I wanted to say to you should I ever get the chance"

The Animagus said nothing.

"But now that I'm here, I can't even say anything"

Sirius's lips twitched at the pout on his Godson's face, silence then fall between them for what felt like hours until Sirius finally spoke.

"Why them?" he said, "why Severus?"

"Didn't have much of a choice" Harry shrugged, "but I can't say it's a bad thing now, they treat me right and make me happy"

"Happy? With Severus?" the man scoffed.

Harry eyes narrowed, anger bubbling in him for his Alpha, "Yes," he said, voice tight, "I'm happy with Severus, why do you find that so hard to believe?"

"Because it's Severus, you don't know him like I do Harry!"

"I think I know him pretty well"

"No you don't! He's a lair, and traitorous bastard!"

Harry eyes narrowed, and his pushed back his temper that was starting to rise as he listened to his Godfather rant about his Alpha.

"Because he joined Voldemort before the Order?" Harry asked.

Sirius flinched at the name, "It's one of the reasons" he said.

"It's a valid and good one I'll give you that but it hasn't convince me" Harry said, wondering exactly what his Godfather was trying to do.

"He hated James"

"My father wasn't exactly fond of him either from what I heard"

"He told you that?"

"No, Remus did"

"Remus?" asked the man surprised.

"Yes, during the Summer break" here Harry paused and wondered if he should bring up what was a delicate matter to his Alpha before deciding it was for the best that he didn't, "I owled him with questions, he answered back, told me how much you and my dad bullied Severus. He even told how you two sometimes took it too far."


"Grew out of it I know, even saved Severus life once, though that probably wouldn't have had to happen if someone hadn't gotten involve"

Sirius flinched and looked away ashamed, he'll admit that wasn't his finest moment (and many more to come later in years), James and Remus had yelled at him and didn't talk to him for months after. He didn't blame them, especially Remus, he couldn't imagine what his friend would have done if he had killed or turned Severus.

"Did you even apologize for that?" Harry asked.

Sirius shook his head.

"Maybe you should" Harry then suggested.

"Apologize, to Severus?" Sirius thought with a blink of surprise at the suggestion, he then looked over at Harry who was studying him with a tilt of the head, "….You probably hate me now don't you?" he then said.

Harry smiled, "No, I don't hate you, and I don't hate my dad either. Sirius, no one is prefect, Severus had made mistakes in the past just like you, the only difference is that you always had someone. Severus hardly ever did"

Suddenly the door clicked and opened.

"Oh, there you are Sirius and Harry too"

"Hey Hermione"

Both teens were startled when Sirius stood up and hurried out the room.

"Everything okay?" Hermione asked tuning back to her friend.

"Not sure"

Harry didn't think that he would ever enjoy having blood sucked out of his body; in fact he never even considered it. He still remembers the day when his mates took First Blood, he would never forget it, it was also the first time anything sexual had happened between him and his mates.

After the Incident, which they were calling it, the tense air around them disappeared. In its place was this almost awkward dance between the four of them, the type of dance that usually ended in a "hot fiery passion" his Mother teased. Days passed, (and Harry celebrated an interesting birthday) until it was finally August.

One particular cool night had Harry standing nervously in front of his mates' room door, tonight he was to give First Blood and he couldn't calm his nerves. This was a big step, it meant he was engaged to the three Katuys and would eventually be theirs permanently.

Gulping and with shaky hands Harry knocked on the door.

Lucius answered it.

"Good evening Harry" Lucius smiled gently.

Harry was surprised to find himself not only smiling back but calming down at well, that calm leaving when he entered the room and saw the bed, Lucius led the Sub to the bed and sat him on it. Lucius then moved aside for Severus. The Alpha kneeled in front of the teen so he wasn't towering over him.

"You can say no" Severus said, "you don't have to do this if you're not ready"

"N-No" Harry said pausing to lick his bottom lip before continuing, "I want to, I really do"

Severus nodded, the Alpha then looked over at Draco, with a wave of the blonde's wand the lights went out covering them in darkness.

Nervously Harry began unbuttoning his shirt, blushing at the intense and lustfully looks the glowing eyes looking at him (even though having the lights off didn't exactly work it was the thought that counted), once his shirt was off it was taken. The Sub paused for a moment before removing his pants, once naked Harry moved back to the headboard where pillows were perfectly placed for him to lay against.

"I'm ready" Harry said, once he was leaning back against the pillows.

The book and Lucius had told him that during the First Blood, clothing was to be shed, so there were no "borders" between them.

There was pause, the ruffling of clothes then the bed dipped, Harry didn't realize he had frozen until a warm had touched his cheek and he startled.

"It's alright" Severus's voice soothed.

Harry's breathe hitched when lips pressed against the curve of his neck, he gave a surprised gasp when a warm tongue flickered across his skin.

"Oh!" came the surprised gasp from Harry when the same spot that was licked was now sucked on.

Severus rumbled at the taste of his Sub, sucking harder getting a mewl and a slight arch from the body beneath him, with another rumble the Alpha sunk his teeth into the smooth soft flesh.

Harry cried out in pain, Merlin it hurt, instinctively he tried the Alpha away, but the other wouldn't budge.

"S-Severus p-please I—oh!"

Severus purred when he felt the Sub go boneless, and a sharp spike of arousal tickled his sensitive nose, the Alpha hummed in pleasure when warm blood flowed into his mouth, it tasted better then he imagined. Pressing closer to the withering body underneath him Severus curled his hand around the back of the Sub's neck and lifted. With his head hanging back Harry could feel the fangs going deeper, taking more, vaguely was he aware of a hand wrapping his legs one by one around a waist. He was aware of something large and hard rubbing against his own erection.

Soon the room was filled of nothing but breathy moans, whimpers, and slurping.

Sitting at the edge of the bed, Lucius licked and nibbled at a purring Draco's ear, both glowing grey eyes watching the two before them, the scent of their Sub's blood made their mouth water, the sight of their Alpha rolling his hips against their Harry's made them hard.

It seem like hours before their Alpha slipped his fangs out of their panting and dazed Sub who's cock was leaking spent cum, still hard and purring Severus followed the small stream of blood with his tongue, an impatient growl was his only warning before he was being nudge non-to gently off of Harry.

Severus growled but did nothing as his Dom pressed his body close to Harry's and sunk his fangs into the two fresh holes in the Sub's neck.

"O-oh!" Harry gasped.

Lucius purred as the warm blood slipped down his throat, he slipped his fangs out for just a moment getting a needy whine from Harry, growling Lucius attacked the Sub's neck. Blood smeared Harry's skin, fangs nipped as whimpers slipped past the opened mouth while hips pressed down and rolled.

As he got hard again, Harry wrapped his legs around the blonde's waist, eyes rolling in the back of his head when fangs slipped back in.

Back at the foot of the bed Severus had flipped his Sub-Dom onto his front, the blonde's head and upper half had been pinned down to the mattress arse in the air. Draco moaned and gasped as his Alpha pounded into him, hitting the spot that had him seeing sparks and had his nails digging into the sheets.

It was after both laid boneless, Severus's cum leaking out of Draco, that Harry let out a wail, and the scent of the Sub's cum tickled their noses. Purring Lucius slipped his fangs from out of their trembling panting and dazed mate, he licked at the blood that didn't make down his throat. Both Severus and Draco then watched as Lucius long fingers went down and slipped between the round cheeks.

Harry's breathe hitched when a finger pressed against his hole, Lucius licked at panting lips before rolling off the wizard. The moment the older Malfoy was out of the way, the younger took his place hard once again. With no real finesse he slipped his fangs in and began eagerly rolling his hips and cock onto the body underneath him.

Harry made a gurgling noise as his eyes rolled into the back of his head, he felt his prick get hard once again (which should be impossible even for someone his age), vaguely was he aware that the pleasure should have given away to pain, but it was anything but.

The older Katuys chuckled at the Sub-Dom's eagerness, getting hard again at the wrecked sounds their Sub was making. Draco whined when his hips were suddenly grabbed and stilled, purring when the thick cock of his Dom pushed inside of him.

Draco removed his fangs from out his mate, mouth latching onto the bloodied neck, muffling his moans as his Dom thrusts into him.

Harry gasped and threw his head back, mewling when his gasping mouth was licked at by his Alpha's, vision flashing white when he came.


Mouth panting, dazed green eyes looked at his mates who hovered over him, glowing eyes shining with worry. A warm wet towel wiped at his neck and wherever blood and cum was, while a hand gently ran itself through his hair.

"Harry, are you alright?"

Harry stared, slowly his breathing getting under control, all three Katuys glanced at each other.

"I-I'm fine" Harry finally said.

"Are you sure?" Severus asked.

Harry nodded.

Relieved, the three cleaned themselves and settled themselves in the bed, Harry sighing happily when his mates curled up against him.

"Your mind is wondering"

Harry jumped, before glaring over his shoulder at his older mate; Draco gave a teasing smile before joining his Sub on the sofa, mugs of hot chocolate in his hands.

"Thank you" Harry said when a mug was handed to him, grinning at the large amount of whipped cream in his.

"May I ask what you were thinking about?"

"You, Lucius and Severus" Harry answered.

"Good thoughts I hope"

"I will never tell" Harry teased before taking a sip, cream getting all over his upper lip.

Without thought Draco leaned over and licked it away before pulling his mate into a kiss. Harry moaned happily. A noise had them moving apart.

Draco narrowed his eyes at the sight of Ron.

"Hey Ron" Harry said politely.

"Hey" Ron said moving his eyes from Draco to Harry.

"Do….do you want to join us?" Harry asked hesitantly, indicating to the mug of hot chocolate in the red-head's hands.

Harry ignored both Ron and Draco's looks of incredulity, despite all that happened between them Harry wanted Ron to say yes, wanted his best friend back.

"Erm, maybe some other time" Ron said.

Harry frown but nodded and watch the other leave.

"Good riddance" Draco mumbled.



Harry just sighed and sipped at his hot chocolate.

It tasted bitter.

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