Bleeding Feathers

Christmas Eve is when everything exploded, to be honest Harry excepted it, what he wasn't expecting was what ignited the fuse.

"Caught you" Lucius purred as he dragged his Sub into their room.

Harry gave a huff of laughter as he was placed on the large soft bed, it was when his Dom moved to place himself over him that he rolled out the way, grinning when he mate gave a playful growl, soon a small game of chase broke out on the bed until Lucius pinned down the younger man.

"Caught you again" Lucius hummed, nudged Harry's head back so he could nuzzle the exposed neck.

"Now that you have me, what are you going to do?" asked Harry, breath hitched when fangs nipped at his skin.

"I can think of a few things" the Dom purrs and sinks his fangs in.

Harry gasps and arches, eyes glazing over with lust, his legs spread wider for his mate to properly settle, he gives a soft moan when hands go underneath his shirt and caress his skin, he mewls when fingers tug at his nipples. Suddenly the warm press of Lucius's body is gone and there is sharp pain, his hand flies up to his neck and is met with gushing blood, his heart races and he wheezes.


Draco's face suddenly appeared in his vision, the blonde's eyes widen with shock before it's replaced with panic.

"Severus!" he calls before his lips descend upon his sub's neck.

A tongue licks at his blood and wound, when the Dom-Sub let's up the wound was healed.

"Are you alright?" Draco asked.

Harry nods a hand on his neck, it was then that he notices there was yelling and growling, he looks over to the other side of the room. His two older mates were back against the wall, snarling at Molly, the witch had her wand out and pointed at the two Katuys, in between them was Remus and Hermione trying to pacify the three of them.

"Please, everyone calm down" Remus says.

"I will not calm down!" Molly snaps.

Lucius bared his fangs, while Severus hisses at her, both of their hairs were feathered and standing on end, it was when the tip of Molly's wand started to glow does the teen scrambles out the bed and places himself in front of his mates.

"Mrs. Weasley, no!" he says.

"Harry get out of the way" Molly says.

"No, not until you put the wand away"

"Harry, he was hurting you"

"No, he wasn't, he was feeding from me"

"And that makes it better?!"

Mrs. Weasley" says Hermione, "I know it looked bad but it wasn't, Harry was willing"

"And how would we know that?" Molly says, "for all we know they could be controlling him"

"We would do no such thing!" Severus growls.

"And besides the only one who hurt Harry was you"

All eyes turn to the doorway, Sirius stood there arms folded over his chest, peeking behind him were the twins and Ron.

"Sirius?" says Molly confused.

"Do you know what James and I did when we discovered Remus was a Werewolf?" Sirius says as he enters the room, voice calm, "we went to the library and read everything we could find on Werewolves, we educated ourselves, we didn't want to do anything that could hurt him though ignorance or anything else for that matter."

The man places himself in front of his Godson, "If it hadn't been for Draco you could have seriously hurt Harry, Molly, in fact you did"


"First, Katuys are extremely protective of their Subs, anyone who thinks otherwise needs to get their head straight or are just deliberately blind, and second, Katuys feed off their Subs and it doesn't hurt them, right Harry?"

Harry nods, cheeks red.


"Molly" Sirius sighs, "just leave, we'll talk more later"


"You're not making this any better"

Severus took this moment to growl and takes a step forward, Molly flinched, she then looked around her, slowly she lowers her wand. Sirius nods, before looking at everyone else.

"You too" he says, "everyone out"

Everyone shuffles out until it's just Sirius, Harry and his mates, Sirius looks turns around to face his Godson, Harry stares at the man his eyes curious. Sirius gives the teen a small smile, the smile growing when Harry smiles back, the Animagus then looks at Lucius and Draco before locking onto Severus. He stares at the Alpha, the Alpha stares back, the others watch. Finally with what felt like forever, Sirius nods, Severus nods back. Satisfied, Sirius leaves. The moment the door closes his mates are on him, Severus moving his head this way and that looking at his neck, all three of them talking at once.

"Are you alright?" the Alpha says.

"I'm sorry" says Lucius nuzzling the back of his mate's head.

"I can't believe that woman" Draco growls wrapping his arms around Harry's waist.

"I'm fine" Harry reassures, "everything is fine"

"Everything is not fine" Severus snaps, "that—woman could have gotten you killed with her ignorance!"

Both Lucius and Draco growls at the thought, Harry blinks when his mates' hair started to on end again (after having calming when everyone had left earlier), he didn't' really blame them and he himself felt some anger, but mostly over that fact that Mrs. Wesley, an adult didn't even take the time to read up on his mates, while Hermione the moment she was told spent the whole day in the library trying to find something, and because of not having the knowledge the woman had almost killed him when she had spelled Lucius off of him and causing the Dom's fangs to rip open his neck as he was flung to the other side of the room. If it Draco hadn't arrived as quickly as he did, he wasn't sure what the outcome would have been, but it wouldn't have been pretty.

Ignorance is not bliss apparently.

Still he couldn't let his mates stay angry, so with that thought he makes a purr mixed with a shrill like sound, the reaction is instant. His Alpha takes lifts him from his mate's arms and carried to the bed, once he was settled all three descend upon him nuzzling and purring.

Letting his mates comfort him, Harry decides next year he was spending Christmas at his mates' winter cabin.

When he comes downstairs, Mrs. Weasley was nowhere to be found which Severus was thankful for, he still wasn't sure he was able to remain calm around the Witch. He enters the kitchen and stops short at the sight of Sirius and Remus, the Werewolf smiles when he sees him while Sirius just goes back to his tea.

"How's Harry?" Remus asks.

"He's resting now, but he's fine" Severus says as he goes about making a cup of tea.

"That's good, Molly—"

Remus trailed off at the look the Katuy gave him; clearing his throat he sipped his tea, an awkward silence fell between the three of them.

"Remus" Sirius finally said, "can you give us a minute?"

Remus gives him a startled look before slowly nodding and leaving the kitchen.

"Why did you defend us?" Severus asks when the two were alone.

"Mostly because of Harry, and the fact that while I may not like that it's you and the two Malfoys that are his mate, you lot do seem to make him happy. The other reason, well… we, Harry and I talked and he pointed out a few things that made me think, and I—" Sirius sighs as he scratches his head, frustration written on his face, Severus is quiet, waiting for whatever the man had to say.

"About that night I tricked you and nearly got you killed"

Severus tenses, and his eyes narrow.

"I'm sorry"

Severus's eyes widen, shock clear in the normally blank eyes.

"Yeah" Sirius then says nervously, "so um yeah"

The man then flees the room.

Christmas Day is just Harry, his mates, Sirius, and Remus. The Weasley Clan had returned home the night before though not before Molly had apologized to Harry and his mates.

"There was no excuse for what I did" she said, eyes wet with tears, "the moment Albus told me, I should have learned all I could about Katuys instead of just assuming I already knew everything. I am so sorry Harry"

With his mates glaring down at the woman, Harry studies the woman, all kind of thoughts and emotions going through his head before he finally speaks.

"I can't forgive you for what you did because like you said, there is no excuse and to be honest I think another reason is because you don't truly trust my mates and by extension you don't trust me."

Molly flinched and looked as though her heart had been ripped into pieces.

"It doesn't mean I hate you, I never could, but it doesn't mean everything is going to be okay"

Molly had left in tears but said she understood, Ron on the other hand was a surprise all together.

"Merry Christmas"

Harry jumped and looked over at the kitchen entrance where Ron stood, still sleepy-eyed though Harry couldn't blame him seeing as it was five in the morning.

"Merry Christmas" Harry says after getting over being startled, "….hot chocolate?"

Ron pauses for a moment before nodding, Harry takes out another mug, once their drinks were done the two found themselves sitting at the dining room table drinking in silence.

"Ginny is really upset" Ron says softly after just staring down at his drink.

Harry doesn't say anything.

"I think….I think she had this idea about you and her and….well safe to say that's been blown out the window….but I think she'll be okay after a while"

"And you?" Harry asks.

Ron bites his bottom lip, his right hand fingers drumming on the table, "I…I just can't….all these years Malfoy Jr. and Snape have done nothing but make your life miserable and suddenly your cozy with them and Malfoy Senior!"

"I wasn't at first, which I tried to explain to you the first time" Harry says calming down his temper, losing his cool wasn't what he wanted to happen.

Ron winces as he remembers how he had just lost it, shouting and yelling at his friend, calling him a traitor; that, the red-head thinks, probably hurt his friend more so than the yelling and screaming.

"Yeah, not my best moment" Ron them mumbles.

"When I was told that I was their mate, I was so shocked and scared; I needed my best friend and you just….I know you, so I gave you time and space and then what you said in the hallway, you hurt me Ron. You really did, and to be honest I'm not sure I want to even bother with our friendship anymore"

To Harry's surprise, the red-head's lower lip started to tremble and his eyes widened.

"I—" Ron's voice was hoarse, "I—"


Tears started to fall, and Harry slowly got out of his seat and walked over to the other.

Lucius had come in and found Harry hugging the other, the red-heard clinging back.

It was going take time for them to be what they once were perhaps they would be even better, but Harry had a feeling they were going to be okay.

"Merry Christmas!"

Harry is pulled away from his thoughts at the sound of his Godson's jovial voice and smiles, laughing when the man ruffles Draco's hair on his way over to the large tree the others had gather around.

"Time to open presents!" Sirius grins as he reaches from one, yelping when Remus smacks his hands away.

"Guests first" Remus says.

Sirius pouts.

Harry receives at black journal with a cute lion and snake cuddling with each other from Hermione that had him laughing, a new cook book from his Mama and Papa, from his brothers he got organic herbs and spices from Italy, a new knife set (Harry was sure there was a double meaning behind the gift), and some sweets from Sweden. From Remus he got new quills, from Sirius he got his very own Golden Snitch.

From the twins he got some new pranks toys, an owl grooming kit was a surprising gift from Ron, from his mates he got more sweets (Draco), dragon leathered shoes (Severus) and robes (Lucius). After thanking and giving his own gifts they had breakfast, after breakfast Harry spent the rest of the morning cuddled up with his mates by the fireplace (Sirius and Remus had disappeared in the Werewolf's room, something the Boy-Who-Lived refused to look into), before going into the kitchen to start Christmas dinner, pulling everyone else in to help.


Inwardly wondering what he had done in another life to deserve this, Harry turned away from the ham he was seasoning (a mixture of mustard and brown sugar that would give the ham a sweet and tangy flavor) over to where his Godfather and Alpha were, his Alpha had flour all over him glaring down at his Godfather who was picking himself off the floor.

"Erm, sorry?" says Sirius

Severus's eye twitched before calming he picked up at bowl that had the mixture of flour, egg, oil, and butter and dumped it on the man's head.

"You son of a bitch!"

Covered in mix, Sirius stood up grabbed an egg and cracked it open over the Alpha's head.

"Oh dear" Remus says watching with wide-eyes.

They did get dinner done in time, though most of it ended up on them.

After dinner which consisted of just Harry, his mates, Sirius and Remus (Mama, Papa and his brothers wanted to come but Harry said that it was probably best if it was just them), Remus, Lucius and Severus chatted quietly (the eggnog having made the adults very relaxed) Sirius had gone to give Buckbeak his Christmas gift while Draco and Harry disappeared upstairs, whispering quietly to each other. Two hours pass before Remus is wishing them goodnight as they head upstairs.

When they get to their bedroom the door is closed, they never close the door, curious and a little cautious, Severus opens it.

The first thing that greets them is floating candles and the soft scent of evergreen, the second thing that greets them is the bed covered in dark red silk sheets and pillows, the third thing that greets them is their mates on the bed. Both boys were backed up at the headboard lying against. Draco was curled up against their Sub, one leg nudged between the other's leg while an arm was wrapped around the waist. The Dom was grinning and whispering in Harry's ear making him giggle.

The fourth and finally thing that greets them is what their mates were wearing. On Harry's head was a mini top hat, the Sub wore a white fluff trimmed off the shoulder crop top, around his neck was a red scarf , his pleated mini white skirt brushed against the white lace garter that could barely be seen, going lower Severus inwardly whimpers at the sight white stockings that came over the knees.

Draco wore a gingerbread colored off the shoulder top, a matching bubble skirt that did nothing to hide the leg garters that were attached to candy cane stockings, on his hands were gingerbread colored gloves.

"So" Draco purrs when he notices that he and Harry have company, "do you like it?"

Lucius and Severus dumbly nod.

The Sub-Dom then rolls away from Harry and onto his back, plants his feet on the mattress and spreads his legs, revealing gingerbread colored laced panties.

"Then come and enjoy"

The two didn't need to be told twice, clothing is practically ripped off as they stalk towards the bed, they crawl towards their younger mates, eyes dark with lust, growls rumbling from their chests. Draco gives a small squeak when Severus grabs his legs and drags him from the headboard and closer to him, the blonde wiggles his toes before the Alpha takes his big toe in his mouth and sucks; the blonde moans. Next to them Lucius had wasted no time, his hands were gripping the Sub's waist while the Sub's legs were dangling over the Dom's shoulders and his head was underneath Harry's skirt, judging the way he was withering and moaning Lucius was doing very nice things under there.

Severus let's go of the stocking covered toe and kisses the Sub-Dom, fangs nipping at his lips before his tongue is plunging in, Draco whimpers as his mouth his conquered, his breath hitching when hands go underneath his short shirt and rub at his nipples. When Severus pulls back Draco's lips are swollen and red, his face was flushed.

With Lucius and Harry, the Dom was had emerged from Harry's skirt, in between his teeth were the Sub's white lacy panties, Panting Harry blushes when the Dom sits back on his knees grinning devilishly with his panties still between his fanged teeth. Back at their other mates, Draco was sucking on three fingers that had been given to him while his Alpha was nuzzling and nibbling one of the red and white stockings, the blonde whines when the fingers are removed though he's quickly moaning when one of those wet fingers push aside his matching colored lacy panties and slips inside him.

Lucius lets go of his lacey prize as he pushes up his mate's top and wraps his mouth around an harden nipple, his Sub mewls and arches his back, a hand fisting his hair as he licks and sucks the harden bud, it's only when the bud his swollen and red does he switch to the other and giving it the same treatment. Once the bud was as swollen and red as the other one, Lucius slips a finger between the Sub's butt cheeks and found it still wet and open from when he had played with his tongue, he then flips Harry over onto his stomach.

Harry allows himself to be manhandled, until his ass is in the air and his lower half is pressed into the mattress. He gasps when his Dom's cock suddenly shoves into him, Lucius rumbles as he tightens his grips on the Sub's hips and thrusts.

With Draco, the blond arches as his Alpha's pounds into him, his gloved covered nails digging into the Katuy's arms, his stocking covered legs were wrapped around Severus's waist, heel resting on the small of his Alpha's back.

"S-Severus" Draco moans; breathe hitching when his prostate was hit.

Severus grins and moves his hips faster, a sudden cry had him pausing to look over at his other mates, Lucius was pounding into their Sub, his chest practically merged with his back. Harry had cum, and was now making mewling sounds. A whine had him going back to Draco, as an apology he resumed his trusting, covering the moaning and gasping mouth with his own. Vaguely is he aware of Lucius's low growl as the Dom cums.

"A-Alpha—" Draco whines when his moving hips were grabbed and stilled.

Soon the blonde was crying out and cum spilling onto his and his Alpha's stomach, it took all of Severus's willpower not continue thrusting until his spilled into the hot and suddenly tighter heat, Draco gives a soft moan when the Alpha pulls out. He kisses the trembling blonde, biting and nipping at the younger's lips before pulling away and moving over to Harry and Lucius.

The Dom kisses his Alpha before moving to Draco, Severus looks at his panting and trembling Sub, he rolls his mate onto his back, Harry gives a needy whine, the whine turns into a breathy moan when his suddenly entered. The breathy moan turns into gurgles and his eyes roll into the back of his head as his now sensitive prostate is hit with almost brutal thrusts.

Draco sighs as his neck is nips and sucked on, he tugs on long blonde hair, when he gets his Dom's attention he pulls the other into a kiss, Lucius rumbles happily as he explores the inside of his mate's mouth with his tongue. He isn't how sure how long they spent kissing but suddenly he is pulled away.

Severus nips at the Dom's lips before whispering in the blonde's ear, Lucius smiles, moaning softly when wet fingers push into him, Draco watches curious as to what his older mates were up to. The prepare was quick and soon Draco found himself between laying on top of an exhausted Harry, the youngers allowed themselves to be manhandled until Harry's legs were over his shoulders and his cock was being guided into the Sub's wet hole.

Harry's breath hitches at being filled again, vaguely he is aware that he should be feeling some kind of discomfort, but all he felt was pleasure (probably had something to do with being a mate to Katuys), Draco moans when he suddenly filled by Lucius. No sooner as the Dom is settles does Severus move behind Lucius and guides his cock in.

It was a long and wonderful Christmas night.

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