Inspired by 6.05 Live Free or Twihard

Chapter One - Inside Man

I'm on the inside looking out.

Curious, studious…trying to figure out what's expected.

There are times I stumble.

Like when Dean asked when we last shared a beer.

I didn't know the answer; what's right…what he would say.

That's when I'm silent…waiting for a distraction so Dean won't suspect.

I've noticed quizzical looks, side glances…like he knows something's not right, but so far I'm fooling him.

I follow Dean's lead.

When he feels concern, I feign my own.

Where he expects a reaction, I mirror his.

Mimicking his behavior, fulfilling his expectations.

Learning… conforming.

This human body is so complex.

The End


October 2010

All standard disclaimers apply.

So…who is 'this' Sam and what did he do with 'our' Sam?

'Cause I want him back.

But I am loving the mystery and the anticipation.

Where are they taking our Winchesters?