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Chapter Eighteen – Rebirth

I remember panic and then pain.

White light searing through my chest.

Lighting me on fire.

My heart beating so fast… then it slowed…

And then it throbbed.

Memories bombarded me and I knew what I had done.

I saw everything…

My words to Bobby that night assaulting my ears.

Shame and regret overcoming me.

I turned away from Bobby, unable to face him.

And there was Dean.

All I saw was the ever-present worry and then relief.

Hope shining in liquid eyes.

Every emotion I had ever felt for Dean spilled over

And I knew I was finally home.

The End


January 2011

All standard disclaimers apply.

I don't know what I was thinking giving Death the final say in this verse. The Winchesters have never succumbed to death, why let him have the upper hand now? This is Sam's story, so he simply had to have the last word.

I'm posting this before we know how the show handles Sam's return. If the real writers inspire me to add another chapter from their POV, I will, otherwise I believe this verse is complete. I'm not normally a big drabble writer, but I found this endeavor immensely fulfilling and I hope it was also a satisfying journey for the reader. Thanks for tagging along, take care, B.J.