A/N: This story is in multiple parts-it got longer than I originally expected because it contains a lot of important background on Aurora before she met the boys. Lana belongs to PyroQueenofFire, who has some amazing Lana stories up on her page if you want the background information on Lana and her relationship with Dean. She is also writing a story that is all about Aurora and Lana.

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"Ooo, glitter!" Lana squealed, clapping her hands together before picking up the bottle of sparkly purple nail polish. She heard a snort behind her and turned, shooting a glare at Dean. "Look, Ror and I just kicked some major spirit ass. We get to have sparkly girly time now if we want."

"You tell him, Lan," Aurora said with a grin, reaching over to bump Lana's fist with her own before grabbing a bottle of deep scarlet polish.

"Not feeling too sparkly there, Ror?" Dean called, settling back into his pillow and grabbing the TV remote.

"One," Aurora said, ticking the numbers off on her slender fingers, "reds piss off my boss because he thinks they make women look too powerful. Two, I still have a bit of a dark goth phase from my younger years. And three, it matches my underwear."

"Innocent ears!" Dean yelled, covering his own ears, earning a whack to the back of his head from Lana.

"Oh please, no part of you is innocent," Lana muttered.

"Dean getting hit again?" Sam asked matter-of-factly, exiting the bathroom in jeans and a flannel shirt, hair damp.

"Per usual," Aurora said with a laugh, tilting her head up to meet Sam's kiss.

"Sam, she won't stop talking about her underwear," Dean mock-whined, burying his head under his pillow.

"Dean, you love underwear," Lana said, fighting back a laugh. "This is not a well-hidden fact."

"Yeah, but I don't want to hear about Ror's underwear!" Dean's voice came from under the pillow. "I mean, yeah, she's smoking hot, but she's like my sister!"

"Her underwear is really great," Sam said with a wink at Aurora. Before Dean could respond, Aurora's phone rang.

"Oh thank god," Dean muttered. Aurora threw a pillow at Dean, then picked up her phone, pressing it to her ear.

"Hello?" she said, picking up the bottle of polish again. The bottle suddenly dropped from her hands, rolling onto the carpet and under the bed. "Jenna?" The change in Aurora's voice was sudden and serious, and Dean, Lana, and Sam were instantly at her side.

"Jenna, calm down, it-" All the others could make out from the other end of the phone was a woman yelling. "How did you find that out-Ok, no, of course, I-Yeah, I'll be there. I'll be there as soon as I can." There was a pause and then Aurora whispered, "Yeah, JJ, I swear on my tattoo."

The click on the other end was discernable, and Aurora dropped the phone onto the comforter, collapsing back onto the bed, hands over her face. "Baby?" Sam said tentatively, sitting down on the bed and laying a hand on her shoulder. "You ok?"

"As ok as I can be, considering my ex-best friend just called, asking me to come to my high school reunion and find her missing husband." Aurora rolled over, burying her face in Sam's shoulder.

"There's about a hundred things wrong with that sentence," Dean said, perching on the edge of the bed.

"Tell me about it," Aurora said, voice muffled by Sam's t-shirt.

"I didn't know you were having a high school reunion," Lana said, her voice cheerful as she squeezed Aurora's hand. "That could be fun, right?"

"Opposite of fun," Aurora moaned, "very very opposite of fun." Looking closer, Lana was shocked to see tears in her friend's eyes.

"Out," Lana said authoritatively, waving her hands first in the direction of the boys, then the door. "We need girl time. Go…go buy a beer and look at some girl's ass for a few minutes." When the boys hesitated, she softened her tone, offering up a sad smile. "Stand outside the door, loyal boys. I promise we'll be ok in here." Dean nodded, and stood. Sam followed, pausing to lightly kiss Aurora's lips before walking to the door. Sam hesitated at the doorway, but Lana mouthed "She'll be ok" as she gently pulled Aurora's head into her lap, stroking her hair.

The door closed behind them, and Aurora let out a sigh, blinking back her tears. Without saying a word, she pulled down the waistband of her yoga pants, revealing a small BB tattooed on her right hip. "Badass Bitches," she whispered, sitting up, rubbing her fists across her face. "It's what Jenna and I called ourselves. She was JJ and I was Aura, and we were the Badass Bitches. And we…."

Aurora couldn't meet Lana's eyes, staring down at a worn spot on the comforter, picking it apart with her fingernails. "We showed a lot of cleavage, not in a particularly clever way, and we drank a lot of underage alcohol , and we let senior boys grope us in the back of their dads' cars." She raised a hand, stilling Lana's protest. "And I fully realize that all those things aren't exactly rare for high school girls, but they would have been rare for me, if I hadn't been so set on proving to my mother that I wasn't her. I had a lot of shame and self-hatred back then, but I ignored it, because I was so determined not to be my mother's debutante."

"It wasn't even for a good cause," Aurora said softly, swiping a tear away. "Now I wear short skirts because they make me feel sexy, and my boobs catch bad guys." Lana couldn't help laughing, and Aurora joined in for a second, before sobering again. "I just feel like if you guys had met me back then, you wouldn't like me. I didn't like me. Sam sure as hell wouldn't want to be with me. And now I'm going back there, to help the girl who was my partner in crime, who stopped speaking to me when I was determined to get my life back in order after my dad died."

"Trust me, I've had my less than perfect moments too," Lana said with a smile, and when Aurora looked up, Lana grinned. "I know, I know, hard to believe," Lana continued with a laugh, bringing a smile out onto Aurora's face. She leaned over and kissed Aurora's forehead. "There is no way we could love you any less, hon, ok? Isn't that right, Sam and Dean, who are listening at the door?"

The door opened, and Sam and Dean's sheepish faces appeared. "We were worried," Sam quickly explained, striding over to the bed and taking Aurora's hands between his. "I'm sorry, I just…I wanted to know what was wrong."

"It's ok," Aurora assured him, leaning into him as he sat down next to her, putting his arm around her. "I wouldn't want to tell that story more than once." She didn't meet his eyes though, until he placed a gentle finger on her chin and tiled her face towards his.

"You've seen me possessed, hopped up on demon blood, seemingly dead, and you still love me, right?" Sam asked her, a soft smile playing across his lips. Aurora nodded, her gaze meeting Sam's. "Then what in the world makes you think I could love you any less?"

"And you've seen me eat, and you still want to hang out with me," Dean offered up, eyes twinkling, and Aurora laughed, reaching over to squeeze his hand.

"Now I've just got to figure out where Dean and I can get decent pairs of pants," Sam mused, and Aurora looked back at him, startled. "You didn't think we were letting you go alone, did you?"

"Dress shopping!" Lana squealed, clapping her hands together. Dean rolled his eyes, and Aurora laughed.

"And manicures?" Aurora said, wiping the final tear off her cheek. "I need some scarlet nails if I'm going back to high school."