A/N: Sorry this took so long to finish! My muse was not cooperating, but now it's (hopefully) back and I have a lot of ideas for more Aurora stories.

As always, the character of Lana belongs to the amazing Kyla, to whom this story is also dedicated. It is also dedicated to Kat, who kicked my muse's butt until I got this finished.

As the group made their way back towards the party, they suddenly heard terrified screams echoing from the ballroom. Already reaching for the gun strapped to her ankle, Aurora took off running, Lana, Dean, and Sam right next to her.

The scene in the ballroom was pure terror. The DJ lay sprawled across his speakers, neck snapped, blood catching in the crevices of the equipment. The music still played, the beats reverberating hauntingly with the still-flashing strobe lights as the partygoers tried to in vain to flee, slipping in blood and torn-apart bodies.

"What the hell," Dean muttered, eyes quickly taking in the scene before him. A familiar scream suddenly sounded from the corner of the room, and Aurora took off, towards where Jenna was pinned against a wall, frantically trying to fight off a man with his hands curling around her throat.

"Thinking shapeshifters!" Aurora yelled over her shoulder, grabbing onto the man's shoulders and heaving him off Jenna. "Check out the screens!" Glancing up quickly, Sam's eyes fell on two giant television screens hooked up to cameras that were filming the party. Right there on screen was Aurora wrenching a shapeshifter's head around towards the camera, his glowing eyes broadcasting in high definition.

"Silver's in the car!" Lana took off running, her four inch heels not slowing her down at all.

"Move, move!" Dean yelled, herding the partygoers towards the door, carefully watching the screens to make sure no shapeshifters were attempting to sneak out with the crowd.

"You are very lucky my girlfriend's the forgiving kind," Sam growled at Mike, grabbing his arm and not-so-gently throwing him out the door and into the hall with the others. Aurora followed close behind, guarding the rear, firing bullets into the shapeshifters in an attempt to slow them down. Running in the door, Lana tossed a shotgun full of silver to Aurora, who quickly cocked the gun and blasted the nearest shapeshifter.

"Holy shit!" Jenna gasped, stumbling, eyes wide. "Aura, what the hell is going on?"

"Let's just say I have a very different life now," Aurora called back, helping Jenna up with one hand while pumping another bullet out with the other.

"Clearly," Jenna giggled hysterically. Aurora squeezed her hand tightly, painfully, and Jenna shook her head, taking a deep steadying breath as they ran into an abandoned classroom.

"Good call on the science lab," Aurora said to Dean, as he and Sam shoved a table against the door, Aurora and Lana refilling their shotguns and taking posts by the door.

"Ok, so seriously, what the hell is going on?" Jenna asked again, from behind a table Sam had flipped on its side.

"I'm a C.I.A agent who fell in love with a hunter, and not just any hunter, but one who kills things like vampires and ghosts," Aurora finally yelled, slamming her body into the door to crunch a shapeshifter's hand trying to worm its way in. "So whenever I'm not bringing down mobsters or drug cartels, I'm riding around in a kick ass car with my two best friends and my boyfriend, saving people and hunting things."

"You're totally serious," Jenna said slowly, hands shaking where they gripped the table.

"Hence the silver and shotguns and knowing how to save all your asses," Aurora tossed back over her shoulder. As the shapeshifters continued to slam themselves against the door, Aurora hiked up her skirt and slid out a silver knife from a band around her thigh.

"That may be the hottest thing I've ever seen," Mike murmured in awe, and Sam turned, glaring straight through him.

"Shut up, or I will seriously decapitate you," Sam glowered, pulling a sword out of the duffel bag Lana had run in from the car.

"Take this," Aurora said to Jenna, handing her the knife. "If any even sneak a fingernail in here, you chop it off, got it?" Taking a deep breath, and squaring her shoulders, Jenna nodded.

"Stay safe, Aura," she said softly. "Go be one badass bitch."

"Stay safe, JJ," Aurora whispered back, squeezing Jenna's hand tightly. Stepping in front, Sam and Dean exchanged a quick glance with Aurora and Lana, then swung the door open and rushed out into the hall.

"Son of a bitch," Dean growled, firing into the shapeshifter crowd. "Ror, Lanni, go see if you can find the people these shapeshifters stole from. They might still be alive."

"They've got to be," Aurora murmured softly, taking a deep breath before running off with Lana.

"Dark, gross places, dark gross places," Lana chanted as they searched through the school.

"Locker room's right around the corner," Aurora said quickly, picking up the pace. "It's even underground, thanks to someone screwing up the original building plans."

"Perfect," Lana said, right behind Aurora. "And I just said perfect about going into a dark disgusting underground locker room."

Pumping the shotgun once, Aurora pivoted forward, kicking the locker room door down. Muffled panicked sounds came from the back of the room, and as Lana and Aurora carefully hurried in, the sounds grew louder.

There was a row of crying, terrified people, all in evening gowns and suits, gags across their mouths and restraints around their wrists and ankles. Aurora immediately dropped to her knees beside a man in the front row, pulling the gag off and sawing through the knots with the knife Lana tossed her. "Marcus, are you ok?" Aurora asked quickly, meeting his eyes.

"Aura?" Marcus gaped at her, and she nodded once, snapping the ropes around his ankles, and starting in on his wrists. "Jenna, is she-"

"She's fine, worried sick about you, but fine," Aurora assured him, finishing his restraints and moving to the next person. "We've got to get you out of here before the shifters come back. Don't ask, I'll explain later."

"I'll get the rest done," Lana said quickly, nodding towards where those were freed were helping untie the others. "We'll be right behind you."

"You got this, Lanni," Aurora said, pounding her first against Lana's before moving carefully out of the door, shotgun cocked and at the ready. As she canvassed her way down the darkened hallway, she heard Lana begin to usher the others out behind her.

Aurora rounded a corner, and saw a shapeshifter looming over Sam. Taking the shapeshifter's head off with a quick bullet, she hurried forward, scanning for any more of the monsters.

"Thanks babe, we got them all now," Sam said, looping an arm around her waist and pulling her in for a kiss.

"I got to save some lives, so didn't miss all the fun," Aurora bantered back, high-fiving Dean before turning and winking at Lana. "Good thing you didn't send the men to do a woman's job."

"Marcus!" Jenna cried out, running out from the science lab and into Marcus' arms. "You're ok!" Aurora leaned back into Sam's arms, watching Jenna and Marcus with a soft smile on her face.

"You did that," Sam whispered in her ear, lightly kissing her cheek.

"We did that," Aurora said, smile widening as she turned her head to capture Sam's kiss. "I'm actually glad I came back. Even if it was nothing like I expected it would be."

"You got to show everyone just how kick ass you are," Sam whispered into her ear, rocking her gently back and forth.

"And yet they're still going to think of me like I was back then," Aurora sighed softly, tilting her head back to rest against Sam's chest.

"You've always been amazing, Ror." Aurora turned around to protest and Sam lay a tender finger across her lips. "You have. You may not have always been the person you want to be on the outside, but you've always been this amazing person on the inside."

"And thus ends another Lifetime movie," Dean called out with a smirk, earning a smack to the back of the head from Lana. "Hey, I agree with everything Sam said!"

"Yet the sarcasm," Lana said with a good-natured eye roll. "And if you say that its part of your charm, and that it brings all the ladies running, I will leave your ass here, I swear."

"Ror, you kick ass, you know I think that," Dean said sincerely, and Aurora leaned over, kissing his cheek. As she leaned back, she saw Jenna approach.

"Aura-Aurora, thank you so much," she said, still holding onto Marcus' hand tightly. "I owe you so much."

"JJ, you don't owe me anything," Aurora said with a wistful smile, leaning forward to give Jenna a hug. Jenna's body stiffened with surprise, then relaxed, hugging Aurora back. "You were always a good friend to me. Me leaving had nothing to do with you, I want you to know that. I just had to find a different life for myself."

"Maybe I could text you sometime, and you might answer?" Jenna asked, almost shyly, and Aurora nodded.

Aurora, Lana, Dean, and Sam staggered into the hotel room. "No one sit on the beds in their nasty bloody clothes!" Lana called out, flicking on the lights.

"I ruined my dress and I didn't even get to dance," Aurora sighed.

"You did save the lives of pretty much everyone you went to high school with," Dean offered up, and Aurora grinned, nodding her head.

"But that doesn't replace getting to dance," Lana said slowly, a grin spreading across her face. Heading over to one of their laptops, she opened it, clicking through before suddenly "We R Who We R" came blasting through. Lana raised her arms over her head, shaking her hips as she danced across the room towards Aurora. "It's our song Ror! C'mon!"

Aurora burst out laughing, her smile spreading across her whole face as she kicked off her shoes and bounded over to Lana, grabbing her hands and spinning her across the room. They jumped up on the bed, bouncing along to the beats of the song.

"We are with absolute crazy women," Dean said with a sigh, leaning back against the wall. He caught Lana's eye and winked. "But I wouldn't have it any other way."