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Previously on Gargoyles: Puck is telling a story to Alex and his two mean friends, Morgan and Shane. In the story, baby Alex shrank some teenagers down to size. All but one of them died in terrible accidents.

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Rating: T for language, gore, scary situations

Summary: A Halloween tale from Castle Wyvern. Alex exacts some revenge, Lex loses some guests, and Brooklyn gets spooked. 89% crack. COMPLETE!

Notes: Takes place in the cartoon universe, post-Goliath Chronicles.


By probablyquantum

Chapter 6: The Moral of the Story

"And Margaret is still roughly the size of an ant to this day," Puck concluded, his arms held aloft in triumph. "She lives in a small cricket cage in Alex's room and eats rather well, all things considered."

Morgan Shane snorted. "That's a dumb story."

Puck crossed his arms over his chest. "And what, pray tell, is the matter with my story?"

"It's ridiculous. It couldn't have happened that way because if people found out that it was Margaret and not a bug, then Owen would have made him change her back to the right size."

"It's funny how you're okay with the magical shrinking and levitation, but you seize on that detail to say that it's unrealistic. Maybe Owen is just sadistic and didn't want Alex to change her back. Did you ever think of that?"

Johnny Palsgraff shook his head. "No, Owen seems a lot nicer than you are."

Puck rolled his eyes. "You have no idea. Anyway, I—I mean, Owen did eventually figure out what happened. So they called me in, and that's how I found out. But Owen had recently taken away Alex's favorite blankie—"

"Oh. My. God." Alex hid his face in his hands. Puck could be so embarrassing sometimes.

"—Shush, child, it was your favorite and he took it away because you used it as a flying carpet, which is a very dangerous and foolish thing to do and nearly gave your poor mother a heart attack. Anyway, Owen and Alex weren't seeing eye to eye, and Alex was feeling insubordinate, and he refused to change her back for a long time. Months, even.

"He eventually came around, but by that time Margaret's parents had moved on and were used to the idea of their daughter dying in some mysterious Quarryman plot, and Margaret told us that she'd rather just stay bug-sized because of some boring human emotional trauma or whatnot. We compromised and now she's at least big enough to at least not look like a bug to the naked eye. No accidental deaths have happened since, we're proud to say."

Morgan and John exchanged wide-eyed glances. Alex looked unimpressed. "Bull," Morgan decided, standing up. "Thanks for the story, but I don't believe it for a second, and it was weird besides."

"But you can't leave before you tell me the moral of the story!" Puck flashed his best cat-who-ate-the-canary grin.

Morgan shrugged. "Don't hang out here because weird shit happens?"

"Oh no," Puck said. His grin turned nasty. "The moral is, 'Don't piss off Alexander Xanatos.'"

"That only works if I believe the story," Morgan sniffed. "Come on, John. Alex."

The three boys stood up, but then they realized that they hadn't decided what to do next: the haunted house or something Alex wanted to do.

John cleared his throat. "You know, Alex, you're right. Haunted houses are kinda lame. Want to play X-Box?"

"Yeah," Morgan added, suddenly eager to seem agreeable. "We can play anything you want. Okay?"

Alex put a finger to his chin as he thought. "I think I would rather play house. You can be the mom and Johnny can be the daughter."

Puck raised his eyebrows. Alex certainly had a vicious streak.

Morgan turned red and looked like he wanted nothing more than to punch Alex in the face. "Okay. That sounds good, doesn't it, Johnny?"

"Uh. Can I be a son instead?"

"Only if you're good. Then we can talk pre-op hormone therapy options." Alex looked pleased with his devious plan.

John obviously had no idea what that meant, but he nodded his head anyway.

Puck changed back to Owen after the boys had left. He had done a damn good job teaching that boy. Feeling proud, he wandered to Alex's room where he saw Morgan serving an imaginary steak to Alex and spoon-feeding Johnny imaginary peas-and-carrots-flavored baby food. Very vicious.

Alex took a Hershey's kiss from his bag of Halloween candy and unwrapped it while he watched Morgan and John nervously following his instructions. He leaned over to a small, blue cricket cage and dropped the candy inside.

The door to a tiny, hand-made doll-house opened.

"Happy Halloween, Margaret," Alex whispered. A tiny, slightly-bigger-than-an-ant Margaret waved back.

Humans really were wonderful creatures, Puck decided, if only for sheer entertainment value.

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