16 and Pregnant



"You know I will." Bella says softly. I wait till she gets into her house before I drive home. I shower and I go to bed, smiling that I got the girl of my dreams and I will do whatever it takes to keep her mine, I will protect her from anything and anyone.


I can't believe how fast this weekend went, and its already Monday, which means bitch, slutty cheerleaders. I bite my bottom lip as I stare up at my ceiling a little longer before I get up and shower, then wanting to look good for Edward, my now boyfriend, I giggle softly at that term, I choose an off the shoulder blue top, that hugs my curves, and denim skinny jeans and my black ballet flats, I brush my hair. I go downstairs to get my usual granola bar, and I grab my bag before going outside, I stop in my tracks when I see Edward leaning against my old red truck.

"Good morning girlfriend." Edward grins at me, I blush slightly, but I smile back.

"Good morning boyfriend, not that I'm complaining, but what are you doing here?" I ask walking over to him.

"I need a reason to pick up my beautiful girlfriend to take her to school with me?" Edward frowns lightly.

"Nope no reason." I smile, kissing his cheek. Edward rolls his eyes, before pressing his lips against mine, kissing me as deep as he can, when he pulls away, I'm seeing stars and I'm glad he has a good hold on me, or I'd turn to a puddle near his feet.

"Breathe." Edward whispers in my ear, I look at him before I start to breath again. He grins at me, before taking my back, and my hand and walking over to his car. Tossing my bag with his in the backseat, then opening the passenger door for me, I smile at him before getting in and putting my seatbelt on.

The drive to school seemed fast, maybe it was because Edward was driving way above the speed limit, it's a wonder he never gotten a ticket before. He smoothly pulls into a parking spot between a monster truck, probably Emmett's, and Alice's little yellow car.


I turn my car off and I lean over kissing Bella softly, before getting out, grabbing our bags, then going to help her out. We walk into the school, and almost everyone quieted down to look at us, then zooming into us holding hands. I gently tug Bella's hand, and we go to her locker where Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett are waiting.

"Bella, you should hear the rumor they spread about you already." Alice says softly looking at us.

"What rumor?" I growl softly.

"People are saying that Bella paid you to go out with her, to make her popular." Rosalie says softly. "Someone seen you together over the weekend, and texted the whole school."

"Do you know who it was?" Bella asked softly.

"Jessica Stanley and her cousin Victoria Stanley." Alice says. "They then texted everyone they know, and so on and so fourth."

"Does Tanya know?" I ask softly, thinking of my other cousins. They used to go to this school but they moved away to Alaska since there dad got another, better paying job. They still keep in contact with some friends, they were never friends with the Stanley cousins, thank goodness, they saw right pass there bitchiness.

"Tanya texted me just before you arrived, and I told her everything." Emmett says softly. I nod before pulling Bella against me, kissing her forehead softly.


Morning classes went by so slow, that I was thankful for lunch, that little granola bar for breakfast didn't really keep me satisfied long enough, I'm the first in the cafeteria and sitting at the table waiting for the others to arrive.

"He doesn't deserves someone like you." an annoying female voice says, I look up to see the Stanley cousins standing near the table, wearing too slutty clothes. I roll my eyes, looking at them.

"If your talking about Edward, then it is I who doesn't deserves him or his love." I say softly.

"He will break up with you when he gets tired." Victoria says.

"That is complete and total lie." Edward says standing behind them. Both girls turn around, and each put there hand on his arms, I scowl slightly looking away. "Bella was made for me, she makes me happy, now if you two sluts don't mind, we'd like to sit down for lunch." he says before sitting next to me, the others push them aside and sits down, Jasper and Emmett carrying a tray of food.

"Please leave, we don't need to see you while we eat." Rosalie says glaring at the Stanley cousins, both of them glare before walking away. I grin at her, she always takes care of them.

"Everyone is staring." Jasper says softly. My eyes widen and I jump when Edward slams his hand on the table, I let out a startled squeak when he pulls me to stand, and he moves to the middle of the floor so everyone can see.

"Excuse me, can everyone please look over here now." Edward says, I tug at his hand trying to free mine, but he tights his grip lightly. "Bella Swan is my girlfriend, and I love her! I would really like if all of you will leave us alone!" he says, before pulling me against him and kisses me in front of the entire high school cafeteria, I can hear our friends cheering loudly, and some people clapping, and other girls sobbing. I smile against his lips, before returning kiss.

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