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Luna's POV

My eyes took in the house before me, a house that Leah had bought for us to live in. It was a good size, had two floors, not including the basement. (Ew, basements are creepy). Leah looked pretty proud of herself and I was just glad she had accepted my demand to help with payments, given how independent she liked to be. She stood looking things over as I sat, Indian-Fashion on a large box of my stuff. Jacob had just decided to show Noah some trails this morning and would end up showing up to help us move with Seth and the two wolves I hadn't met, that were apart of our pack.

Embry Call and Quil Ateara. I wondered what they were like and I swear, if I imprinted on them, I might have the mind to go running back South. Well, not that drastic but you get my point. I might not imprint on Quil, seeing as he already had an imprint, as Seth told me, but Embry...was fair game. He could still imprint.

"Alright! We're here!" I turned my head and saw Jake walking up with Seth and Noah. Two massive males followed behind them, both good-looking, which wasn't surprising for tall, muscle-man shapeshifters. Damn hotness.

"Yay! Seth! Noah!" I cheered and then instantly changed my tone to disgusted. "Ew. Jacob."

Jacob glared. I'd known the guy for less than a week and while he'd proven to be friendly and totally different from Rafael, he also happened to be amusing to irritate. So far, he hadn't retaliated to any of my badgering, but I wondered how far I could go before he either cracked or actually became pissed off. We'd see, considering I hadn't stopped yet. I had to know what kind of guy he was and seeing how he reacted to endless pestering, would tell me that exactly.

Seth grinned cheerfully as Noah wrapped his arms around Leah.

"Hey, Lulu," Seth greeted. He'd already fallen into calling me 'Lulu', like Noah and Leah. He was fun to hang out with and a real sweetheart. "This is Embry and Quil."

I leaned to look at them closely...nothing. No imprinting. Neither reacted to me either. They both stared at me though, both a little disturbed by my staring most likely. I smiled my sweetest smile.

"Hi, it's very nice to meet you guys," I told them and they finally smiled back.

"You, too," Quil offered happily. "This is cool, Leah. You aren't the only girl who can be a wolf."

"Nope," Leah replied. "We are just rare." I smiled softly. She loved saying that, because it really didn't mean that she wasn't the only one, as she thought for so long. "Alright, guys, let's get a move on. I wanna get this stuff in before it rains."

Looking up, I only saw sun but Leah informed me that could change pretty fast in this area. It was a lot different than the desert. Our Reservation was dry a lot but this place, was damp and green...really green. I loved it here though. There was no Rafael to worry about, no sadistic pack and no Jerome. I would miss Trevor though. He was always nice to me. I could only hope he was okay for now.

"Sure thing, Leah," Jacob sighed, walking up to my box. "Get off, Shorty. I need to take this box in."

"My box," I snubbed him. "I shall take it in when I'm ready, Jakers."

"Oh, please! It's bigger than you," he retorted and then he frowned. "What did you just call me?"

"Jakers!" I grinned, throwing my arms up happily and he scowled as Embry, Quil, Seth and even Noah, snickered.

"My name is Jacob, not 'Jakers'," he stated and then with a massive pair of hands, he lifted me off the box and put me down on the grass, so he could take the thing in. As he picked up the box, he scoffed. "I can't believe how small you are. I can't put someone like you out to fight vampires."

"Oi! I'm stronger than I look, Jakers!" I barked after him. Noah ruffled my hair and then grabbed boxes as well.

"Play nicely with the new Alpha, Luna," he told me. "We want to make a good impression."

I only giggled and began helping out, too, by grabbing some more boxes.

I was so ecstatic to be here, knowing it was a new start for Noah and I. Watching Jacob move a few things, I could only hope he didn't turn out to be another Rafael but then again, Leah trusted him. If Leah trusted him, that means I wouldn't have to worry about a single thing. Leah wouldn't let anything hurt me. Neither would Noah.

I ended up in my new room, situating stuff and reaching for things in the big box Jacob had brought in earlier. I carefully put a box of old photo albums in my closet and then found some of my favorite books at the bottom. I was glad Noah had arranged for some of our more personal and favorite stuff to be transported from California because if I had to abandon all of it, I wasn't going to be happy about it. I knew I would have to replace a lot of my things though.

"Alright," Jacob walked in, with two more boxes. "Here's the last of your stuff, kid. These are pretty light."

"Awesome!" I grabbed them and dumped them on my bed.

"Holy shit," he breathed and I blushed this time.

A collection of stuffed animals. It was a weakness of mine and I'd always adored the feel of a huggable plush. Most people were a bit disturbed by how many there were but it wasn't like I went out and bought them all at once. I'd been saving all of them over the course of my entire life. That's what? Nineteen years? You have time to gather a lot of stuff in that amount of time.

Jacob picked up a wolf one, holding it away from him as if it were going to bite him.

"What is the hell is this? An army?" he demanded. I smiled cutely as I held up a stuffed penguin.

"Troops assemble!" I declared and he raised his eyebrows.

"You...are a weird little girl," he commented and headed for the door.

"Oh, yeah! Well, you smell!" I threw one of my little fluffy toys at his head and as it hit, it squeaked loudly. I snorted and covered my mouth before I started roaring in laughter. Slowly, Jake turned his head and glared at the offending toy. He slowly picked it up, smirked at me and threw it back. I was so shocked that he retaliated that I forgot to dodge it, allowing it to hit me smack in the forehead with yet another loud squeak.

Jacob's lips twitched and he grinned widely.

"Bring it on, fuzz ball," he challenged but I was astonished.

If I had done that to Rafael, he'd have bitched at me and probably would have gotten violent. Jake only smiled and threw it back for revenge, obviously finding my speechless expression entertaining. Leah, was right, he was nothing like Rafael...he wasn't going to hurt us. This guy would care about what happened to us, he would worry about us, joke with us...Jacob Black was an alpha worth following.

Leah walked in at that point, Noah slightly behind her, both looking wary and curious.

"Are you two getting along in here?" Leah asked, hands on her hips, looking from Jacob to me. She was well aware of how easily I could get on a person's nerves if I wanted and was probably concerned that I'd managed to get Jake to crack.

"Yup!" I chirped. "Sister, Jakers is the best Alpha ever!" I glomped him, planted a big kiss on his cheek, laughed at his surprised face and scurried downstairs.

"My name's Jacob, you little brat!" I heard him shout and I laughed even harder.

He'd have to get used to 'Jakers' because it was sticking, whether he liked it or not.

I hopped down the last two steps, hearing Embry and Quil talking to someone and looking up, I spotted two new people. Not wolves. Humans, old men. I cocked my head, observing the first male quietly, sitting in a wheelchair and the other standing next to him. Both looked Native American and both gazed back at me in pure awe. Jacob, Leah and Noah came down and Seth appeared out of the kitchen.

"I see now that Jacob and Sue were telling the truth," the man in the wheelchair said. "New wolves and one is female. Leah, I'm extremely happy that you've found others. Noah, Luna, I'm Billy Black and this is Old Quil. We wanted to come verify that you two were real and if so, welcome you to La Push."

"It's nice to meet you," Noah offered in a friendly tone, shaking their hands and I glanced from Billy to Jacob. His father...his family obviously accepted his being a shapeshifter...why hadn't mine?

No time to worry about that though. I took the hand Billy offered me and he still seemed amazed.

"May I ask how many were in your pack?" he asked hopefully.

"Well, including us," I smiled. "Nine. There are other packs, too. All over the world."

"Incredible," Billy breathed and Old Quil looked proud.

They immediately began asking us questions about our old pack, about the other packs, and whatever else they could think of that involved, us Shapeshifters, trying to get as much information as possible. They were also very intent on making us feel welcome. Billy went on ahead to tell Jake to bring us over for dinner any time. He didn't want us to be strangers, we were family now and we would be treated as such.

I inclined my head slightly, watching the old men and my new pack, as Billy and Old Quil continued to talk to Jacob and Leah.

This was so much different from my old pack. It was so weird. I wasn't being put down, Noah wasn't constantly guarding my side and Leah wasn't as tense as she was down South, as if she were always waiting to defend Noah and I from our old pack mates. Glancing at Noah, I saw him doing the same thing I was. Looking at everyone, seemingly surprised yet pleasantly delighted. He turned to me and he gently kissed my head, smiling widely.

"I think I'm gonna like it here, kid," he said.

"I think I am, too," I grinned.

We had a new family now...and we were home.

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