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Luna's POV

Something was shaking my shoulder and I pushed it away unhappily as I turned over to sleep again. I heard an exasperated sound before the shaking continued. What the hell? Couldn't anyone take a nap on a couch in peace these days? I opened my eyes blearily and saw the one and only Jacob Black leaning over me with a cranky look on his face. Man, he was always cranky. He needed to lighten up.

"What do you want?" I grumbled.

"I need to show you the trails," he informed me.

"Show me them on another day," I answered. "I'm sleeping."

"It needs to be now," he replied. "I need to go see Renesmee today."

"Who?" I grumbled. Where was Leah? She needed to chase him away. People need to know not to disturb my naps.

"My imprint."

"Oh, I forgot," I said, muffled into the throw pillow by me. "You're one of the Zombie Imprinters. That's so gay."

"That's it," he snarled and I felt the couch go down slightly as he stepped onto it. I ignored him, figuring he was doing stuff...that Jacob people do. However, when I felt feet on my side, I whined.

"Ew! Grody! Get your nasty toes off of me!" I slapped at his legs.

"Luna. Wake up," he said before shoving me off the couch.

I landed with a thud and shot up in fury.

"You turd!"

"Go phase," he ordered. "Now."

"You suck at life," I stood up and stomped to the bathroom, stripping and coming out as a wolf. As soon as I appeared, he looked curious. This was the first time he'd seen me as a wolf. I knew I didn't look particularly dangerous. One of my ears flopped over and my fur was kind of poofy, making me the kind of wolf little kids wanted to hug than run away from. He nodded and opened the door for me, following me outside and into the forest.

If I was lucky, I'd be done quickly and able to continue my little coma. I am lazy and I am proud. I shivered as I felt Jacob enter his wolf form and turned my head as he walked out from the nearby bushes.

'Can we speed things up?' I yawned. 'I'm still tired.'

'I will take my sweet time, thank you,' he sneered. I smirked.

'I thought you had to hurry to your precious imprint,' I teased.

'Shut up,' he rolled his eyes.

Jacob Black had adjusted quickly to my rather abnormal behavior and had learned to quickly react to my unpredictable personality. I think I amused him most of the time, especially when it wasn't directed at him. I had bickered just the day before with Quil and he'd sat back watching the scene with a grin on his face. He had laughed hard, too, when Quil ended up dumbstruck by one of my comebacks.

I listened attentively as he explained the trails to me and stayed close behind him as he ran them. He told me how I should react when a vampire attacked and what to do if a wolf was injured. All in all, it appeared these Quileute Wolves had a good plan for emergencies and they had a good pack structure. I'd gotten a peek into Jake's head and was able to see how they moved as a pack. I burned it into my memory, knowing I would have to follow that two. They certainly moved much better than Rafael's pack.

'Alright,' Jake sighed as we returned to the forest by the houses. 'You can remember that right?'

'Yep,' I yawned. 'I plan on going back to bed now, Alpha Bossy-pants.'

'Yes,' he agreed. 'The puppy needs her naps. If you want, we can play fetch later. After all, you do look more like someones' pet than a vampire hunter.'

Now, I knew I looked like someone's pet and sometimes I hated it. But at the moment, I knew I could really put it to good use. Hooray for sudden fun plans!

'Hey...Jakers...' I whispered, voice full of mischief.

'What?' he sounded alarmed now, knowing I was up to something.

'Pet dogs really like chasing cars and barking at people, don't they?' I said.

'Luna!' he yelled as I ran out of the bushes. I spotted a parked police car in front of Billy's place and saw a man stepping out of it in complete officer-get up. I barked loudly, ignoring the feeling of Jacob phasing into a human form. The police officer turned, watching me warily as I barked at him. I wagged my tail, letting him know I wasn't aggressive. I didn't need a gun in my face after all.

"Easy," he held up his hands in a calm way and Jacob stumbled out of the forest, grabbing the scruff of my neck hurriedly.

"Bad dog! Very bad dog!" he scolded. "Sorry, Charlie. She hasn't gone to obedience school." I grunted and glanced up at him. Jackass.

"You guys got a dog?" the officer looked curious.

"Actually, just watching her for a friend," Jacob said nervously and Charlie chuckled, his hands finding my ears and I then realized...why dogs loved being scratched behind the ears. It was...heaven.

"I guess you would get along with dogs, Jake," Charlie commented and he sounded uncomfortable. "Given what you are." Jacob grinned and I cocked my head. This dude knew? Who was he? "I'm here to see Billy. He in?"

"He should be," Jacob confirmed. "I gotta go. See ya and sorry about the dog."

"No worries, Jake."

The officer walked into the house and Jacob scowled down at me.

"I can't believe you just did that, you idiot," he hissed.

'Dude,' I thought. 'You were so asking me to.'

"I hope you enjoy patrolling," he commented. "Because you'll be getting a lot of shifts this week."

I grimaced but snickered. It was a lot of fun none the less.

That evening, the pack had gathered at Quil's to hang out and have dinner. I chowed down happily and grunted as Jacob mentioned how I ran out in wolf form and got Charlie to believe I was a dog. He glanced at me.

"You're turning out to be nothing but trouble," he muttered.

"Trouble's my middle name," I replied.

"Actually, it's Teagan," Leah smirked and I snubbed her.

"You ruin all my fun, sister," I complained. "You're such an adult."

"Too bad you aren't," Jacob said and then continued talking to Quil.

No. I didn't approve of growing up and while I could act like an adult, I had way too much fun holding onto the entertaining things in life. Besides, I needed a bit more revenge for him waking me up from my nap. I ducked down under the table and slipped into the kitchen, easily getting out of a window and rolling behind a bush, spy-style. I spotted Jake's house before long and glared at the window of his room that was a bit higher than need be. I could climb the tree and swing in like a ninja but the window wasn't open.

"Luna?" I stiffened and whirled to see Embry. "What are you doing?"

"Shhh!" I tackled him, straddling him and covering his mouth. "I'm on a mission."

He peeled my hand away and raised his eyebrows.

"A mission which I'm sure means you're about to annoy Jake," he sounded disapproving. "This is a bad idea."

"Oh, shush," I waved him off. "Hey, why don't you give me a hand?"

"No way!" he refused. "I'm not about to piss of Jake!" I looked down at him on the ground and smiled grimly. Maybe he was afraid of Jake's temper...but he needed to be more afraid of my retaliations.

"Embry," I said with a sugary-sweet voice and he paled. "Ever since I came here, you've avoided being a victim of my pranks. I'll say this now...I am not above making you a direct target." He groaned.

"Fine," he sounded defeated. I cheered and hopped off him.

"Boost me up to his window," I told him. "I'll do the dirty work and you can pretend you had no hand in it."

"Whatever," he grumbled, bending down so I could get on his shoulders.

Embry was just as tall as Jake and I was pleased to see that his height got me right to the rather high window. I began pushing the window open, grimacing as my ears heard Billy down the hall with Old Quil and by the sounds of it, the police dude from earlier. I wondered if he would arrest us for breaking and entering. Technically, I wasn't breaking anything. I climbed over the window sill quietly and looked down at Embry.

"Wait for me," I told him and he rolled his eyes, taking refuge in the shadow of a massive tree. I turned to the room and wondered what damage could I do. I saw the bed and was surprised to see it was made. I was willing to bet Jake's sister did house work and made his bed for him. It helped since I had an awesome plan. I removed the comforter and quickly folded the sheets in half. I then remade the bed as if it had been untouched. I used one of Jake's sweatshirts to cover up my scent for the most part and froze when I heard someone coming down the hall.

Shit! I dove under the bed and hid behind the sham, unwilling to be caught mid-prank. I saw wheels.

"Something wrong, Billy?" I heard the cop.

"No," Billy sighed. "I thought I heard Jacob. He should be at Quil's right now." Charlie came in and I saw him look out the window. Please, Embry! Hide!

"No one's here," Charlie shrugged. "Come on. You've probably had one too many."

"I'm not that much of a lightweight," Billy laughed as they left. I waited until I heard them in the living room before crawling out and letting out the breath I'd been holding. I fell out the window, landing on my butt and hurried for the shadows Embry peeked out from behind the tree.

"That was way too close," he hissed.

"Oh, chill out, my friend," I smirked. "Now, we get to watch the finish of our prank."

"As far as I'm concerned, I had nothing to do with it," he snorted. "But I shall enjoy the results." I giggled and drug him to a nearby tree, which we climbed up and waited in.

It had a perfect view of Jake's window and well, a perfect view of our work, well, my work, according to Embry. As we waited, we had a completely pointless conversation about whatever came to mind. It was useful in passing the time.

"I can't believe you did what you just did," Embry groaned.

"I like thinking outside the box," I shrugged. "As well as acting outside of the box."

"You act like a freaking crazy person," he muttered. "Aliens must have switched you out as a baby or something, because no normal person does shit like this."

"There are so people who do stuff like this," I protested. "They are a very rare kind of people and they go by...'The Awesome'. Besides, aliens don't exist."

"Maybe not," he sighed. "But if they did, I'd be dying to hear what you would say if they landed here on Earth to take you to their home planet."

"Eat my shorts, ET," I grinned and Embry chuckled. "Oh! Look! Jakers is home!"

"Shut up! You'll let him know we're here," he growled.

Jacob Black came up the road and went straight into the house tiredly. My watch said it was about midnight and it didn't surprise me to see him in his room about fifteen minutes later, taking off his shirt and his pants, leaving him in only a pair of blue boxers. By now, Embry was leaning forward, looking interested to see what would happen. Jacob climbed into bed slowly and the confusion became apparent on our face. Embry and I stifled out laughter as Jake tried to figure out why his feet wouldn't go down all the way. He stared at his blankets in pure puzzlement and I pounded my fist on the bark when he tried to push his feet down hard but to no avail. As soon as he grunted in irritation, I knew he had given in and was too tired to care for now. He turned off his light and got as comfortable as he could.

Embry and I climbed out of the tree and decided we'd find out the rest in the morning.

When morning came, I made myself a bowl of cereal and chowed down happily as Leah ate her own breakfast next to me. Embry was there with Noah watching TV, waiting for Quil who would be coming to play video games while Jake and Seth went to visit the Cullens. Seth sat on the extra chair, reading something in the paper. The only ones not here were Quil and Jake. I finished up quickly and noticed Jacob walk in as I put my bowl in the sink. I almost started laughing right there but held back before I gave myself away.

He looked cranky, real cranky. His hair was a mess and he had dark circles under his eyes.

"Whoa, dude," Seth looked up. "You look tired."

"Yeah," I agreed. "How did you sleep last night?" Embry said nothing but I saw the corners of his lips twitching.

"Horrible!" he complained, sitting down heavily on the couch. "It's the weirdest thing! My sheets were really high up or something. I slept like a taco all night."

"Wow," I continued. "That's a real bummer."

Jake's hand paused as he was rubbing his face and he looked at me between his fingers. Oops. He knew now but that was okay. I liked taking credit for my work, it made it all the more fun. His eye twitched and he stood up very slowly.

"Luna," he said in a deathly calm voice. "What did you do?"

"There's this thing," I began. "Called short-sheeting..."

"You little brat!" he roared and lunged.

I squealed and ran out the door, knowing full well his pissed-off ass was behind me. This was so epic.

Quil's POV

As I came down the street, I yawned. I had promised to meet up with Noah and Embry today for some video games fairly early since Seth and Jake were going to the Cullens'. I frowned though, as I heard shouting and snarls coming from the nearby woods. A minor detour wouldn't hurt and it was probably just Sam's pack getting into a tiff about something stupid.

Turning a sharp corner into the forest, I saw the large clearing the pack often came through when shifting or going on patrol. On the edge was a massive tree with branches perfect for climbing and I stopped short, shocked at what I saw.

Luna was clutching to one of the branches like a monkey, her hair a mess from a good-night's sleep and her pajama bottoms covered with dancing bunnies. Jacob was on the ground, looking exhausted, yelling several colorful expletives at her and demanding she come down immediately. He was either being stupid or lazy, if he didn't just climb up the tree after her.

Luna screeched back at him indistinctly and I opened my mouth to ask what was going on.

But when Luna threw her flip-flop at Jake's head and it hit him with a loud smack, I decided...I really didn't want to know.

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