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Jacob's POV

Sometimes, sitting in Leah's kitchen was relaxing. She usually had way more good stocked up than any of the rest of us. Looking up, I saw Embry coming in from the living room and taking some of the freshly-made cookies off of the tray. I smirked, noticing he enjoyed it as much as I did. However, my attention was taken away from the cookies and onto a certain scrappy little girl coming down the stairs.

Luna Dantes. As usual, dressed in some boyish shorts, a t-shirt with the word 'Awesome' on it and those flip flops. She looked confused and walked into the kitchen cutely.

"Sister, have you seen Bran?" she asked.

"No," Leah glanced at her. "Last I saw, he was in your room."

"Who is Bran?" I asked.

"One of Lu's plush wolves," Leah explained as Luna began looking in cupboards. Of course it was a plush. I should have known. Despite being a legal adult, Luna clung to items of her childhood, be it plush animals or the coloring books on her floor. I never quite understood it. I knew she liked cartoons and those Japanese cartoons, too, which she became furious with me when I called them that. Don't you know…they were called anime.

"Well, if it's missing, it's probably for the best," I mused and Luna shot up and turned to me indignantly.


"Um, you're kind of old to have stuffed animals, Lu," I told her.

"Nertz to you!" she barked and shot up the stairs to continue looking. I rolled my eyes and turned back to Embry, who looked pale.

"What's wrong?" I raised a brow and he leaned forward.

"Dude," he whispered. "I saw that thing under the coffee table…it was old and beat up. I thought it was one of Claire's old stiffened animals that needed to retire." Leah turned with wide eyes and I froze.

"What did you do with it?" I hissed.

"Man, I threw it away," he panicked. "What the hell happens now? I didn't know!"

"You die," Leah shrugged and returned to the kitchen.

"What?!" Embry grimaced.

"Unless you find it," Leah said. "It's your own fault if you threw Bran away."

"What?!" I heard Luna's pattering footsteps until she reappeared. "Who threw Bran away?!" Leah didn't answer and I pursed my lips while glancing at Embry, who refused to look at her. Those sharp green eyes locked on him and I swear, lasers damn near came out. "Embry Call."

Embry's shoulders stiffened and I was pretty sure he pissed himself. Luna's temper was something to be reckoned with and for someone so small…she was terrifying. I'm not even sure how things happened next. Within a moment, Luna was merely glaring at him but in the next, she had a rolling pin and was beating Embry to a pulp. Seth, Quil and Noah rushed in and began yelling at Lu to stop and I was just in shock.

"Luna! I'm sorry!" Embry howled. "Stop! Ow! I didn't know!"

"You! Lost! Bran!" she screeched with each hit. "You die!"

I got up fast, grabbing Luna with Seth. She struggled, managing to clip me with the rolling pin in the process. She didn't even notice. Her eyes were for Embry only and I was worried, she'd actually kill him…over a stuffed animal.

"Embry, go find it in the trash," I ordered. "Quil, help him. Luna calm down. Embry's gonna get your stupid toy back."

"Bran's not a toy!" she hit me with the rolling pin on the shoulder and I pried it out of her hands in response, turning to Noah for help.

"No way, man," he laughed, standing behind Leah. "You're on your own."

Luna kicked my shin before turning angrily, looking for Embry and Quil, who had run off. Seth came to the rescue, rather quickly, grabbing a cookie sheet off of the table and holding it in front of Luna.

"Look, Luna, cookies!" he chirped and she glared before grabbing one and munching on it.

"Now stop acting stupid," I growled. "If you're gonna act like a child, I'm gonna treat you like one." She turned slowly.

"If you treat me like one, I'll be sure to escalate," she hissed and then stomped on my foot.

"Alright, you're getting a time out," I grabbed her before she bolted for the door, probably trying to find Embry. I started dragging her to the couch, becoming more aware of the sharp pain in my arm and her puppy growling sounds…she was biting my arm!

"Lu!" Seth whined. "No biting!"

"Good lord," I was appalled and I could distinctly hear Leah and Noah having a giggle fit in the kitchen. "Hey, if you two have time to laugh, you can help." I sat on the couch, sitting Luna on my lap as she sulked. "What's so important about a plush anyways?!"

"None of your business, you cow!" she snapped.

Ten minutes later, Embry and Quil came in, smelling like garbage, with a stuffed wolf in their possession. Luna hopped up and took it, hugging it sweetly. She kissed Embry's cheek and Quil's happily.

"Sorry for kicking your butt with a rolling pin!" she said sweetly, before skipping up the stairs and Embry fell to the couch, looking emotionally exhausted.

"You did good," Leah snickered. "Lu's grandma got her that a long time ago and Lu's grandma died not too long ago."

"Whatever," Embry sighed. "I've learned my lesson. I'm never touching anything in this house that is cute and or fluffy…cuz it is Luna's and she will kill me."

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