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On a warm Saturday morning, Elena felt encouraged to visit her parents at the cemetery. She retrieved her journal and stopped by the kitchen to eat a quick breakfast. She opened the freezer to grab a Hot Pocket. After setting the microwave, she poured a glass of orange juice. While munching on her Sausage, Egg & Cheese pocket, Elena's eyes studied the Gilbert heirloom box resting on the kitchen table. Jeremy must have forgotten to put it away.

With mild curiosity, Elena looked through the other Gilbert journals. She wondered if there were any female writers. After opening and closing each one, she found a journal written by Jane Grace Gilbert from 1880. Elena skimmed the pages and found her ancestor fairly intriguing. With a shrug, Elena decided to read more of the entries at cemetery.

At the cemetery, Elena chatted with her parents, detailing her recent adventures with the Salvatore brothers. It had been a week since Elena had seen Damon. He was probably depressed, since Katherine was not in the tomb. She had never seen him so vulnerable. She couldn't imagine how it felt to find out the love of your life was only ever a lie. "What a bitch, right?" Elena lamented about Katherine to her mom.

Once Elena had sufficiently spilled her guts, she opened her journal to write a new entry. She spent around ten minutes writing about Bonnie's disappearance after her grandma died. Elena could sympathize with Bonnie's feelings. Elena sighed worried about her estranged friend and closed her journal.

Elena glanced down at Jane's journal sitting on the grass next to her. She touched the luxurious leather cover which was probably custom made. Elena opened the cover and discovered a pocket interior. Her small fingers reached into the pocket to see if anything was still hidden. There were several documents on fading paper, nothing too interesting, train tickets and theater information. One paper in particular caught her eyes because of the inked calligraphy. Elena recited the words out loud.

My breath catches in waves,
my heart hammers in remembrance
of a somehow familiar love.
The resonating voice,
the curve of your lips,
a smile that strikes a familiar chord
from somewhere in the past.
There's a memory burned into my soul
of a promise we beseeched.
Two luminescent souls,
their essence melded into one.
Twin flames incomplete alone...
Yet... magnificent as one.
Twin Flame... Twin Soul...
I have not forgotten or erased
the eternal promise that we made
to find one another
in this new time and place.
Your memory burns strong...
Help me to find you,
to recognize you when I do.
Let the promises of many lifetimes
be realized and true.

Elena's heart raced faster with each word she read. The words were incredibly romantic. She wondered about the identity of Jane's love. When she finished reading, her skin was burning similar to having a high fever. She suddenly fell faint and slipped into a slumber on the grass of the cemetery.

Hours later, close to dusk, Elena came to consciousness hearing a familiar voice. Her head was pounding trying to figure out what happened. It was worse than her worst hangover. She remembered blacking out, but she didn't know the reason. Was she dehydrated?

"Katherine!" The voice was calling. "What are you doing here? What happened to your gown?"

Elena deeply frowned and opened her eyes. It was Damon. Oh god, was he delusional? How much did he have to drink? She tried to sit up, which was difficult, since she was feeling weak. It was like something drained all of the energy out of her body. She could sleep for days to recover.

"Damon! Don't you hear my heartbeat? I'm not Katherine."

"Katherine, now is not the time for us to play a game. I am quite distraught. I do not understand what happened to me. I went hunting with Stefan-" He said looking frustrated.

"You went hunting with Stefan?" Elena asked shocked. Why would he do that? Damon hated the animal diet.

"Why are you repeating me? During my hunt, I suddenly fell faint, which is strange because I am not ill. When I awoke, it was hours later. I have been trying to get back to the estate, but I somehow got lost. The woods seem different somehow. I was happy to find you here, but why are you are napping in the cemetery? That is rather odd and frankly not safe." He sighed. "The cemetery seems so much bigger. I do not remember this area we are in the last time I was here."

Elena frowned at his words and took a better look at Damon. He was dressed like a character in a period movie; very Mr. Thornton from North & South. She had never seen the coat or the boots he was wearing. His hair was styled different. Everything came together in her head. Elena stood up quickly and startled him by placing her hand on his heart. It was beating. "You're alive." She mumbled in shock.

"Have you gone mad? Are you ill?" Damon asked with an expression she was used to seeing.

Her thoughts jumped around trying to make sense of the timeline. "Have you been drafted into the confederacy?"

"I did not realize someone had shared the news with you. Was it father? The card came yesterday morning."

Elena pinched herself trying to make sure she wasn't dreaming. This was too surreal. She was standing with 1864 Human Damon. This Damon didn't even know Katherine was a vampire! Was this Damon in love with Katherine? Had they slept together?

Obviously, something magical was at work here, but who would do this? It was such an unusual spell. Elena couldn't even ask the only witch she knew, because she skipped town. Eventually, Damon would have to be sent back to his time. Elena was sure some cosmic destiny needed to be completed.

"Maybe I should help you find the right way in the woods?" Elena suggested needing to stall some time.

"Certainly." Damon agreed.

Elena faked a smile and ran ahead to put some distance between them. She pulled out her phone and texted Stefan. "Supernatural Emergency! I'm with 1864 Damon. What should I do?"

Thankfully he replied right away. "What?"

Elena groaned. "I'm serious! He time traveled!"

"My human brother is with you?" He texted back.

"Yes! Where is your vampire brother?" Elena asked wondering if they swapped places.

"Upstairs; drinking for days in his room."

Elena's jaw dropped at the news. What will Human Damon think of Vampire Damon? "What should I do? I'm in the woods with him."

Stefan replied. "Tell him the year and take him to your house."

"My house?"

"We have no choice. What if he shouldn't meet me?"

"Got it. TTYL." Elena texted and closed her phone.

Elena turned around to find her Victorian man. "Damon... My name is Elena Gilbert. Katherine is my distant relative." She said sincerely with a soft smile.

A/N: The story is AU after 'Fool Me Once'. Not sure how many chapters I will do. Next chapter will be longer. Yes, I love 1864 Damon! If you love Kate & Leopold, then you'll love this story. The poem is a revised version of 'Soul Mate' by Emily Rose. Be Good & Review!

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