"Are you not forgetting something?"

Leonardo confusedly blinked, his head cocking to the right, as he looked upwards at the taller male, who sat on the broad windowsill of his workshop; he set down his manuscripts in a careful manner before striding over to said being in all his sleepy-eyed, paint-splattered, sleep-deprived glory, and cocked an eyebrow: Yet, all that he received was a faint quirk of lips that complimented the untold piece of the puzzle that hung so apparently, Ezio settling back onto his haunches while he waited in expectant silence.

"Do you still tease me so?" he incredulously asked, running a pastel-smeared hand across his itchy cheek. "You know the mornings never do my remembrances any justice, especially right after such a large commission by the doge."

Alacrity. "It is not a specific memory to recall, nor is it a recent installment." The assassin shook his head, his attire billowing slightly in the breeze, as he shifted his position and plopped down without concern on the wooden surface. "I do not know whether to be offended or amused by your slip."

"Basta, basta—I understand: Would you just tell me what it is that I am overlooking?"

Mock hesitation, and then: "If I do show you, will you memorize this recollection?"

"Si, non avere dubbi."

"Then, commit this to memory."

Surely, the younger man lured the other by the back of the neck and kissed him, calloused fingers threading trough blonde locks, as he molded his lips over the artist's to the sound of a minute gasp and the dropping of documents; there was not a single sliver of resistance from his companion, perhaps surprise causing him to stiffen before sighing in contentment—and between the chance to grin and subtly deepen the heated exchange, Leo's hands were pulling back his hood and planting themselves in his hair. A diminutive break, three presses of his mouth on each cheek, a sly smile, and they resumed sans external thoughts, each second bringing them to displays of passion in exponential measurements.

Ezio reluctantly ended the embrace, not wanting to present to the public what only he would have, and chuckled in satisfaction when he saw a zealous flush sweep over the bridge of his counterpart's nose. "Did you truly forget my good morning greetings?"

A laugh. "Aye, aye, diavolo scaltro. I thought our previous session in the bathing room was enough."

"Oh, it is never enough." Complacence. "Now that I have received my reward, I shall take leave and permit you to continue your efforts, messere."

However, just as he was about to leave through the exit he preferred, he ducked his head back inside and shot Leonardo a provocative wink, raking his gaze over the entirety of what he sought.

"Let me tell you though, amico—I will not be so lenient on my expectations for the night."

He kept true to his word.