Chapter 4: The Fight for Dominance

Warning: This is where the smut begins. Or mini-smut. I'm sorry if this sounds cheesy; it's probably why I should try to avoid writing smut scenes.

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The wolf was snarling in Oz's mind, 'Mate!' Now, he wasn't sure if the beast meant that as a verb or a noun…perhaps both? At the moment, Oz was waiting for his gentleman side to object to such a crude command/comment.

Unfortunately, Buffy was still swaying over to him. It was as if her hips were leading the rest of her body. The motion had the wolf repeating its earlier snarl over and over, increasing in volume with each sway. Oz tried to cling to the idea that the polite side of him would speak up soon and stop this, but just as he had that thought, he swore he could hear his conscience (i.e. the gentleman part of his brain) say, 'I'm with the wolf. Go for it! You should never force a lady into a liaison, but there's a line between manners and stupidity. If you walk away from her now, guess which side you're on?'

Okay, so that answered that dilemma. Oz let the flashlight fall to the ground next to him and stepped forward. When Buffy got within reach, his hand snapped out to grab her behind the neck and pull her to him. Their lip met in eager anticipation.

The kiss started out slow, but quickly escalated to a fight for dominance. While in battle, Buffy could wipe the floor with Oz, thanks to her Slayer essence. However, this wasn't the same kind of battle and the Slayer was holding back, waiting to see if this one was strong enough to be her mate. She had only one rule. "No biting," Buffy hoarsely whispered when they broke for air.

He nodded his assent, although it bothered his wolf not to be able to mark his mate. Maybe there was another way. Buffy's naked body made it easy for Oz to explore her curves without anything getting in the way. Her arousal was driving him into a frenzy. Sliding his hand down, he felt the moisture building, getting ready for penetration, so he obliged. He stuck a finger in and twirled it around, looking for something.

His grin was victorious when he found it…proof of her virginity. This would satisfy the wolf – at least for now. Knowing that nobody else had gotten that far with her was intoxicating. She would be his for the rest of their lives; it was practically a marriage ceremony. That thought should have worried the teen, but it felt too right.

If he thought Buffy was unaware of what a big step this was, he was sorely mistaken. She knew wolves mated for life, and assumed the same was true for werewolves. The same thing was true for Slayers; it was why they were so careful about who they gave 'first blood' to.

In the case of a girl being Called after she lost her virginity, unless she lost it to somebody the Slayer deemed worthy, she wouldn't be satisfied with any partner. Sometimes it was a good thing that they had such short life expectancies, since an unsatisfied Slayer would use sex as a crutch, never finding the same peace as a mated Slayer.

Despite the groupies that bothered the band, Oz never took any of them up on their offers. His inner romantic wanted to wait for the right person. If Buffy asked, he probably would let her think he had experience, but that would be a lie. Call it macho posturing; he was a high school senior though – and in a band to boot. If he was still a virgin, wouldn't she assume there was something wrong with him?

Besides, in a minute or so, that wouldn't be an issue anymore.

Buffy was getting impatient, even though only a couple minutes had passed since her suggestion of 'something better to do'. Screw romance, she wanted sex right now! The wording almost made her giggle aloud. To stop herself, she kissed Oz again while her hands started unbuttoning his shirt. Once that was done, they broke apart again so she could slide it off and pull the t-shirt underneath over his head.

Yum! She had seen Angel without a shirt before, and to be honest, she wasn't sure which was more- Well, she couldn't think of the right adjective at the moment because her brain was stuck on Yum! The nice thing about Oz was that he was Buffy-sized; there was no stretching to reach all the fun parts of his body…like those soft, perfect lips again. She had to get another taste of them.

Oz was pleased to see the obvious desire in his soon-to-be mate's eyes as they raked across his upper body. He groaned with his own arousal as he felt her hands reach out and dance over his skin. Only the end of the world could stop them now. He really hoped that if the world was ending, it would wait for just a little bit longer.

When she leaned back in for another kiss, he slid his hands around her and cupped her firm ass, giving it a little squeeze, then pulling her against his body. He wanted her to feel just how ready he was, and when he heard her whimper as their groins met, he knew she was just as ready.

With that in mind, he quickly unbuckled his pants and dropped them, pushing his boxers down too. He broke the kiss off so he could bend down to grab the ever-present condom his uncle gave him when he joined the band. His wolf howled in protest, but both he and the gentleman conscience said that high school was too young to risk having children.

Kicking off his shoes and the clothes pooled at his feet, Oz stood back up and looked into Buffy's eyes for any sign she wasn't sure about this. The only answer he got was a lick along his jaw line and a gentle sucking right over his carotid. Seems he wasn't the only one who wanted to mark his territory. That thought made him smile.

The urge to be inside her was overwhelming at this point, so he hurried to roll the condom on. Then he moved his hand back to check her wetness again. Close enough. Moving her to lay down on some discarded paint dropcloths, he positioned himself at her entrance and slid in. Her tightness, and his inexperience, made him come close to orgasming almost instantly. He grit his teeth and thought about Snyder in a Speedo to keep that from happening.

Once he wasn't on the verge of ending too fast, he pulled back and pushed in a little more, this time claiming her virginity. Her cry of pain both upset him and made him feel manly. Oh, not that she was hurt; that was the part that upset him. He felt manly because she was his now. "Until death do us part," he whispered as he leaned in to kiss her again.

Buffy recognized the wedding words, and knew she should be freaked out by them. After all, she wasn't even 17 yet! On the other hand, he might not know how soon death could part them. Last spring she was destined to die, and thanks only to Xander's timely arrival did she side-step that prophecy.

Still, she felt the urge to whisper back, "Forsaking all others," as she arched her body up to his.

That signal helped their natural instincts take over. Thanks to the wolf and the Slayer essence, their first time wasn't as awkward as some others. Those two primal forces filled in the gaps caused by inexperience. It was two very sated and tired teenagers who relaxed on the dropcloths several minutes later.

"Mmmm," Buffy purred into Oz's chest when he lay down next to her and pulled her body on top of his. "Wasn't this better than looking for clothes?" she asked impishly.

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