My Mommy, the Hok'tar

Summary: Buffy's pregnant, but who's the lucky guy?

Timeline: BtVS – post-episode 4:10 'Hush', Stargate SG-1 – post-episode 5:14'48 Hours'.

Warning: Not a Riley-friendly fic!

A/N: BtVS canon changes – Instead of promising to keep each other's secret, Riley and Buffy tell Walsh and Giles about the other. An uneasy alliance is reached between the Initiative and the Scoobies.

Challenge: #2666 'Conception by Conspiracy' by zoev. It isn't an exact match, but hopefully it's close enough for zoev.

Disclaimer: BtVS/AtS characters belong to Joss Whedon / Mutant Enemy. Stargate characters belong to Robert C. Cooper and Brad Wright / SyFy Channel. I claim no rights to any copyrighted material. Please do not copy or take this story without my permission.

Chapter 1: The Experiment

Stargate Command

General George Hammond wanted to slam his head on his desk…repeatedly. He had just got off The Phone, and the news he had received floored him. His people were used in some sort of breeding experiment! He'd say that it was only his best team that attracted this sort of trouble – except there was a name that he barely recognized on the list. Or at least one he wished he could forget.

Now he got the oh-so-pleasant task of telling his Second in Command (2IC), Colonel Jack O'Neill, what was happening. Normally, he'd just have Jack come to his office. But this…for this he knew that both he and Jack would need some bourbon – or something similar – to get past the shock.

Jack O'Neill's house, that night…

Jack handed his friend and commander the tumbler of amber liquor. "So George, what's going on that we can't talk about it at the mountain?" he inquired warily.

Hammond stared into his glass, hoping the answer would appear how to tell his friend. "There's an NID operation in Sunnydale, California, and you're not going to be happy when you hear one of the projects they're working on."

Not liking the look on Hammond's face, Jack prompted carefully, "Okay, so…what is it?"

Hammond cleared his throat and began, "Apparently, they've come across a young, college girl, who appears to be a Hok'tar. Instead of telling us about her, they've decided to experiment, using her-"

"What? They're experimenting on a human girl?" Jack shouted, leaping to his feet.

"Sit down, Jack! There's more," Hammond commanded. When Jack did so, he went on, "For some reason, they've decided the girl wasn't interesting enough on her own. They want to see what her children would be like if they mixed her DNA with other 'special' people. Jack, your name is on that list – as well as Daniel, Teal'c, and Rodney McKay."

Jack thought about the name before it came to him. "McKay? Wasn't he that arrogant SOB that 'helped' us when Teal'c got stuck in the gate?" he asked with a look of disdain.

Hammond nodded, "One in the same. I guess his genius IQ was interesting enough to them to use him."

"Does the girl know?" Jack asked, putting down his drink to run his hands over his short, military-cut hair. Even if he thought he were ready to have another kid, this wasn't the way for it to happen. Course, he doubted that he was ever supposed to find out. Hammond's next words confirmed that.

"According to their records, she knows she's different than other humans. But she doesn't know about the experiment. Once her pregnancy is confirmed, they plan to hold her until she delivers. After that, they have several options they're considering: kill her; harvest her eggs, then kill her; continue to hold her and keep impregnating her," Hammond explained, his voice making it clear his opinion of these people's actions.

Jack took a swig from his tumbler and muttered, "And I thought the Goa'uld were evil."

"To quote Teal'c, 'Indeed'," his commander quickly agreed.

"So what are we going to do about it? Do we know if they've already done it?" he checked, hoping that it wasn't too late to stop this monstrosity.

Shrugging his shoulders, Hammond continued his earlier briefing, "I don't know if they've inseminated her or not. They appear to be waiting for the right opportunity in order to keep her, her family and friends from finding out about it. But if they're successful, they plan to fake her death, so the others don't try to look for her."

The leader of SG-1begged the older man, "Please tell me this is a rogue operation!"

"The operation itself is legitimate, but this project isn't." Hammond paused for a breath before going on, "Because they are using military personnel, we have authorization from the Joint Chiefs to go there and clean this up. We are also ordered to investigate to see if there are any other unauthorized projects going on and, if necessary, shut them down too."

Suddenly, Jack was curious about something else. "So what does the legitimate part of this group do?" he questioned.

"Kill and/or capture HSTs – Hostile Subterrestrials – whatever they are," Hammond responded with a confused look.

Guessing that the General didn't know anything else about the operation, Jack left it alone. "I guess we'll have to find out when we go there. Do we have the girl's name?"

Hammond nodded, "Yes. It's Buffy Anne Summers."

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