Chapter 8: Nice Little Bombshell

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Giles' apartment

Ethan, Willow and Tara watched a shell-shocked Buffy and Giles return to the apartment in the afternoon. Xander had to go to work, and Anya...went wherever she went when Xander wasn't with her. Willow was about to make a snarky comment about Faith, but Tara grabbed Willow's arm and shook her head slightly.

Willow was grateful for the intervention when Buffy blurted out, "Faith's dead. She was pregnant and now they're both dead."

"Buffy, why don't you make us some tea and I'll tell the girls and Ethan what happened, alright?" Giles gently suggested as he steered her in that direction.

Buffy nodded absently, moved towards the kitchen, and a few seconds later, they heard her filling the tea kettle with water.

Giles quickly recapped the previous several hours they spent at the hospital...including the news of how long Faith was pregnant. He wasn't surprised when Willow paled and ran into the bathroom with Tara right behind her.

Ethan's eyes hardened. "You think that doctor you saw coming out her room had something to do with it, don't you?" he half-asked/half-stated.

Checking to make sure all the girls were still gone, Giles nodded grimly and said, "More than that, I think they knew Faith was a Slayer and that's why they used her for this monstrous experiment – whatever it was."

"And you're concerned that-"

Giles cut him off by finishing the sentence, "That Faith wasn't the only Slayer they experimented on."

Sighing heavily at his old friend's problem, Ethan commiserated, "I don't envy you having to have that talk with your fiery Slayer. How are you planning to do it?"

"I'm not going least not until after Faith's funeral. My guess is that if they did it, it was when she was in their 'care' awhile back." Giles' face grew even more stormy before he added in a dangerous tone, "What I want to know is whether her soldier boy is in on it or not."

"For his continued health, he'd better hope not," Ethan seriously understated.

"Indeed," Giles growled, almost sounding like a werewolf.


A couple hours later…

While SG-1 and company were planning their assault on the frat house – which hid the entrance to the Initiative – McKay grew tired of sitting around the hotel room by himself. Plus he was getting a bit hungry, so he headed out to find something to eat.

After looking around, he decided on some Chinese – keeping his fingers crossed that it wouldn't kill him and that it would taste good. Once he placed his order, he engaged in a little people-watching since there wasn't anything else he could do in this backwater town; its Wi-Fi capabilities were sorely lacking.

It surprised him when he saw two young ladies enter with a guy old enough to be their father…even though there wasn't any family resemblance between them. Actually, it wasn't the makeup of the trio that caught his attention; it was the fact that one of the girls called the other one 'Buffy'. There couldn't be two of them in the same town, could there?

He moved over to the smaller blonde and tapped her on the shoulder. "You're Buffy? You're the girl who might be carrying my progeny?" McKay demanded with his usual tactlessness.

Buffy just glared at him. "Excuse me? Do I know you?" she snapped.

"Oh, Dr. Rodney McKay," he introduced himself, then murmured, "Huh, who knew that I would find you first?"

"Who exactly is looking for me?" Buffy ground out dangerously.

All of a sudden, McKay looked upset. Nobody told him how they were going to handle the situation with the potential mother-to-be. "I think that might be classified. They didn't tell me how they were going to explain everything to you. It's just like them to keep me in the dark about important stuff like that. Too bad they're busy shutting down that program down; they could actually come in handy right about now," he said, almost to himself. He wouldn't put it past them to deliberately make things hard for him. Like it would have been so bad to leave a couple Marines with him or something.

"That's interesting, isn't it, Buffy? Faith wasn't the only one they impregnated without consent after all," Anya cut in with her own brand of 'speak-your-mind-itis'. Her eyes glazed over in a happy haze as she had another thought she began to share, "It's too bad I don't still have my powers because I could-"

Ethan noticed Buffy was too shocked to stop the ex-demon, so he did. "What did we say about talking about that particular topic in public?" he asked her pointedly.

Anya pouted, then recited back, "That I'm not supposed to. But if ever there was a call for a scorned woman-" she tried to insist.

"I think we should get Buffy back to Ripper," Ethan interjected again, stunned that he was being the responsible one for once.

"But what about our order? Xander needs nourishment so he can give me orgasms tonight!" Anya stressed. If she couldn't say what she wanted, she should at least get what she wanted.

Fortunately, the clerk behind the counter decided to yell their take out order at that very moment, "Order for Summers!"

Ethan breathed a sigh of relief. He grabbed the money from his wallet and shoved it at Anya so she could pay for the meal. "There we go. Let's get the food and get back before she comes out of her shock." He turned to McKay and asked, "Do you have a number that we can call you at later?"

"We're staying at the Express near the mall," McKay stuttered out, still trying to work out what that girl was talking about. Something about powers? Could there be more than one Hok'tar in Sunnydale? But the way she said it made it sound like she didn't have them anymore. How does a Hok'tar stop being a Hok'tar?

"Then we'll talk to you once we've discussed things amongst ourselves," Ethan promised. "You said your name was McKay, right?"

McKay realized that he had to say something or he might get in trouble for a breach of protocol…maybe. "Uhh, yes, but-"

Ethan stopped him before he could get himself into any more trouble. The fact that Buffy hadn't blown up yet was sheer luck, and he wasn't willing to push his any further. "Trust me, you don't want to press the issue right now. If it makes you feel better, here's my cell number," he said, handing him a business card and hustling the girls out the door.

Giles' apartment

"I think the guy was fortunate that Buffy was still processing Faith's pregnancy and death. Still, I'm rather surprised that she didn't rip anything off the man," Ethan finished explaining a short while later.

They could almost feel the blows Buffy was landing on the exercise equipment in Giles' spare room. It was barely big enough for a couch and a couple basic training tools – the latter of which were in grave danger of getting destroyed by an enraged Slayer venting her frustrations.

"So now we have confirmation that there was at least a plan to do this to Buffy," Giles said, a feeling of resigned defeat washing over him. He could keep her informed about demons and watch her back in a fight, but these were humans, dammit! He hadn't felt so helpless since Buffy's 18th birthday and the Council's cursed test. "What was your impression of the man?"

Ethan sat down next to his semi-friend, wishing that they hadn't grown apart over the years. Giles needed somebody he could trust, and even with his recent change of heart, Ethan knew he wasn't that somebody yet; he may never be again. "He was very much like Anya; speaks before thinking…that sort of attitude."

"Do you think it's real?" Giles inquired suspiciously. "Or do you think that they know enough about our group that they would plant somebody like Anya to break the news, then offer the idea that they are 'cleaning up the mess' so we won't fight them on whatever plans they have for Buffy and the baby?"

"Well, it's a bold move on their part," Ethan allowed, "…assuming it's true. There is a sort of bizarre logic to it, though. Who would ever suspect somebody to be that blunt with such a sensitive issue unless it was genuine?"

Giles' expression grew so dark that Ethan had to fight the urge not to back away in fear. "They aren't getting her without a fight. If I have to make a deal with the devil to keep her safe, then that's what I'll do!"

Training room

"Umm…Buffster?" Xander called out nervously as they watched her bend the bars holding her punching dummy in place with her hits. It was a good thing she didn't want a human sparring partner because there wasn't a puffy suit in the world that could stand up to her in her current mood. "You may want to ease up before you cause damage to Giles' apartment building."

"Maybe the guy was wrong," Willow suggested hopefully. "Maybe they haven't had a chance to do it yet."

Buffy took a deep breath and let it out…then took a couple more to calm herself before she turned around. The mixture of despair and anger in her eyes caught them off-guard. "He wasn't," she replied.

"How can you be sure?" Tara asked from her place next to Willow on the couch.

Moving to pull something out of her purse, Buffy tossed a plastic baggie at her best friends. Inside were two pregnancy tests, both of which had positive results. "After Giles and I left the hospital, I realized that I was a couple days late. Rather than worrying about it for too long, I thought I'd just reassure myself, so I told Giles I needed to grab something from the grocery store. To be honest, I can't remember what else I bought to hide the fact I bought the tests. At first I was going to wait until tomorrow morning 'cause it said to use it first thing after you wake up, but then we met that guy and I just had to know."

"Oh, Buffy!" Willow cried out, jumping to embrace her. Tara and Xander were right behind her in the group hug.

Anya slowly approached them, unsure of her place in the group dynamics yet. She awkwardly patted Buffy on the shoulder in an attempt to comfort her. "I could try to call in a favor with one of the other vengeance demons," she offered. "There's the demon for mothers of ritual. He doesn't get a lot of business these days so he'd probably waive the stipulation that you have to give birth before being considered a mother."

To her surprise – and everyone else's – Buffy started to giggle hysterically. After a few minutes, she calmed down and took a seat in the middle of the couch, instantly surrounded by her best friends and their girlfriends. "Thanks, Anya. I appreciate the offer, and if my other crazy plan doesn't pan out, I may take you up on it."

"Crazy plan? Why does that make me nervous?" Xander asked in concern.

"Because I'm not sure it's the right thing to do," Buffy replied honestly. "Unfortunately, I'm not sure I have much of a choice. The way I see it, there are two groups after me and/or the baby inside of me…assuming that the guy is telling the truth about them shutting down the Initiative and not just lying to get me to trust them. I can't say that I like the idea of putting my faith in another classified group after what happened this time."

Xander jumped to what he thought was a natural conclusion, "You're calling Deadboy for help, aren't you?"

Buffy shook her head. "No, but it's probably just as bad of an idea as calling him," she agreed with an ominous tone in her voice.

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