Finally, the case was over. Thankfully, the team was still intact and the dynamics that made this team what it was; close-knit and a well-oiled-machine was still there. Or was it?

Once again, Abby had bulldozed her way into doing what she wanted and in her own way, completely disregarding all of Gibbs' rules about never being unreachable; not to mention, once again, dragging Tim into her shenanigans and leaving him instead of listening to his caution. And once again, Abby's actions put Tim in the dog house with Gibbs.

When Abby came back, she faced; yet again, no consequences, repercussions, or even words of reprimand. No, Gibbs and Tony had already heaped their anger and disappointment on Tim's shoulders. As usual, Tim had borne the brunt of it all. Tony's judgmental barbs had come as no surprise; nor did the fact that he seemed to not care that Tim could not control Abby's actions. Gibbs seemed to have not gained that insight any more now than he ever had before and that wasn't any surprise either. In fact, the only surprise had been Gibbs shutting Tony up when the Senior Field Agent was getting wound up with his barbs and anger.

How many times was he gonna be the scapegoat for Abby's bull-headed, tunnel-vision-led choices? How many times would Tony snap off on Tim the way he had this time, because he refused to accept the fact that Tim couldn't control Abby and Abby didn't care who paid for her actions? How many times would Gibbs let Abby continue to skate by like this? And how many times would Gibbs continue to blame Tim?

It was bad enough that Gibbs let her get by scott-free, with the way she'd put both of them in serious danger in Mexico. It was bad enough that Tim had needed to risk his life; offering up himself in exchange for the safety for not only Abby, but the University students Abby had taken out into the Reynosa Cartel's territory in Mexico; but to have Gibbs have absolutely nothing to say to him regarding the situation; had truly been a slap in the face that he'd yet to really recover from.

Sure, he'd kept being a team player and he'd kept how he felt to himself; but, this; this was the last straw. He'd had enough.

While the rest of the team headed home, Tim stood at the window in the break room, looking out and drinking his coffee, letting these thoughts run through his mind; hoping to figure out what he was going to do; knowing he needed to do something; wanting to do something right now. There was no time like the present. Taking immediate action seemed like the only way to handle this.

Looking at his watch, Tim breathed out a sigh of relief. He'd been hiding out in here, undetected for an hour and he was now fairly confident that no one else from his team was still here. Refilling his coffee, he headed back out to his desk in the squad room and sat down to do what he needed to do, for himself.

After all, enough was enough, right?