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The pull of the Void was suddenly much stronger; Rose Tylers feet left the ground, her fingers stretched and strained to keep their grip on the lever.


The Doctors was terrified; he was helpless as her fingers began to slip, almost teasingly, one by one. She cried out as she tried to hold on.
She stared over at him desperately- she couldn't leave him, hadn't she promised forever?She had meant it so completely, so she couldn't lose.

Daleks and cybermen flew past at high speed- their yelling was just audible as they passed. It seemed fear was an emotion that could never be suppressed; and she was so so scared...

They both screamed together as she lost her grip completely, for a second she seemed frozen, and the Doctor seriously considered throwing himself after her; but then strong arms were around her, holding her close.

"Who's the tin dog now?Huh!"

Mickey Smiths voice sounded triumphantly in her ear.

"Dont you dare let her go , Mickey Smith!"The Doctor yelled over hoarsely, desperately praying to every god he knew, that whole pantheon that he had so easily dismissed just a few weeks before.

But then Rose and Mickey began to slide, slipping towards the Void and their inarticulate screams began again. Rose closed her eyes instonctively, but the Doctor refused to- unable to look away -

Thank God he didn't, he'd have missed the next bit.

The pair crashed into something solid.
"I got ya!"

Pete Tyler smiled briefly before reaching for his Dimension Cannon; Rose stared back wildly to Her Doctor-
And then Jackie Tyler crashed into the room colliding with the group and sending them flying once again.

There was no time to scream, no one left to save them.


The group hit a blissfully solid wall, collapsing into a heap on the floor.

Instantly, the Doctor had thrown hmself from the Magna Clamp, sprinting to the groaning pile. Rose had weakly disentangled herself from it and the Doctor flung himself at her. His arms wrapped tightly, possessively around her, as if he'd never let go; his shoulders shook and Rose could swear she felt tears on her cheek- though whos they were( his or hers) she had no didn't care; it was just her and her Doctor, still together , still surviving the impossible.

"Told ya , didn't I?You're stuck with me." She laughed shakily as she clung to him, inhaling his scent, burying her face in his neck. He was trembling, his hearts beating so very quickly as he chuckled weakly. He seemed unable to speak, just pulling her closer, which was fine by her, just fine.

She could stay this way forever.

-Days Later-

"Visit, d'ya hear me? Just cos I got your father back does not mean you can go swanning off and forget me."
Jackie kissed her daughters forehead, ignoring her daughters dismissive rambling. She turned to the Doctor, who was slouched against the TARDIS was one of the few times he wasn't clinging to Rose since the Canary Wharf thing, though he hadnt taken his eyes off her, as if she'd disappear if he didn't.

"And you-" He straightened up and backed away, but Jackie pulled him into a crushing hug."You keep her happy, else you'll deal with me." As she released him, she glanced over to Pete, who was awkwardly hugging his daughter goodbye." And Doctor? Tell her if theres anyone I'd trust with my Rose, its you. Alien or not" And with that she went to fuss over Rose and Mickey ( He was staying behind to work on the new Torchwood)

The Doctor spluttered as Pete joined him." Jackie thinks the world of you, Doctor." He saw the Doctors skeptism and raised an eyebow "Tust me on this?"
The Doctor nearly laughed at the joke, but murmured. " How? I almost lost-" He couldn't go on.

"Yes" Pete agreed mildly." But you helped us too. Brought us together. Made a miracle happen" He held out a hand, the Doctor took it, smiling gently as Rose joined him, hefting her huge bag over her shoulder. " Allons-y?"

She winked at him and headed into the TARDIS.

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