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Merlin hated Arthur some times.

No. Really he did. Making him carry enough hunting gear for thirteen people and make him carry it for ten hours! He had managed to stay alive for the last five hours, but he seriously dying. He needed water and there was none. Typical of Arthur to say to pack all the hunting stuff, but no food or water. Arthur had some, but wasn't sharing. Merlin stumbled to keep up with Arthur and the knights. He fell face first behind Arthur, scaring a dear, but luckily, for Arthur it didn't runaway. Arthur would have ripped his heart out if it did. Arthur had woken up in a bad mood, because Morgana had won a bet and Arthur was forced to dance with the Lady Diana. He was very annoyed about that since she was ugly, couldn't dance and had very bad breath. He had blamed Merlin of course, which Merlin found very unfair and started having a go at Arthur, who didn't like that, so they ended up in a giant fight.

Merlin got up and followed Arthur closer towards the dear. Arthur singled him to stay where he is. He obviously didn't want him scaring it. Merlin huffed and stayed still whilst Arthur and the knights went forward.

Arthur suddenly stepped on a twig and the dear slowly moved into a wooded area some more. Arthur crawled forward trying not to make it go any more in. He crawled more forward and aimed. He aimed perfectly and its stomach. The poor baby dear will never know what hit him and Merlin felt upset for that. One day you're here the next you're not and no one in your family will know.

Arthur aimed and pulled the trigger...

He had been setting up this trap for the Pendragon for ages. Let's see what the all mighty Uther Pendragon will do when he finds out what's happened to his beloved son. Just need the dear to come this way some more and the Pendragon will come too. With him under this spell he'll be far too easy to kill.

Far too easy.

Merlin couldn't take it. He stepped on a twig, which made a sound that echoed around the forest. The dear looked up and moved just as Arthur pulled the trigger. The dear lepta over the flying arrow and ran into the closed up wooded area. Arthur cursed under his breath and got to his feet. He glared at Merlin.

"What the hell was that?" He bellowed at him. Yep, Arthur would rip his heart out.

"I did nothing sire." Merlin mocked. He had blamed him for him losing his bet and shouted at him for it. He then threw him in the stocks for half the night in the freezing winter cold. He's also made him carry everything and not shared his water, and now he's shouting at him when he's told everyone to be quite. Oh, what more does he want.

"Go and flush the dear out you idiot!"

"Fine!" Merlin shouted at him, barging past him to crawl into the area the dear had run off to.

Merlin got on his knees and crawled through the trees and branches. He clambered over a tree root and under another. As he went, he cursed under his breath every single name he could call Arthur. He soon came to a clearing. He couldn't see the dear. It was gone.

Merlin didn't step forward. Something told him not to. He frowned, as he turned round. He could hear Arthur. He's just telling him to hurry up and get the dear flushed out. Merlin huffed and stepped forwards, but stopped.

Little did he know that right in front of his feet was an invisible wire, waiting to be snapped.

"Merlin!" Arthur called. "You can come out now, we've got the dear." Arthur said smiling. He was please with himself. He looked back at where Merlin had gone off. It was odd, Merlin should have come back by now. Very unlike him to go into a sulk and run off. He always comes back. It's not really the first time they've had an argument like this. He walked up to the beginning of the way Merlin crawled.

"Merlin?" He shouted, getting a bit worried.

Suddenly, a blood-curling scream echoed through the forest. A gust of wind blew from where Merlin had crawled. It was too strong and sent Arthur flying backwards. Leaves blew high as the wind died down.

Arthur raced to his feet. Merlin was the first thing that crossed his mind. He went round the long way to get to him. Hopefully he wouldn't be too late.

A few moments before the scream...

Merlin looked around. The dear was nowhere and Arthur was getting madder. Great, he thought. Just what I need.

He took a step forwards.

Suddenly, a force when charging through his body. Merlin let out a scream as he fell to the floor in pain. The pain surged through his body as his magic let lose. Merlin eyes flashed gold and a gust of wind blew the way he had just come.

Merlin closed his eyes as he passed out in pain...

Back to the present...

Arthur and the knights jumped over a rock as they ran round to Merlin. The jumped off a giant rock and landed on soft mud, but Arthur didn't stop. For one: He cared for Merlin, and two: Morgana would have his head if he let anything happen to him. Many cared for Merlin. Gaius was always telling Merlin to be careful and the really reason he keeps getting hurt is because of him. Arthur tried not to think about the condition Merlin might be in. He just kept running and running.

Arthur turned the corner and jumped off another rock. He didn't see Merlin anywhere though.

Suddenly, he heard a grown. Everyone drew their swords and pointed it at a bundle of clothes. They moved. It was a person. The person started to wake up and get up. It slowly stood up, it's back to them. The person looked around unsure of where he was.

"By the name of the king show yourself." Arthur said, putting on his best prince voice.

The person turned round. The person was a boy. A young boy. A child! The child had very big ears, he looked very much like an elf. He also had mop like hair that covered his forehead and a bit of his ears, and there was a long bit that covered part of his eye that he blew off. He had very pale skin and big beautiful light blue eyes.

Arthur kneeled down on one knee a meter away from the child and softly said.

"Merlin?" The child flapped his long sleeves and looked at them both, then at him.

"Yah?" He said, his voice high pinched. Arthur's eyes widen. His manservant was a child. This was just what he needed.

A bloody child version of Merlin.

Curses that damn child, thought the mystery man. He wasn't happy that his plane was failed by a mere child. He'll kill Arthur Pendragon if it's the last thing he does.

"Just you wait Pendragon. You'll be dead at my hand."

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