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The court was completely quiet as the giant wooden doors were pulled open by the guards. Merlin stood tall next to Gaius as the old man he been complaining that his posture was not god enough. Merlin thought that this was completely ridicules as his back was always straight... when he was running... Then again as he thought about it, his back was not straight at all. He would not say that it was as bad as the creatures, but bad. The doors were pulled open and two knights dragged Morlace towards King Uther's feet. You could tell that Uther was very happy to be back on the thrown as he had barely moved from it in the last couple of hours. Not that anyone else knew this. Merlin only knew because he got bored and accidently ended up spying on him. It was not his fault. Morlace was dragged closer and closer. The man was not bothering to move, so his feet were behind him, dragging on the floor like most of his body. Morgana and Arthur were on either side of Uther and Gwen was behind Morgana. Merlin was with Gaius at the side. Merlin leaned forward so he could see the incredible ugly man. Gaius just moved his eyes a little so he could see Merlin. He noticed him leaning forward so he put a hand on the boys head and lightly pushed him back up straight. Merlin went back easily as he did not fight back. The knights dropped Morlace to his feet, the chains clattering on the stone ground of the castle's hall floor. Merlin almost jumped at the sound they made. Only Merlin saw the quick, little wince of pain on the man's face as he was dropped to his knees.

Sorrow surprisingly, suddenly filled Merlin's mind as he found himself clinging onto Gaius robe extremely tightly.

"Do you, Morlace, deny that you helped a sorcerer to take power over all of Camelot?" Merlin wondered why Uther was bothering as everyone knew that he did. Uther's dagger like eyes dug into Morlace. Merlin could not understand how the man could cope with Uther's and everyone else's eyes digging into him. How he could not break down like a little boy was beyond the six-year-old.

"No I do not," he clearly said looking up to meet his eyes with Uther's. The man returned Uther's discussed look with self-pride. Uther looked as if he was about to shout of him to be killed on sight, but Arthur asked a question that he had never asked a man before.

"What did he offer you?" Uther turned to his son, a look of shock on his face.

"First, money. Then when I wanted no more, he offered me a better price." He turned towards Merlin. "The boys head," he snarled trying to lunge forward towards Merlin, but going nowhere as the knights had a tight grip on the chains that were all over his body. Merlin flinched backwards, hiding behind Gaius. He was slightly scared of Morlace and he could not explain why.

"I've had enough of this. Put him in the ceils to be executed tomorrow morning." Uther waved his hand towards the knights to take Morlace away. The knights got half was down the hall before Merlin plucked up the courage to step out of the crowd and say:

"Wait!" Both knights stopped walking and turned Morlace around.

"Yes, brat." He spat 'brat' out like a rotten vegetable. Merlin became scared again, but stayed strong.

"You worked Mycroft closely. You must know a way to turned me back to an adult." Merlin said half pleading. Morlace snorted in great laughter.

"I have no idea. You're as good as stuck like that!" He started roaring with laughter as he was dragged out of the hall. Merlin looked down at the floor unable to meet any adult's eyes. Before Arthur could put his hand on Merlin's shoulder he started to speed walk out of the hall. Arthur called after him, but his voice was not heard by Merlin.

Merlin was sat on the windowsill in Arthur's bedroom. It was the last place they'd look and he knew that for a fact. Merlin looked out on Camelot as the sun shined down on it. He saw the axe man sharpening his axe for Morlace tomorrow. Normally right around now Merlin would be crying. However, he was fed up of crying. He was fed up of being looked over because he was a child again, because he was an idiot, because of a number of things.

He was just fed up.

He sighed as he remembered that this afternoon he was going to be thanked by the king for his bravery and so on. He knew it was something special, but even though Arthur really tried to make it sound fun, it just sounded boring. He wanted his friends to be there but they were grounded for leaving Camelot in search of the creature and then saving Camelot. They were only doing good; Merlin couldn't understand why they were mad. The world seemed so different now that he was younger, this and he had no idea of a way to turn himself back. He knew that there was a way. He was not going to give up that quickly.

He looked at what he could see of Camelot and watched the people pass by. He saw little children run around shouting and screaming in joy. It was amazing how things could go back to normal so easily for children. He saw men and women walk by trying to sell things to make a living. He knew nearly everyone by name and face.

Merlin slightly wondered what it would be like to be someone else.

He sometimes wished that someone else could have the responsibility that he had to carry around with him. Saving Arthur and protecting Camelot, making sure that Uther was not murdered. It was tuff being him. However, he lived with it. Day by day, he got by and did what he did. Even if he was never thanked, he knew deep down that it would be worth it one day. He never thought about making things easier and killing Uther, never. He knew things needed to be a psychic way and he understood that. Even though he felt like everything was mapped out for him, he knew at the end of the day that it was his decision about what happens and what does not.

He was who he was and he was just a... well a cheeky, trouble-making little monster really.

He was who he was.

Just then, Merlin felt funny. He felt his bones tingle and crunch. His blood swirls, bubble, boil and speed up. He felt his magic serge throughout his body and tickle his bones. He heard his bones crunch tightly together and felt them clunk. He looked at the floor to find it getting more and more away from him. His clothes started to get bigger too. Confusion ran through Merlin's head.

Before he could do anything, the door opened to reveal Arthur.

"Merlin, are you-" He stopped in mid sentence as he his mouth dropped open. Merlin gave him a 'what?' look. Arthur walked over to him and took hold of Merlin's shoulders. Since when was Arthur his height? Arthur took Merlin over to the mirror and his mouth dropped open.

He was an adult again.

"Well this is unexpected." That was all Merlin could say as a giant, goofy smile spread across his face.

The doors to the hall opened wide with pride as Merlin walked through them. It was the first time he had ever been thanked by the King in public and he could not help but smile as he walked towards the King. He saw Gwen and Gaius smiling at him as he walked forward and he gave them a bigger smile as he walked pass them. Everyone knew very quickly that he was back to his normal self that is how gossip works in the castle. Merlin was surprised as even Uther was smiling. He got to where he was meant to stand. He disliked Arthur just a bit as he had forced him to wear that stupid servant clothing with the Camelot flag symbol on it. However, everyone found it amusing so he did not complain.

Uther stood up from his thrown and walked towards Merlin.

"Merlin, on behalf myself and my son, I can speak for Camelot as I thank you deeply for what you have done for the city. I grant you the power of one wish from the royal family if in our power for whenever you like it to be called upon."

"Thank you sire," he said bowing. The whole hall started to clap. Merlin half turned round to watch them clap for him. His grin grew wider as the clapping grew louder. His hard work was finally being rewarded. This and he was an adult. As the court clapped for him he realised what it was that made him an adult again. Acceptance. That was it was. He had always tried to be something he was not. Trying to make people see him, trying to be the world. However, he accepted that he was none of that. He was himself. He was Merlin.

The clapping died down and Merlin then knew what he wanted his wish to be.

"Sire, I wish you meet the one friend who helped me save Camelot, and what I wish is that you do not kill him." Merlin said with pride. Arthur, however, raised an eyebrow.

"I don't like where this is going." He clearly said still being lazy and sitting on his thrown. Uther ignored his son and nodded at Merlin. A smile danced on Merlin's face. He turned round and whistled so loud, people thought he had burst their eardrums.

There was then a silence as the doors opened wide. Arthur, Gaius, Gwen, Uther and Morgana all expected Da Kids to walk through, but they did not. Mouths dropped as what walked through the doors was a giant wolf.

The wolf walked straight towards Merlin, straight down the middle of the hall. All eyes were on the wolf as he walked forward. It stopped next to Merlin.

"Sire, this is Steallick." Merlin said with a goofy grin wide on his face. He looked at everyone's face. Everyone had his or her mouths open in shock and Arthur was trying not to draw his sword to kill Steallick. Merlin turned to Steallick, who spoke to him.

"Do not worry. Only you and your magic can hear me." He smiled, finally glade that he was free. "You broke the curse. I am glade. From little monster, to big monster." He said.

Merlin smiled as his newfound friend stood next to him.

They both looked at the King and smiled.

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