A day in the life of me 5


Hi and welcome to another day in the life of me. Today something good actually happens to me and something bad.

In first period today, I played volley tennis. It's a fun sport and my team so far has been winning all our games because we are staying focused on the ball.

In second period today, something good happened to me. I moved up one chair in band and that is good. I am actually better than the guy that was sitting next to me. I think it was because he was scrub and scrubs do not practice their instrument.

In third period today, I switched my seat. Now my seat is not even an inch away from the teacher's desk. I sit like 1cm away. I didn't get that seat because I was a troublemaker.

In fourth period today, I played Bingo and I actually won one game and I got 2 questions right and I got 3 kisses (the candy).

In fifth period today, I reviewed for a test tomorrow. I have been failing all my tests in that class. So I want to do better this time.

In sixth period today, I did nothing but take a test. I hope I aced that test because there was one test that I got 110% on a test so I hope I aced it.