Clanging of swords could be heard from where Arthur and Taliesin were walking over. While on their way, Taliesin was flinging the handkerchief stating that some of its dust of bad luck may go away, he even named it as 'Handkerchief of Mischief', Arthur laughed at his remark. Though Taliesin was dead serious and still went on with what he was doing and he even glared at the poor handkerchief.

"Taliesin…"Arthur said while taking a small glance over to him "You know no matter how much you glare and call it names, it would never fight back… It's just a Handkerchief!" Arthur sighed before he snatched the handkerchief away from Taliesin and put it away into his pocket.

"Hey, wait, Arthur! I'm not done with it yet! Give it back!" Taliesin stopped on his tracks, shouting out his demand.

"What the… Are you kidding me? You're actually fighting with a—oh! Limwris!" Arthur hurried over to her side when he saw her. Taliesin turned around following him. "Oh it's the owner of the 'Handkerchief of Mischief'… hey there!" Limwris looked at him curiously, cocking her head on one side.

"Taliesin, I told you to stop calling it names! It's just a handkerchief!" Arthur flared.

"Alright, Alright. Im sorry." Taliesin said, putting his hands up as surrender.

"Umm, is there something wrong, Your majes—Arthur-sama?" Limwris corrected herself while putting down the stacks of clothes she's holding.

"Hm, still with the formality, huh? Anyway, here." Arthur handed over her handkerchief after he pulled it over to his pocket, Taliesin glaring at it still.

"Oh! It's my handkerchief. I've been searching for it; I take it that it fell on your room, and did something happened, Arthur-sama?" Taliesin groaned, Arthur looked away; They both remembered what just happened.

"*ahem* Anyway, I think you should throw that away? It's bad luck" Taliesin said, Arthur smack the back of his head for still acting stupid. "I told you to shut it, Taliesin. Don't worry about it Limwris, he's just being idiotic. Well then, see ya." Arthur waved her goodbye while dragging Taliesin by his ear.

"Aw aw awww, Wait, hold on… Arthur! Alright! I won't do it again!" Taliesin said tears starting to rise up to his eyes, while trying to break free from Arthur's grasp. Arthur freed his ear and started lecturing him yet again but still walking ahead. He's grown strong… And mature… Taliesin thought staring at his back while not-really-paying attention to him. Arthur suddenly turned around much to his surprise that his face was merely inches away from his.

"Wh-what? Don't scare me like that! And don't you go turning around so suddenly! We might suddenly—" Taliesin stopped , heat slowly rising from his face, why the heck did he just thought of that? Well, it's a possibility. But when the other party is a guy you wouldn't think of it, yeah you'll be surprise but. Shit, what happened earlier at the room sure got me… or so he thought. Arthur stared at him curiously.

"What? Might what? Geez, just as I thought you're really not listening to me and you're really acting weird today, Taliesin!" Arthur said yet again.

"Oh look they're here!" Morgan said while she stood up. "And they're still too suspicious. Hey Octavia, do you think they're actually together?" Octavia winced from what she just heard. Ogam and Arawn looked at their way.

"W-what the heck are you talking about? They're both guys!" she stood up as well taking her sword with her and going into place. "I'm going first."

"Jeez, it's still possible you know! Love has no gender!... wait did I say that right?..." She murmured. "Whatever, Now what were they called again?" Morgan cupped her chin and thought deeply. While Octavia just turned away and waited for her opponent, Ogam helped her stating that it was 'Homo, or Gay'; Arawn on the other hand sat quietly underneath the tree and watched the two approach them.

No one really knew what he's thinking even Ogam doesn't know what's wrong with him. He took the idea that maybe, just maybe ,Arawn is unconsciously jealous of what just happened. Ogam didn't have any second thought; he knew that this was possible. How? Well, for some time now, these past few months he just kind of felt that Arawn had been watching him more than usual. Yeah, Arawn is in charge of watching him on his growth but it didn't include watching him take naps on gardens or during his afternoon lessons or even during his walks, but not even once had he been too near him but his eyes were always glued on Arthur whenever he's on sight, that's where he took the conclusion. Ogam looked over to Arthur who was already approaching him together with Taliesin and he just thought that that maybe a bit troublesome.

"Hey, sorry we're not fast enough." Arthur apologized, while looking over to Arawn. Arawn quietly stood up and went ahead in front of him; he slowly unsheathed his sword and pointed on Arthur. "That's fine; now let's get on with it." He stated. They all looked shock, they wondered why he looked fierce, sure he's late but it's not like it's something new or something to be angry about. Now, Ogam had taken the conclusion into a fact, but decided to observe a bit longer.

"Eh? But aren't I and Octavia, his sparring partner today? Besides you haven't been his partner for the past months." Morgan whined.

"That is exactly why I changed my mind. You and Octavia could just pair up then, if you really want to spar with someone today." Arawn answered swiftly. He went on to look at Arthur who seemed shocked but regained his composure and unsheathed his own sword.

"Well, if that's it then…" They started exchanging slashes and after a few minutes, fierce sounds of clashing swords were heard.

"Whoa, that's way too intense. This ain't practice anymore!" Morgan cheered; excitement could be heard in her voice. Taliesin stared at them still wondering why Arawn was so into it. Octavia was watching quietly, she thought that Arawn was testing to see how stronger Arthur had been for the past months that they didn't spar, but Ogam didn't really think so.

"Hmph, you've gotten stronger. But not strong enough!" Arawn gave him a strong sword push, and then he swung his sword that it almost got Arthur's face, luckily he was fast enough to evade it, and as he thought, he wasn't too lucky today. He still got a few blows and hits from here and there, until he fell down, Arawn stopped, staring down at Arthur then he covered his sword, straightened his posture then proceeded inside, he stopped and gave one last look at Arthur, "If you have time playing around, then you better have plenty of time taking your training more seriously!" Arawn shouted. Arthur looked stunned he had never seen him as angry as today, well he did, but 2 years had already passed by then. They all thought the same way, but Ogam didn't, he was worrying that this feeling has gotten far too serious. He never really thought that the Demon King would fall in love with someone, this calls for a private talk with the demon.

"That's it for today; you can go back to your room and get changed. You have lessons with me later tonight, so don't go fooling around again." He looked at Taliesin for a bit and went ahead inside. Where he's heading, he doesn't really know. He just let his feet take him to who-knows-where. There's just one thing he's sure, that he really need to get out of there, fast. He didn't know why he suddenly had that sudden burst of anger, but he just needed to go somewhere to calm his mind and sort things out.

Arthur and the others just stared at his retreating back still not believing that Arawn just lost his cool. "Hey, is there something wrong with him today or something? He's been like that since a while ago." Taliesin said, walking over to Arthur and helping him to stand up. "And what's with that look? I just felt like he glared at me for some reasons. And it's not like I did something right? Or is he just having a bad day?"

"Oh, maybe he's just having a bad day. I heard that he'd been having a headache quite a lot lately…" Ogam stated. Well, more like Heartache… he murmured, he bowed his head and decided to proceed to his office saying that there were still some work that he needed to do. Octavia and Morgan chose to go back as well, before they went ahead they assured Arthur that Arawn was in no way angry at him or what, and that he had really grown strong as they had seen during their practices on the pass days.

"Taliesin are you going back now?" Arthur asked as he sheathed his sword. Taliesin looked at him questioningly, though Arthur just looked above at the sky and asked "Would you… like to stay here for a bit more?" Taliesin stared for a bit but answered "Sure, I'm on my vacation anyway." He turned to look at the sky, and was quite shocked to see that it was slowly turning into a darker shade. By then he thought that it really was a bad day. He sighed much to his surprise that Arthur did so as well at the same time as his, they both laughed after that and proceeded to go back inside.

Arawn still didn't stop walking; He definitely didn't think about anything, his mind was just blank. His feet doing all the work, he didn't even respond back when some of the people in the castle would greet, not even when Epona called out to him talking about some new gadgets on store, he just drifted by, Epona was quite confused but then it wasn't like it was the first time he didn't respond but something was off about him and that she knew for sure.

At last, Arawn halted to a stop, though not quite sure where he was. His mind was starting to get back on track; he jolted when he smelled the fresh soothing scent of flowers. As he regained full control over his thoughts, he finally realized that his feet had taken him to the garden pavilion where the white lilies were. No, it was where Arthur was always taking his nap, staring blankly at the full-bloomed flowers and watching the birds fly freely in the broad sky. Though to Arawn it was not the case, it wasn't the flowers nor the sky, it was Arthur himself whom his eyes had always been following. He would only momentarily look and adore the beautiful flowers and sky but he would always leisurely take his time looking at Arthur taking his strolls through the garden, or watching his peaceful sleeping face. Sometimes he would even chuckle whenever a small petal would fly over his nose which causes him to sneeze and yeah, it was quite a sight.

Arawn walked over to the white lilies, a finger tracing over one of the flowers and briefly stared at its beauty, somehow looking at a white lily made him think about Arthur. The way he would touch the lilies and smile each time he did so, Arawn smiled just thinking about it.

A sudden cold breeze went pass him, he shivered a little, pulling his scarf together to keep himself warm if just for a little bit then he went over to the pavilion, where he and Arthur had been just this morning. He ran his fingers through the edge where arthur rest his head before he sat down and did the same.

He´s been thinking about Arthur alot the past months and before he even knew it, he´s been tailing him around. Still he thought that it wasn´t a bad idea to follow him, since there´s nothing better to do and besides it is his job to look after him and make sure he is to be a great king for Avalon. Or so that's what he thought was his reason or was there something more? He furrowed his brow and stared on ahead.

He took a deep breath then exhaled, pause, then repeat. During his cycle of deep breaths, images of what happened a while ago passed through his mind. That being the case he remembered the harsh way he had been a while ago, and why did he lose his temper? He closed his eyes while wondering why himself, then images of before the training slid to his mind. His eyes jerked open, a hand clasping his lips. Why did he remember it, why did he try to remain calm and faked a smile that time, why couldn´t he try to stay a second longer and walked out the door without saying a word. He´s starting to realize it. His feelings, his reasons. That´s right, it was all because of that, he wanted to have him as his wife and got jealous that´s why he´d been acting the way he did the whole day. The reason of all the following and staring, and the reason why Arthur had always been on his thoughts.

The sudden realization made a cold sweat roll down his silky face. Thunders roared and he perked up, realizing that there´s a storm brewing. He went back inside, taking one last look back. He proceeded inside smiling to himself. He headed to the Kitchen and told Ermin that they are to bring his and arthur´s dinner at his room and tell arthur to proceed immediately to him. Ermis gladly obliged and Arawn made his way out and head to his own room. He smiled to himself knowingly as he anticipated Arthur to come.

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