Chapter 1: Darkness

Eight figures sat inside what the humans had once called a 'storage closet.' To them, though, it was as close to safety as they would ever get.

They sat in a circle, facing inwards towards a bright flickering flame on a nearly run-down candlestick. Their position could almost remind someone watching of cowboys sitting around a bonfire.

Outside, through the bullet-ridden door, they could hear machines prowling in the darkness. There were many of them, and varied, but the search was led by the powerful and swift Cat Beast, the almost omnipresent Winged Beast, and worst of all: the oily and sneaky Seamstress. The figures huddled inside, listening to the eerie sounds produced by the Fabricator's minions.

It was only a matter of time before they were found; it was too late to do anything about it. No time for regrets.

Sitting closest to the door was a large, burly doll, the mark on his shoulder naming him Eight. If- no, once they were found, he'd need to guard the others; and thus was his position.

To his left sat a skinny doll, almost painfully thin. He wore a tattered red cape, a bullet-shell hat, and carried a staff made from a half-rusted gear and a large sowing needle. The coin bound to his hat named him as One, and he was the eldest and the leader. He was quietly shivering in fear, and turned his head at every sound, but the others needed someone to be strong for them, to protect them in such a time, and thus was his position.

To Eight's right was a bleached, pale doll, who had a spear and a helmet, the former being a surgeon's scalpel, the latter a bird's skull. Her back was partially obscured by a red patch, but not so much that you couldn't see her name was Seven. She was meant to defend the others, and thus was her position.

To One's left was a darker-colored doll than the first three; he was missing an eye and his name was Five.

To Seven's right was a doll who was nearly Five's carbon copy; though this one had both eyes and a zipper. His name was Nine, and he was meant to save the others. He himself doubted if that was true, though, as he hadn't done the best job so far.

Furthest from the door were two twin figures, uncharacteristically still and silent. They both had blue cloth, both had blue hoods, and their names were Three and Four.

And lastly, in the corner, away from the candlelight, was the last creature; a hunched, tortured looking thing, tracing a pattern on the dusty floor and muttering uselessly to himself. The number on his black-and-white striped back was Six.

One of them was missing.

They didn't know how long they sat there, but gradually, the echoing machine noises grew louder and clearer, and stray searchlight beams shone through holes in the door. "They are near." One said, his whisper nearly unheard among the others. He reached forward and put out the flame, smothering them in darkness almost as deep as the darkness in their hearts.

I hope you like it; I'll be updating sporadically and quite irregularly, so it could be anywhere between a week and six months before Chapter 2 comes.