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Something heavy was pressing her down. She couldn't breathe! Panicked, she opened her eyes just to look into Bassam's evil ones. Hungrily his hands caressed her body and he laughed evilly at her.

Panicking she tried to move, only to discover she was frozen, unable to move.


She shrieked in pain as his mouth bit hard down on her breast, like he wanted to devour her. She felt his erection pushing against her stomach.

"You are weak."

She sobbed out in pain as he continued his abusing of her body. Moving further and further down. He opened his pants and shoved himself inside her.

"Pathetic. Useless. Whore."

She lay in frozen panic as he took advantage of her body.

"I know you want this, just like a common whore! You are enjoying this. Pathetic slut."

He punched her and she screamed out in pain.

"Caitlin! CAITLIN! WAKE UP! You're having a nightmare. Caitlin wake up!"

Ari was shaking her and calling her name. Still half asleep, frozen in her terror she was unable to do anything. She sobbed and cried, mumbling words not even she could understand. It had felt so real. A moment she had truly believed she was back with Bassam. She could still feel his breath on her body. Feel his touch…

"Shhhss. It's okay now. It was just a dream. He can't hurt you here. It's only a dream."

He held her with strong arms, stroking her hair while she hyperventilated. The more she tried to calm herself down the more she kept panicking. It was like she had no control. Ari was whispering comforting words into her ear. Gently he stroked her back, holding her tight even though she was shaking like a leaf. Slowly, very slowly she felt herself grow calmer with his words.

"Caitlin. Don't you remember I saved you? I saved you from Bassam and he will never be able to touch you again. Go back to sleep. I will watch over you."

He continued to stroke her hair till her eyes once again started to drift shut.

When she finally woke up again she was still exhausted. Her body was drenched in sweat from the nightmares. Time after time she had woken up, screaming her throat dry, she had hardly slept at all. Yet every time she woke up in panic Ari had been there. Comforting her with soft words, stroking her hair, giving her water to drink….

Tired she opened her eyes only to find Ari, sitting on a chair reading in his book. Wondering she looked at him. How could one person act like so two different people? The way he had behaved after Bassam, it was like he cared… Remembering how he had held her after the nightmares, lifted her gently after he found her, and bathed her. He had not even tried to punish her from her disoriented flight down the hallway. True she had not gone far, but she had disobeyed a direct order….

For the first time she truly took in how he looked. He was…different…This was the first time she had seen him truly relaxed. JuHe was just reading quietly in a book, not coming with some smart-ass comment, acting evil or what-have-you. ever. He had a small frown above his eyesknit in his eyebrows, like he was concentrating on something. It sort of reminded her of the frown Gibbs had.

He looked tired, she noticed. He had dark circles under his eyes, and he did not look like his normal groomed self. .It looked like he had forgotten to shave for a few days as well. As if noticing he was being stared at he turned his attention from the book and too her. Without a word he picked up a plate she hadn't noticed before and came over to her bed.

A couple of cheese sandwiches, obviously made in a hurry were put in front of her. She wondered if he had made it, and felt oddly comforted that they were made in a hurry as if he did not want to leave her alone for too long. She frowned, that was not a good thing she reminded herself. It was better being alone than with him, just because he acted nice, did not mean that he was nice…. It was just…just…well it wasn´t anything she strictly told herself. Just forget bout it Caitlin she instructed and instead of thinking, she tTryingly she tasted the sandwichesa bite of it. It pained her sore throat to even swallow the dry bread. Hoarsely she asked him for a bit of water and almost smiled in thank you. Almost.

Slowly she tried to eat upate up the sandwiches, softening each one with water before daring to swallow it. She had gone hungry so long now, that after one eating up the firstonly one she felt like she had devoured a horse.

"Eat up. You will need it."

Suspiciously she looked at him. Now that the night was over, she felt better. Or calmer was a better word for it. She had been stricken to the cord after finding the truth about herself. She had always been the tough one, the one that could handle everything that was put out in front of her. When facing difficult situations she had been just like any other Joe on the job. Strong, tough, ready… But no more….

The truth was that she was….indeed….weak…. A quitter. One who gave up. She had never been a worthy opponent; she just had a big mouth. After some time in captivity she had crumbled down under the bragging, but never actually performing. And what could she say now? That one stupid, shallow, low-piece excuse of a man had reduced her to a sobbing mess after a couple of hours? That she had found comfort in the creeps killer, the same man who had abducted her?

She had lost all integrity, all self preservationself-preservation, everything about herself. The truth that she had feared all a long, every time someone had thrown a crack about her being too womanly to handle pressure, was true. None of the others would have cried like she did, clunginged pathetically to the chest of their kidnapper. They would have been better…

Looking at him she had the feeling he had known all along. Known that she wasn't as tough as she proclaimed to be. Just like he had known she couldn't stab him…She didn't want to think about the previous night anymore. He had seen it all, everything about her. She had been vulnerable, weak, pathetic…A sobbing wreck. The weird thing was that she did not fear Ari anymore. Or perhaps fear was the wrong word. She had no illusions about surviving anymore, and she knew that if she died it would be by his hands. But it was like he was a part of her now. Like a tumour attached to the heart.

"Why are you suddenly treating me so nice? I thought you would be glad to see me like you did yesterday…."

Annoyingly enough he ignored her questions and only pointed back to the sandwich.

"I told you to eat up. You will need your strength today."


"Just follow my orders, please" He smirked annoyingly to her, which transformed into a proud smile as she picked up the sandwich again.

Glaring, she looked at him. Why did he care if she ate up or not? It pained her to even swallow the bite and she felt queasy.

"I can't. If I eat anything more now I'm gonna vomit."

He looked at her with suspicion, but the green glare over her face must have convinced him she was telling the truth. Sighing he took the plate and put it back on the night table.

She froze as his hand gently cupped a lock of her hair. All the logic parts of her knew that he wasn't going to hurt her. If he would he would have done so the previous night. She had let him hold her the previous night, he had given her a bath without touching her and she had let him. Why was she having so much many problems with it now?

He must have noticed the panicked look on her face for he looked….hurt?

"What is it about you Caitlin, that make everyone feel so strongly? Hate. Love. Protection…. I don't think I have never come over a person like you before. Your friends are willing to die for you. Your boss threatens to tear the world apart. Bassam cannot control himself; the hate consumes him too bad and he disobeys a direct order. Tariq, a man whom I have never seen react to anything but the fight, findsthinks you are fascinating. All the other of my men are polishing their guns, ready to make you pay for what you did to their comrades. And me… Well… We both know what I did for you….How do you hold this power of people?"

He let go of her hair.

"Curious indeed."

As soon as he moved out of her personal space she started breathing normally again. Angry at herself and her weakness she puffed. Why was he affecting her so strongly? That was more the question. Why was she so weak she could not hold up her shields against him? Why could she not be stronger? In a strained voice she spat out:

"You're still a bastard you know. . Don't think that just because you show a different side of yourself I will forgive you and think otherwise. You tortured me for god's sake! "

He sighed, looking more tired that she had ever seen him before. Sitting close, the dark circles under his eyes almost gave the impression of a black eye.

"I don't expect forgiveness, nor am I ready to be forgiven as I am only partly guilty. I do wish you´d remember that I have broken the rules for you too many times already. I never intentionally meant to cause you pain."

"Yeah cause stabbing a knife through my hand was such a pleasant experience. I really enjoyed that part. Not to mention the kick in my stomach, being shot with a stun gun, ridiculed, humiliated to be naked in front of you and been a part of all your little games. If that is how you treat your women it's a wonder you get laid ever at all! "

He chuckled low and smirked slightly at her. Now she was getting angry.

"Yes I suppose that is the truth that you see. It's a shame you cannot look past the tip of your own nose…."

"You, you!..."

She was interrupted by a sudden beeping noise. Bewildered she looked up to see Ari smile a sad little smile, instead of the usual trademark smirk.

"I believe dear old Gibbs has come to save you. A bit before schedule, but I think that's okay considering the circumstances. You're time here with me is over. Now come with me, we will have to hide you until it is safe for you to come out again."

She stood gaping and watched him.

"Please close your mouth Caitlin. Gaping like a codfish does not become you."

Quickly she closed her mouth.

"What do you mean hide me? If Gibbs is here there is no wayhere in hell I am going with you!"

"Caitlin this is not the time to be stubborn. He has come for you and you will go with him. However I have men in this house who does not know that you will be rescued and I can not have that any of them decide to use you as their human shield or something. That would be rather silly since I have used this last time to try and hold you alive won't it? Now come along, don't make me say please."

Her mind went into overdrive. She was going to get rescued? Ari allowed it? He wanted to make sure she was out of harm's way. Could she really trust him?

"Come on!"

He led her through the hallway in a quick tempo holding his gun up. Back into the bathroom he went over to a little garbage can. He lifted it, and.. To her surprise he picked up the entire tile floor, and revealed a small room underneath.

"Turn around."

Before she knew it she had obediently turned around and gasped as cold metal clasped around her wrists.

"You tricked me!"

Raging she turned to face him.

"That I did not, I will just not risk you playing superhero and get killed in an instant. I know everything about you, and I also know that it is not in your nature to try and hide, even if it could cost you your life. You, like the others of your team seems to live under the impression that you are immortal. Now…."

And with strong arms he lifted her up and helped get down in the hole. Passively she let him do it, without making trouble. His touch sent crawls down her spine, but given the situation she tried to compose herself. Looking sorry down at her he also picked out a handkerchief and bound around her mouth.

"Just in case…" He murmured low.

He looked at her intently,. His dark brooding eyes upon her, like he was trying to memorize everything about her.

"Listen to me Caitlin," he said. "I must be the bad guy. It is my part, I came to peace with it a long time ago. I have accepted that, please remember."

And with that he kissed her gently on the head and closed the lid, leaving her in darkness. Dazed she sank to the wet floor. Too much had happened the last moments for her to understand. Why had she let him bound her up and gag her without even starting tou a fight? Why was it so that the one moment he touched her, it felt like she was frozen in s tone, and terrified, yet he could hold her and make the nightmares go away all the same?

A giant blast shook the whole cabin and she could her muffled screams through the walls.



Someone was screaming orders, but she could not make out which language. The cuffs sliced into her wrists as she tried to free herself from the captivity. Not to escape like Ari had predicted, but to cover her ears from the brutality. To hold around herself and try to calm herself.

Her body screamed with her as she could hear the shooting getting closer. It seemed as if it lasted forever before the silence finally settled over the hut again. Then, through the floor she heard the one thing she never thought she would her again. It was a wonder really how she was able to recognize it, even through the thick floor. But she would recognize it everywhere. He had been barking to her for the last two years, honestly she thought she would recognize him even after a hundred years.


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