Title: Hunger Pains

Fandom: Princess Debut

Pairing: Implied Vince x Sabrina

Characters: Vince, Sabrina, Liam.

Timeline: Post-game, Vince's ending.

Spoilers: Makes reference to one of Liam's near-endgame scenes.

Rating: G

Warning: Unbeta'ed, and first Princess Debut fanfic like, ever.

"Maaaaan, I'm hungry."

Sabrina glanced up from her book, ignoring her own rumbling stomach as she shot him a wry glance.

"Didn't you just eat?"

The prince simply rolled on the floor, lying on his other side as he made a dramatic gesture towards clutching his stomach. The groaning noises Sabrina heard might or might not have been his, or just her own imagination.

"You don't understand! I can't just eat soup and crackers! They go right through me!"

Sabrina glanced back down at her book. "But where are we going to find something? It's late—the kitchens are probably closed by now."

"And the restaurants around here that are still open suck."

Vince made an effort to sit up, but then thought better of it, lying back down with a groan.

"Well, we can think of something!"

A moment passed in silence. A flip of a page, the shuffle of a young man on the floor...

And the grumble of a stomach that was most definitely not Vince's.

Okay, so maybe the snicker was well-deserved.

"...Hey, Vince."


A pause.

"Can you cook?"

Vince flopped on his stomach.

"I can make fish by a campfire, that's usually pretty good..."

"Ew, no, let's not do that."

"Fine, fine...Can you?"

Sabrina snorted.

"Last time I tried, I almost set the kitchen on fire."

A pair of sighs, and the shuffling of a girl's feet on the floor.

"...Liam?" Vince asked.

"Liam." Sabrina agreed.