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Destined for Death


Bella POV

Blood. It seems to be the highlight of my life. Well, the better part of my life any way. If ever there is such a thing as an hourglass that represents our life, mine would probably be filled with blood instead of sand. Every second passing is equivalent to a drop of blood. Tick tock tick tock. Drip, drip, drip, drip. That is probably how my life is measured.

Life. Another funny thing. Who knew I would feel more alive when I'm hovering close to death. Would you ever believe that I felt more alive than ever when I actually became acquainted with the dead? I truly lived when I fell in love with the dead.

Death. I'm getting close to it. No matter the outcome, I would be dead. Its just a matter of being six feet under or walking in the dark. Either way, I am dead. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Isn't that the ultimate human destination? We were all born to die. Great. Now I sound morbid. But morbid or not, dead or alive or whatever it is in between, I know I will be alright as long as he is by my side.

He is my life, my love, the reason why I'm not afraid, why I will never be afraid of whatever the future holds for me.

*six months earlier*

Bella POV

"Alice, don't you think this is too much?" I asked. "It's not like you guys will eat anything."

"Don't be silly, Bella. There's no such thing as being too much. This will be a festivity anyway." Alice shrugged then asked, "What do you think tastes better? Italian or French? Hmm… Italian it is." She said after her eyes glazed, probably seeing a vision of people preferring Italian over French buffet.

"But there's too much food. It will only go to waste. Besides, I don't think people even know these." I said pointing at the impossibly long list of menu in front of me. We were sitting at the couch with Esme, taking notes and designing how the house would look like on that day on her sketchpad. Alice called me a while earlier saying that there's an emergency so I came here to help preparing for my wedding. Gah. My wedding.

Alice and Esme were kind enough to take most of the wedding planning of my hands. Or maybe Alice just didn't want me to keep things simple. Whatever the reason is, I was grateful I didn't have to call the caterer or the decorators or do anything wedding-related. All I had to do is keep a straight face and pretend it isn't my wedding that I'm helping plan at this moment.

"How are the preparations?" Carlisle asked as he walked towards the couch, eyeing the stacks of paper and lists on his coffee table. He was still wearing his coat and bag at hand.

He's a doctor at the local hospital working usually during the graveyard shift since he doesn't really need to sleep. One of the benefits of being a vampire, he says. He likes to stay there as long as he can so he can help more people. He only comes home to see his family and spend time with them.

"We're doing great, dear. We just had to trouble Bella to ask her about the food. We don't exactly know which are the good ones." Esme giggled. She stood up and kissed Carlisle on his cheek. He gave her a loving look as he chastely kissed her lips.

"Mom, Dad, not here please. You're embarrassing Bella." Alice said, concentrating on finishing the menu. I blushed when Carlisle and Esme looked at me.

"Sorry, dear." She said shamefully.

"Oh, don't be. It's your house anyway so you can do whatever you like." I said.

"This is your house too, Bella. In just a few weeks you'll be living here with us." Carlisle said. I smiled at him.

"Thanks, Carlisle, Esme. For welcoming me to your family." I said then added, "and to you too, Alice." I reached for her head and messed up her spiky hair. I would never forget that night when they all said yes and welcomed me into their family. (A.N. New Moon, chapter 24 The Vote)

"Oh no, sweetheart. Thank you for accepting us, and for loving us all especially Edward." Esme said and as if on cue, Edward opened the door and quickly went to my side, kissing me on my cheek. He sat beside me and put his arm on my shoulder, pulling me closer to him.

"Welcome home."I smiled at him. He looked at me with those smoldering golden eyes, fresh from his hunt and dazzled me once again. I felt my heartbeat accelerate and despite the fact that I know there were many vampires who could hear it, I didn't care. In just a few days, this wonderful man, this Greek god, the personification of perfection will be mine.

"I could really get used to that, you welcoming me home." He smiled my favorite crooked smile. I felt my heart beat even faster and my blood rush up to my face. I know how red I must've been.

"Bella, something wrong with your heart? And your face? You're as red as a tomato." Emmett laughed. I didn't even notice him. He was by the couch, looking at the wedding menu with a disgusted expression.

"You want me to add anything on the menu for you? A couple of grizzlies perhaps, or maybe some mountain lions?" I asked him. He burst out laughing, earning a glare from Rosalie.

"Yeah, Bella. Let's add that. I wanna see the expression on the people's faces when they see a live grizzly bear on the table." He said then laughed again.

"Really funny guys, but seriously, what would you prefer? Rigatoni Marinara or Penne Aioli?" Alice asked in a serious, business-like voice. I couldn't help but chuckle at her question. Emmett looked at her, confused.

"What the hell are those?" he asked.

"Italian food." She simply answered, waving her hand off at Emmett.

"Are we supposed to eat it? Eeww…" Emmett said and made a disgusted sound.

"Alice, I don't know what those are. Can't we really just go for the live grizzlies with mountain lions on the side?" I asked and Emmett laughed again. This time, Esme, Carlisle and Edward joined in.

"Bella. Be serious! This is the only thing I need your help with. Do you really want your first ever human wedding be a total catastrophe?" Alice snarled.

"I'm serious, Alice. I don't know what those are." I sighed.

"But you're human." She whined

"Not because I'm human means I know every recipe there is. Nor every type of food ever cooked." I retorted.

"Just put fettuccini and pesto. Mushroom ravioli too. That's enough, I think." Edward said. Alice sighed and scribbled those on her piece of paper, completing the menu for my wedding.

"Shut up, Emmett." Edward suddenly said, glaring at Emmett.

"I didn't say anything, bro." Emmett said, grinning, "You're the one invading my mind."

"What did we miss?" Carlisle asked Edward.

"He thinks it's funny that I was the one who suggested the human food while Bella suggested the bear and the mountain lion for the menu." Edward sighed. Emmett laughed again, this time with jasper.

"You too, Jazz. Shut up." he glared at Jasper. Jasper just raised his hand innocently but he was still chuckling.

"And Jasper was thinking…?" Esme asked.

"That Bella thinks more like a vampire than I do." Edward sighed again. I winked at Emmett and Jasper and they laughed. After a few more discussions about the main course, the dessert and the cake, I started to feel tired. I leaned on Edward's chest and tried to stifle a yawn. I haven't been doing anything lately but I seem to easily get tired.

"Let's go Bella. It's getting late." Edward murmured in my ear sensing that I was feeling bushed.

"Oh, yes. Thank you for coming, dear. And I'm sorry for the trouble." Esme said, kissing me on the fore head as we walked towards the door.

"Oh no. it wasn't trouble at all. It's the least I can do since you guys are the ones organizing the wedding." I still can't say my wedding out loud without shuddering at the idea.

"Yeah. Bella didn't exactly help much." Alice muttered. She's been in a foul mood all afternoon. At first, I thought it was because Jasper wasn't there but even when he arrived from the hunt with Edward and Emmett, her mood still didn't improve.

"Now, now Alice. That's not nice." Carlisle chided. He then hugged me goodbye.

"Well, it is true. Thanks for even bothering, Alice." I said while hugging her petite frame. I waved goodbye to Emmett and Jasper.

I got in the passenger side of my truck while Edward went to the driver's seat. Ever since we were officially engaged, he refuses to let me drive when he's around anymore. He's driving still scares me especially when he's driving my old truck. He turned on the engine and my truck roared loudly.

"Can you do me favor? Just tonight?" I asked before he could start the truck.

"That depends, my love." He smirked, lifting the breaks.

"Can I drive? Just this time?" I pleaded.

"Not a chance. It's already dark and besides, I promised you that I'll drive you wherever you want." He said, hitting the gas and shifting to reverse.

"I thought I was getting you as my husband, not as a driver." I muttered. He chuckled and held my hand.

"Alright. I will let you drive tonight if…" he trailed off.


"If you let me buy you a new car." He grinned. Of course that will be his condition.

"never mind." I rolled my eyes. No way am I getting an expensive sports car. Knowing him, he would probably give something an outrageously expensive car with rocket boosters that can take me to the moon.

"Come on, Bella. I'll let you drive your new car, I promise." He held my chin, making me look at him. He knew he was going to win the argument. He found out recently that I can't say no to him when he looks at me intensely with those liquid topaz eyes of his.

"Alright. But you can only buy me a new car if this truck dies." I sighed, giving up.

"It will only be a matter of time before that happens." He smirked triumphantly.

"So why is Alice in such a bad mood?" I asked him.

"Oh. Because she can't remember being human." He said. I raised my eyebrows at him so he elaborated, "she doesn't like the fact that she doesn't know what food to serve. And she also didn't like the fact that she had to ask your help. She wanted to make the both of us as clueless about the wedding as possible."

"Oh. She does know that we're the ones getting married, right?"

"Yeah. She does. I made sure everybody knows that in a few days, you will officially be mine."

"I have always been yours, Edward."

"And I will forever be yours, my Bella." He said then leaned down to kiss me.

When we got home, I started preparing dinner for Charlie while he watched me. I was chopping some carrots when I felt an excruciating pain from my pelvis. Edward was beside me in an instant.

"What's wrong? Where does it hurt? Bella?" he asked worriedly. He pulled me to sit on the chair beside the table. He kneeled in front of me, stroked my hair and looked at my hand, pressing on my abdomen. After a few minutes of feeling the pain, it disappeared suddenly.

"Bella, are you sure you're fine? I can take you to Carlisle." Edward said, worried again. His brow furrowed and his eyes were full of concern. How can anyone not love this man?

"I'm fine. Just cramps, I guess. Don't worry. It's gone now." I said reassuring him. I kissed his forehead and smiled at him. I slowly stood up and continued chopping the carrots and cooking Charlie's dinner.

The rest of the night was uneventful. Edward left before Charlie came. We ate dinner silently, as usual. After cleaning the dishes, I went with my dad to watch TV. I've been trying to spend as much time as I can with Charlie before my change, trying to leave as much happy memories with him as I can.

At around nine-thirty though, I felt as if I would faint because I was so tired. I excused myself and told Charlie good night. When I got to my room, I took my bag of toiletries right away and took a shower. I was surprisingly feeling sore all over and tired despite the fact that I didn't even do anything exhausting today.

When I got back to my room, Edward was there of course, lying on my bed with that crooked smile on his face. I immediately lied down beside him and in just a few minutes, I was asleep.

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