So yeah, just some Naruto POV. This is before Sasuke kills Orochimaru, but obviously after he leaves. It's just...the mental images wouldn't leave me alone... *giggles* Dun own anything, or I wouldn't be here. This will have 2 parts, one before Sasuke kills Itachi and one after.

If this was a fairytale, you'd be a pretty and helpless princess, you realize that at least, right? That's right Sasuke, you'd be the lovely damsel in distress, and I'd be the knight in shining armour, desperate to save you from Orochimaru, the evil dragon. Hell, Itachi could play a perfect evil step-mother. But you'd be wearing pink, and you'd probably be a blonde, cause only then would you be stupid enough to need me to save you.

Now how does that make you feel, you with your stupid pride?

Yeah Sasuke, I'm getting a bit sick of you and your pride.

You and your ridiculous clan, the symbol you stitch on your back, the name you so proudly keep saying over and over, and the cursed sharingan spinning in your eyes. Cause you love your clan so fucking much.

What would they say, your mother and father, if they knew what you were doing right now? If you knew that not only their eldest son is a dangerous criminal (they probably figured that out once he sliced them in half though.) but that now also their youngest has turned his back on his village.

Do you think the Uchiha would be happy with this?

With the way you ruined the good name they still had, ruined the future of their clan, (cause even if I'm trying to get you back, I'm not stupid. I know there won't be a happy ever after in our fairytale.) took away the sharingan from Konoha and are currently only protected by some nameless village-brat.

Cause yes Sasuke, I am the only one still protecting you.

Protecting you from the Konoha elders, whom are getting tired of your drama-queen behaviour, and by now just want to finish you off, make sure there is no more risk. They'd rather kill you than have the sharingan fall in Orochimaru's hands.

Protecting you from Orochimaru himself, cause really- he isn't someone you can just play around with Sasuke. You can't take his power and expect him to take nothing in return. He'll fucking devour you, man!

And protecting you from yourself.

Cause ever since Itachi came around and totally kicked your ass, you've been self-destructing non-stop, Sasuke. And it's enough already. You need to grow up, stop being a whining little bitch, and get over it. Sorry, but you do.

Do you know how most princesses get saved?

I'll give you an example;

Rapunzel threw out her long braid so the prince could climb up the tower and save her.

She helped the prince save her. A little help over her? With saving your ass maybe?

Could you at least stop running? Stop whining, moaning, bitching and fucking trashing for a moment, just to hear me out?

Cause Sasuke, you said I couldn't know how you felt, since I hadn't ever lost a bond. A brother. Family.

Well dude, you were wrong. You were my bond. You were my brother. And hell, I lost you, didn't I? You're off, god knows where, and you clearly don't want me around. I guess you just don't feel like it.

Well, I don't feel like leaving you alone then! I don't want to, and I won't!

See, if you can be a stubborn dick, so can I.

You made Sakura cry, you made Kakashi-sensei cry, you made nearly every goddamn girl in the village cry, I bet you even made Tsunade-baa cry, and dudeā€¦

You made me cry.

So pretty princess, would you do me a favour?

Climb down from your tower, or at least throw your braid out, or a rope or something.

I've got some saving to do.