This only exists because someone asked for it, so excuse me for the crappiness. It's just me, making up an ending, so it's not what happened in the manga. (did I mention I DO NOT OWN NARUTO OR ANY OF ITS CHARACTERS DUH) So yeah, uhm...I hope this ain't TOO bad...

You know what, our story isn't even remotely like a fucking fairytale anymore.

It went from a hopeful, beautiful quest, to a beautiful tragedy, to something so revolting and tragic that it just isn't beautiful anymore.

Sasuke, I don't even know what I can compare us with anymore.

I witnessed Kisame's death earlier.
He may have been a criminal, a murderer, an Akatsuki- In short, everything you, my friend, now also are, but… Watching him I realized something about you.

You see, everyone in Konoha always said you were the perfect Shinobi. Emotionless, smart, merciless, strong, precise, efficient- but I notice a flaw. A great difference between you and Kisame, or your beloved Itachi, if you like.

Sasuke, to be a shinobi means to give up whatever, as long as you fulfil your mission.

It means loyalty to your masters, it means being a tool.

Kisame did this, he was loyal to the very end. He bit off his own tongue and committed suicide so he wouldn't betray his master, his mission. Itachi sacrificed his family, his honor, his life-style and in the end his life, for the same thing. As did Haku, and Deidara, and so many others.

You suck at following orders.

You just storm around, demanding anything you want, doing whatever you feel like, not caring the least about the greater good, or anything in your way. I'm sorry to say this Sasuke, but you're a selfish fuck.

You decided it was best for you to betray your village, so you just went to Orochimaru.

You decided it was best for you to betray him, so you got just rid of him and formed a team.

You decided it was best for you to betray Karin, so you just killed her.

Always, always, have you lead your life this way, making decisions based on whims.

When have you ever been loyal to anything, Sasuke?

When have you ever tried to carry out your mission?

When have you ever, ever behaved like the little tool you really are?

You betrayed me, just cause you felt like it.

I think I could bear the thought if it had been for a mission, because of orders, anything!

But the knowledge that it was just your little whim is more than I can bear.

You know Sasuke, I killed you.

I did.

Are you proud of me now?

You always laughed at me, you know, for being a coward. Someone who wouldn't dare finish someone off. Well here I am Sasuke, and where are you?

Oh yeah. You're fucking dead.

Sasuke, you gave me no choice.

I refused to let you go off with Madara, killing more and more and more. I refused to let you fall further, to be the one to completely destroy Konoha. I refused to let you be remembered as the one whom killed his best friend, killed the jinchuuriki, and handed the Kyuubi to Akatsuki. I refused to let you become what you were so eager to be.

Sasuke, I promised Sasuke I'd save you.

I did.

I did, but it cost me more than I want to admit.

Sasuke, do you remember Ichiraku?

Do you remember the academy?

Tsunade-baa's office?

My house?

Your house, the Uchiha compound?

That little restaurant Kakashi-sensei brought us to when we finished that first real mission, with Haku and Zabuza?

Sasuke, They're not here anymore.

Sasuke, they're burned down now.

You stupid asshole, you burned down everything that connected you to us, didn't you!

There's nothing left, you know that? You stupid, ignorant fucking asshole!

You attacked Konoha, all high and mighty, and killed everyone. Killed Sakura, Kakashi, Tsunade-baa, Hinata- you killed fucking everyone, and then you fucking died!

You left me in fucking ashes, surrounded by flames and death, my hands still stained with your blood- and you didn't even fucking say something before you died.

You just smirked.

That same smirk you always wore, always, always- only not when you were glaring.

It made me feel sick.

Sasuke, you know what? I saved you, but what did you do for me?

Sasuke, you totally let me down.

I don't know what I was hoping for, something, anything you'd do or say before you died. Anything to let me know you appreciated me, appreciated what I did, somehow still…I needed to know I still mattered to you.

Sasuke, I needed to know if you loved me as well.

But you just died.

Even in the very end, your decisions were led by selfish desires. Whims. You betrayed me all over again with your silence.

But you're dead.

Isn't it funny? You were like my brother, then you betrayed me and became my enemy, trying to kill me, and then I ended up killing you. Does it sound familiar? The bitter part is that there's no one to tell me you 'loves me all this time after all'

Cause you just didn't.

And Sasuke…god…Sasuke…

This is the end.