After note.

Listen, I know all of you were expecting some surprise extra chapter, but that isn't going to be the case. Sorry. Just listen to me before you go ahead and hate, however. I can deal with hate.

I just read some more reviews, and I just wanted to go and say that I love all of you just as much as you have loved reading my writing. Especially Shellythesnail and platinumblind, because I love both of you just so much. I can't even begin to explain the happiness reading your reviews has given me, you guys are so loyal. –Gives cookies-

Another special thanks to Woodnote, because I almost went into cardiac arrest when you told me you were drawing something for my story. Love ya lots.

ClumsyAssassin21, review more and shut up. ;) Love youuuu!

MaryandMerlin, Nameless Daydreamer, you guys have been awesome. ND, I think you have been with me about as long as Shell, so I thank you for sticking with me this whole time.

And a love note to all of you who read this and didn't review, and the others whose names were not mentioned here. My love for you is so great; there are no words to describe it.

Thank you all for reading, but I have some bad news and good news. And then some more bad news. And then some more good news.

Good news: There will, in fact be a sequel. It involves Anna in Ezio's time period, and yes, he has followed her there.

Bad news: I haven't started writing yet, and I'm not going to for a long time. A few months, at the very least.

More good news (at least for me): I have another story up, and it rocks a lot. But some of you might not care for it as much, it is NOT an Ezzy story. Altaïr X OC, sorry sorry sorry, but I really like it. Check out my profile to find it. Thanks.

More bad news: I can't remember what I was going to say here, so I guess I'll just keep going. :P

I LOVE YOU. So much. And now it's time to bid farewell, for although it had a good life, Masquerade's time has come to an end. If only it could have gone on forever, but what goes up must come down.