The End

Groaning, Mori tightened his arms around the body lying on him. It was too early in the morning to wake up, but he had to go over the presentation details at the office. Working at Mitsukuni's cake company had its benefits, but with the new store opening in Seoul soon, Mori had to put in extra time to have everything ready for the investors.

The body moved in his arms, and Mori opened his eyes reluctantly. Looking down at the messy head of hair, he couldn't keep the smile off his face. It had been a year since he reconnected with this man and he didn't regret it.

"Harry," Mori's voice was rough from sleep, but the tone seemed to make the other man stir.

Harry wiggled a little before stretching out and blinking his eyes open. Mori stared straight into those dark green eyes and fell completely into the other man's spell. But not a real spell, Harry had promised to never use magic on him when he told Mori about being a wizard, but a spell of desire and love. He truly loved this man, but a part of him knew that since the day they met.

"Come on love, we need to get up." Harry shook his head, denying the need to leave the bed. Mori smiled tenderly at the action and gently poke him in the side. "Up," he softly commanded.

"If I knew you were this evil I never would have come back to you," Harry pouted.

Mori's chest rumbled as he chuckled at his boyfriend. "You couldn't stay away then and you won't be able to stay away now," he teased.

"True…" Harry nuzzled Mori's neck as he spoke.

Mori sighed in contentment, and thought back to a year ago when they saw each other again.

One Year Earlier

Mori hadn't expected to see Harry when he arrived for the wedding, but it was a pleasant surprise. It wasn't hard to recognize Kyouya's cousin, even after six years, because Mori had built himself a very strong image of the boy –now a man- in his mind. It had started as a small interest when he first walked into the Host Clubroom, and grew stronger with each meeting, until it grew to a point where Mori had to work hard to look away from the fascinating teenager that was Harry Potter.

His interest was only fueled by Satoshi , since his brother would return home after visiting Harry and lament about all the amazing things he could do. Harry could cook, he could calm even the fiercest of fights between Satoshi and Yasuchika, and if Satoshi were to be believed, Harry could turn water into wine and walk on water.

But then it happened. Harry left. He had gone against all preconceived notions Mori had about him being extremely private and had publically declared his interest in Mori. It had shocked him, very much, but it also made him step back and go over all his observations about the boy.

He had an attraction to him, who didn't? But Mori had theorized that Harry's interest in him had been a passing interest, and despite his big love proclamation, in time, Harry would forget and move on. Mori certainly had tried. He dated a few girls in college, but they never worked out. Mori was fine with this since he had his own goals to achieve and constantly catering to person that wasn't Mitsukuni would only hinder him in that long run. But, when he heard Satoshi say Harry's name in passing, he would wonder… How was the British boy doing? Had he forgotten Mori and moved on? Was he happy? Was he healing? For some reason Mori couldn't bring himself to ask his brother though. It felt like he would be breaking some unspoken agreement that he never made. Even so, after hearing his name, Mori would spend several nights thinking of Harry at night. He would remember his green eyes, his cute little smile, and the way his hips swayed when he danced.

The thoughts and dreams would slowly leave him, and Mori would back to having thoughts about business financials at night and nondescript dreams. This would go on for a few weeks or months, but then Satoshi would turn up again and look at his phone and mutter Harry's name, or recall an old story of the boy, and Mori's interest would be roused again. It was starting to turn into a cruel pattern, and if Mori didn't trust his brother so much he may have started thinking that Satoshi was conspiring against him.

Now here he was, floating around the room as he greeted other guests at Tamaki's wedding, his happiness shining brightly to everyone in the room. Mori couldn't take his eyes off him.

"He arrived last night," Mitsukuni spoke up from beside him.

Mori looked at his business partner and nodded. He didn't need to know how his friend had known who he was looking at, because at this point he knew the Mitsukuni knew him better than anyone else. "He looks good," Mori responded.

Mitsukuni was another change. He had grown and matured over the years, but he still maintained his friendly air. He was serious about their business, but where Mori handle the money and logistics, Mitsukuni was the creative side and cake maker. They had moved past the roles of master and bodyguard, and now stood as equals, which is probably why Mitsukuni said what he did next.

"Some days I think that you aren't worthy of him, but others, I don't think he's worthy of you." Mori sent his friend a questioning look, wondering what he meant. Mitsukuni continued, "From what Yasuchika has told me he has gone through a lot and overcame some great obstacles. Yasuchika really admires him and the way he speaks he's on par with a deity. Do we mere mortals who have had so much in life handed to us deserve someone like that? A god that is on a different level of existence from us?" Mitsukuni eyed the British man but his look wasn't one of worship but slight anger.

"But then I see it from a different angle. Does he deserve you? Even if he won a war on his own or created the heavens, does he deserve you? You are the kindest and most accepting person I know and I worry because I know you still think of him. He left you. He confessed his love but instead of waiting for your response or seeing you in person, he announced it to the whole school and left. Did he not respect you enough to say it face to face? Did he not care how you would feel after hearing such a thing? You are very forgiving but for a long time I couldn't forgive him for leaving you like that. To me it felt like he slapped you in the face… 'I love you but not enough to say it personally or stay,' he may have had his reasons to go but…asking you to wait was too much," Mitsukuni muttered before giving a big sigh. "In the end, you are the most important person to me, and no matter how saintly Harry Potter is, I care about you and not him. I care that you could have been hurt or was hurt from his actions and that made me very angry with him six years ago.

"But then I realized that I shouldn't be mad when you aren't, and that I have to forgive him because in the end it's your choice and my only job is to support you no matter what you choose." Mori placed a hand on his friends shoulder, and Mitsukuni raised his own to cover his. "Choose the path to your happiness and I will be happy with you," Mitsukuni stated firmly before turning away from Harry's direction.

An announcement asking the guests to enter the hall for the ceremony sounded next. Mori looked down at his friend and gestured towards the hall. He wasn't sure what to say to his friend after such words. He was touched but at the same time he was confused. He would need some time to think.

"Go ahead of me. Takeshi. I need to use the washroom before the ceremony," Mitsukuni stated lightly, but Mori could hear the shaky control his friend had over his emotions. Seeing Harry and rehashing those old feelings took a lot out of his friend, and Mori politely ignored the shaky breath and let his friend have a moment alone. Mori hadn't known that Mitsukuni had felt so strongly about the incident all those years ago. He had assumed that his friend had brushed it off with his usual nonchalance, but apparently it had been weighing on the Haninozuka for a long time.

Walking towards the hall, Mori stopped for a moment to find his table on the seating chart before continuing into the banquet hall. It was decorated excessively with probably every rose in Japan, but he really didn't expect anything less from Tamaki. The blonde had called him telling him about how he had planned a whole traditional Japanese wedding ceremony but Haruhi had shot him down and asked why they couldn't just stop after filing their marriage at City Hall. The mere idea had appalled Tamaki so the blonde had conference called all the ex-hosts and complained about it until Kyouya, without any sympathy, had told Tamaki to compromise and have a civil ceremony. Now here he was standing in the doorway taking in all the flowers, the fabric and lace draped from the ceiling, the extravagant centre pieces, and the tall stage with a silver Alter waiting for the ceremony.

As far as compromises went, this was tame for Tamaki. Sitting at his table, Mori was surprised when Harry sat next to him, but he didn't let it show.

"Potter-san," he greeted. His voice was perfectly neutral.

"Mori-senpai…" Harry fidgeted. "How have you been?"

"Good. You?" Mori kept to short sentences wanting to know where Harry would steer the conversation.

"Good, good… better," Harry corrected. "Kyou-kun told me about the successful business you started with Hani-senpai."

Mori nodded. "We have done well."

"Right… I knew you would or that you did. It would be a shock if you didn't. Both of you are so smart and well it's a cake business and Hani-senpai would know the most about cake, it would be impossible for you to fail." Harry quickly sat up and his eyes got wide in fright. "I'm not saying that you would fail without Hani-senpai or anything, I'm sure you would have created a successful business on your own, but Hani-senpai loves cake and-"

Mori lifted a finger and stopped the other man from talking. He was rambling long enough. "I know you meant no offense."

Harry sighed sadly and looked at the table. "I really buggered this up. I wanted to compliment you and then flirt a little and then see if you were single, but now I insulted you and made myself look like an idiot."

Mori felt himself smiling at the pouting man. He was just as adorable as he was years ago. "What would you do if I was in a relationship?" Mori asked. He was curious if Harry would fight for him or give in.

Harry's eyes looked panicked when he looked back at him. "You aren't are you? Satoshi said you were single, I know he's not exactly the best resource but he was positive you weren't seeing anyone when I asked."

"Ah. I do not tell him everything," Mori responded.

Harry lowered his eyes and glared at Mori's chest. "Then I will meet them and show you that I deserve you more than they do. I will fight until you tell me to go away," Harry declared passionately.

Mori was surprised at the determination radiating from the smaller man but he was satisfied. If Harry had backed down, Mori would have dismissed him and considered the last few years wasted by waiting to see the man again. He would not stand to have a weak partner that would crumble under a little hardship. "If you are free tomorrow I would like to take you to dinner."

Harry looked hopeful at his statement, but Mori wasn't promising anything. This man was still a virtual stranger to him, but he was willing to give him a chance. It would also help him close the lid on that part of his life, and hopefully he could move past the memories of Haru Black. It the dinner turned out to further his attraction to Harry then he wouldn't mind that either. The man had really aged well and was a fine looking young man.

"I would love to!" Harry quickly answered. He blushed at his own eagerness and Mori gave him a smile for the action. Tomorrow would be interesting.

They had gone out and Harry had surprised him with all his knowledge and new found confidence. He told Mori all about the long months he spent with a therapist and how at times when it got too hard he had called Satoshi and asked about him. Harry had blushed at that admittance but Mori didn't draw attention to it, wanting the other man to keep talking. The conversation had been pleasant and Mori asked Harry for another meeting.

The second meeting led to a third and then a fourth. Before Mori knew it Harry's possessions started appearing in his apartment and they were getting invites for Mori and Harry, no long Mori plus one, or Harry plus one. They were lumped together as an official couple. One night, when he saw Harry and Mitsukuni joking around together at a small get together of the hosts, he knew it was time. That night he asked Harry to move in with him.

Harry had surprised him though, instead of accepting immediately, Harry told him they needed to talk. Mori feared he misread the signs. Harry then took him aside and told him all about magic. To say he was stunned would be an understatement.

It was from there that Harry fully opened up to him and he learned everything that was hidden before. He learned about the war, Harry's part, and all the events that led up to harry moving to Japan. When Mori didn't show either rejection or acceptance, Harry continued his story by explaining what happened when he returned home, and why he left like he did. In the end Mori didn't understand everything, but he did ask Harry to live with him a second time. It was all he could do because he loved Harry and didn't want to lose him a second time. He would have years together with Harry for him to understand magic, he didn't need to know everything at that moment. He just needed Harry.


"Are you meeting your cousin today?" Mori asked.

Harry shook his head. "Kyouya is out of town. Satoshi is coming over though; he wants to tell me about his new girlfriend."

Mori frowned. While he had settled down, his brother was known to jump girl from girl, never dating them for long. He claimed it was no use dating them if they couldn't temper Yasuchika. His brother was still fiercely loyal to his best friend after all. "Ask him to stay for dinner; I've not spoken to him in a while."

Harry grinned seductively at him and lazily got out of bed, "I will. Now don't you have work to attend to?" He asked, teasing him.

Mori followed his partner and smiled at the smaller man. "I do, but it can wait for a few more minutes." Mori caught the little vixen before he could escape and drew him into a long kiss, fully possessing his younger lover.

Slowly, Mori drew away and felt proud at the dazed look he left behind. "I love you," Mori stated simply. With a small peck to Harry's cheek, Mori released him and walked into the bathroom. His life was good.